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Sleep monitoring on the apple watch sleep tracker is a fantastic method to learn more about your sleeping habits and trends over time. In fact, the apple watch sleep tracker brought native sleep tracking capability to the Apple Watch for the first time with the introduction of watchOS 7 last fall. Read on as we compare Apple’s first-party sleep monitoring app to the competition and pick up the best apple watch sleep tracker for Apple Watch.

Apple is digging down on the apple watch 3 sleep tracker health functions with each generation of watchOS. For the first time, watchOS 7 delivers long-awaited native sleep tracking capabilities to the Apple Watch. Its fundamental features, on the other hand, allow plenty of room for third-party sleep programs.

There are a plethora of such apps available in the App Store. We’ve chosen the six best sleep tracking apps for Apple Watch from among them. But before we get into that, let’s take a look at the features of Apple Watch’s native best apple watch sleep tracker and see how it stacks up against the competition.

How about the battery life?

You’ll need to plan when you’ll charge your sleep apnea apple watch 6 before you start tracking your sleep with it. There are two main alternatives here: before going to bed or after you wake up. One significant modification I’ve made is to keep an extra Apple Watch charger at my desk instead of on my nightstand.

It’s much easier for me to charge before going to bed every night. Most mornings, I get up and work out first, so I need to make sure my Apple Watch has enough juice to track my workouts. When I charge my Apple Watch at 8 p.m., after I’ve already hit my daily stand target, it’s usually fully charged by the time I go to bed at 9:30 p.m. And I almost always have more than 90% charge left when I wake up in the morning, which is more than enough to see me through the day.


SleepWatch is available for download from the Apple App Store.

Finish the onboarding process.

Take your apple watch sleep tracker to bed with you.

Check the Apple Watch App or iPhone app when you wake up to see your auto-detected sleep information.


To prevent any apple watch sleep tracker notifications from disrupting your sleep, set ‘Do Not Disturb’ to switch on automatically during your regular sleeping hours. This can be done under the iPhone Watch App’s ‘Do Not Disturb’ section under My Watch > General.

While sleeping, enable ‘Theater Mode’ to keep your Watch screen dark until you wake up.

Upgrade to Premium to have access to the following features:

Smart Alarm on Apple Watch: Use your apple watch sleep tracker to wake you up when you’re in a light sleep. Many people say it’s simpler to wake up during light sleep.

Adaptive Bedtime Suggestions: Learns your routine and makes suggestions that are tailored to you.

Apple Watch Sleep – How to Track Sleep

Sleep tracking is similar to using your own body’s signals as a sleep recorder. Our startup, Bodymatter, created the first Sleep App, Sleep Watch, to turn the Apple Watch into an automated sleep tracker. SleepWatch is an Apple Watch sleep tracker that allows you to simply wear your Apple Watch to bed and wake up to informative sleep data. SleepWatch is a wrist-worn sleep coach that learns your habits and makes suggestions to help you better. Sleep Watch is a free app that you can download from the Apple App Store to add this capability to your Apple Watch. Sleep Watch is a free app that can be downloaded and used. WatchOS 6 is now available.

1. AutoSleep

apple watch sleep tracker

For good reason, AutoSleep is the most popular apple watch 3 sleep tracker software on the App Store. It offers some of the most precise information, including a thorough examination of sleep, sleep quality, heart rate, deep sleep, and much more.

To keep track of those vital statistics, AutoSleep employs a ring structure. Rings for sleep, sleep quality, deep sleep, and bpm are displayed in the primary interface. However, all of this information comes at a cost, and once you’ve delved into all of the available data, AutoSleep’s interface might feel a little overwhelming.

2. Sleep++

apple watch sleep tracker

Sleep++ is another popular sleep tracking apple watch 6 app that includes features like automated sleep detection, bedtime reminders, sleep goals and more. The main screen of the Sleep++ app provides a detailed look into your sleep habits over the previous several days.

Sleep++, like its competitors, provides a wealth of information on sleep trends, cycles, phases, and more. You can also see a complete sleep chronology, including when you were restful, restless, and awake, as well as a particularly interesting look at when you had your “best sleep.”

One of the best things about Sleep++ is that it’s completely free, with the option to remove adverts via an in-app purchase. Sleep++ is a data-rich automatic and best apple watch sleep tracker that you can download from the App Store.

3. Pillow

apple watch sleep tracker

When I wrote about sleeping apps for the Apple Watch almost three years ago, Pillow was an option that I wasn’t familiar with at the time, but multiple 9to5Mac readers suggested I give it a try. With features like automatic sleep detection and heart-rate analysis, Pillow fits right in among the rest of the market.

4. NapBot


NapBot is a newcomer to the apple watch sleep tracker fun, and it’s quickly becoming one of the most powerful options. NapBot uses machine learning to perform automatic sleep tracking, allowing you to see details on phases, trends, and more.

5. Sleep Pulse 3

Sleep Pulse 3

At first glance, you might mistake Sleep Pulse 3 for Apple Health. It’s strikingly similar to the default health app on the iPhone. The apple watchsleep tracker vs fitbit with Apple Watch, Motion, and Heart sensor to deliver the complete picture.

6. Sleep Watch by Bodymatter


Sleep Watch is yet another capable third-party app to track sleep apnea apple watch 6. The company claims to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to measure, track, and improve sleep quality.