Buy-now-pay-later services (BNPLs) have been increasingly popular over the years, and one of them is Quadpay (now known as Zip). Imagine being able to buy a product you truly need, but the vendor paying your payment method over four or more evenly spaced payments.

This credit service is tempting since it allows for the option of paying the item’s full price. There are alternative applications like Quadpay available, despite the fact that many people use this service. What we are highlighting in this article are these apps like Quadpay. Additionally, we want to go through the features of these apps so you can decide if they are worthwhile.

What Is Quadpay?

A buyer may pay for an item in four installments using the finance plan known as Quadpay, or what is currently called Zip. In light of this, anyone will undoubtedly be able to pay significant bills thanks to the BNPL service. Additionally, Quadpay gives a customer the choice of paying for an item in full over four installments that can each be completed in under six weeks. Therein lay a few problems with the BNPL service. Quadpay continues to be regarded as one of the BNPL choices for Americans.

Is QuadPay checking your credit?

QuadPay, or Zip, does not conduct a rigorous credit check on anyone who uses it as a payment option. This app or internet service will have no effect on your credit score because they do not report your purchases to major credit agencies and are only used for identification reasons. Not running your credit has enabled people all across the world to shop for holiday specials and pay for new exercise equipment at a business that they truly love shopping at. This terrific program does an excellent job of supporting individuals in making purchases at their favorite retailers, particularly when they require a sufficient length of time to cover the total cost of their purchase.

How Do You Get QuadPay Approval?

QuadPay/Zip does not require credit approval in order for consumers to use their payment app system. To make in-store or online purchases, participants simply need a credit card and access to the platform’s website or app! The fact that this monetary payment method and amazing software require no credit approval makes for a satisfied consumer.

Do I have a chance at QuadPay?

Anyone who chooses to use QuadPay, commonly known as Zip, as a payment option is eligible to do so. Patrons may pay for their selected products with QuadPay or Zip in four interest-free payments via the Klarna app, website, or linked shop partner. The QuadPay/Zip firm merely requests that anyone who wishes to use this app, also known as Zip, make sure they have enough money in their account for the corporation to take out at the end of each pay period.

Are QuadPay and Afterpay the same?

QuadPay/Zip and Afterpay are essentially the same item, with identical tag lines and service names. AfterPay, a later platform, launched its platform some years ago, but Zip is a fresh new platform that is currently available for anyone to use when shopping! Both are purchase now, pay later applications that, when combined, allow consumers to pay their complete amount in four payments. The entire procedure is quite simple for people to grasp, and it has made shopping at a variety of establishments a great delight.

What is the maximum QuadPay limit?

Clients of QuadPay or Zip have a $1,000 maximum spending credit limit. Depending on the type of payment plan assigned to you by this buy now, pay later app, or Zip, when you make an in-store or online purchase, transactions may be refused if the total amount exceeds your $1,000 spending limit. All of the money must be used while making a single purchase through the site, allowing consumers to pay off that lump sum of money over time when buying in stores.

Is Zip Safe?

Zip requests your name, address, date of birth, a U.S. cellphone number, and payment method (either a debit or credit card) when you sign up. When you use the app to make a purchase, you will be given a virtual card number for one-time use. Because the virtual number is not linked to your actual personal account information, it is a safe way to execute an online purchase. In terms of money, your installment payments are scheduled automatically, so you don’t have to remember to pay every two weeks. Simply ensure that you have the cash to make your payments and that you have a backup card on file to guarantee that payments are completed on time and your account does not go into collections.

10 Best Apps Like Quadpay

Here are some of our suggestions for you if you need an alternative app because of problems with Quadpay (Zip)!

#1. Afterpay


The buy-now-pay-later service from Sydney offers customers the payment flexibility they require to make a purchase. Customers just need to put down 25% of the total cost of the item they are buying when using Afterpay. Its popularity is also largely due to how openly Afterpay discloses its fees. It is quite evident from Afterpay’s website that it does not trick customers by charging them exorbitant rates or other hidden costs. Additionally, after signing up, customers might immediately receive a spending cap. Millions of verified clients may use Afterpay thanks to its tens of thousands of reputable merchant partners across the world.

Download Afterpay for Android

Download Afterpay for iOS

#2. Sezzle


Sezzle is a buy-now-pay-later business with headquarters in Minneapolis that offers customers flexible payment options and purchases from 40,000 emerging companies. One of the greatest app user interfaces available makes it simple for customers to make purchases. However, the way the service functions frequently astounds customers. For starters, Sezzle evaluates a buyer’s credit rating before establishing a spending cap. Sezzle also generously shortens the time between payments, although it does add interest costs to the total balance owed. The fact that this BNPL service has millions of devoted active members nonetheless is evidence of its standing as one of the reliable and verified apps like Quadpay.

Download Sezzle for Android

Download Sezzle for iOS

#3. Klarna


One of the best-known BNPLs in the US is Klarna, which enables customers to buy items from one of its partner retailers and spread the cost over a number of instalments. In essence, Klarna enables customers to borrow funds and use the credit to purchase goods that accept debit or credit cards as a form of payment. In order to approve a customer’s usage of its services and for the benefit of the business, Klarna also investigates their financial and credit histories. Many Americans choose Klarna since it doesn’t have an annual fee like other banking services do. This is one of its selling advantages, considering Klarna operates as an alternative to traditional credit cards or traditional lending services.

Download Klarna for Android

Download Klarna for iOS

#4. OpenPay


Openpay, sometimes known as Opy, gives customers the option to simply make a purchase and facilitate their payment. In essence, this BNPL service guarantees customers will pay for a service without being inundated with additional fees. This demonstrates that Opy’s TOCs are clear to the customer.

Download OpenPay for Android

Download OpenPay for iOS

#5. Affirm: Buy Now, Pay Over Time


As a confirmed and reputable BNLP, Affirm continues to uphold a solid reputation in the market. Given that it is a reputable partner of well-known international businesses, it undoubtedly has a positive reputation. Additionally, it has built up a sizable clientele both in the US and abroad. With the intention of giving customers financial control, Affirm was formed. It also attempts to provide its members with first-rate services that are focused on their needs. Members of this BNPL must pay an annual fee of 30% or less in order for this to be possible. The service has an app for both iOS and Android phones, which makes it easier for customers to shop from home. Additionally, it provides subscribers with timely email reminders of their due dates.

Download Affirm for Android

Download Affirm for iOS

#6. PayPal Credit

PayPal Credit

Anyone who uses the internet is certain to be familiar with PayPal. Elon Musk established it to operate as a popular online payment gateway for customers to carry out financial transactions. This corporation more recently introduced PayPal Credit, its own BNPL solution. PayPal Credit, like other BNPLs, allots each member a spending limit that they may utilise to make their transactions and pay the balance owed over time. When using PayPal Credit, the total amount payable is divided into four interest-free payments with no late penalties. Purchasers must also pay a $0.3 and 2.9 percent transaction fee on each transaction.However, requesting PayPal credit is quick and simple.

Download PayPal for Android

Download PayPal for iOS

#7. Zebit


Apply and be accepted to take advantage of Zebit’s 0% APR while paying for an item over a six-month period. Zebit has teamed up with international businesses as one of the Zip Pay substitutes to let customers access items and make interest-free payments for them. These brands include, among others, Samsung, Apple, Sony, and Nintendo. Zebit is also favoured by a significant portion of Americans due to its transparency about the non-collection of late fees, membership fees, and even product repossession. Zebit has a $2,500 maximum spending limit per member. Additionally, it evaluates a candidate’s credit rating using its own service, the Zebitscore System. The system’s report aids in deciding whether to increase or decrease a member’s spending cap.

Download Zebit for Android

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#8. Perpay


Perpay is a buy-now-pay-later service that also gradually raises a person’s credit score. However, while registering for the service, a thorough credit check is not necessary. Additionally, the user-friendly user interface on both the website and app platforms makes downloading and utilising the app rather simple. A user will receive a spending cap when Perpay completes its mild credit check, which they may use to make purchases. The PerPay Marketplace in the app allows users to access partner merchants after that.

Download Perpay for Android

Download Perpay for iOS

#9. Four Pay Later App

Four Pay Later App

Similar to other applications like Quadpay, Four has collaborated with reputable international businesses to provide its users with a seamless buying experience. As a buy-now-pay-later service, it enables customers to make purchases and arrange for the balance to be paid over four instalments, all from the convenience of their homes. Additionally, these payments have no interest! The Four Pay Later app is also very simple to use and intuitive. Members can select one of four designs based on their level of convenience.

Download Four Pay Later for Android

Download Four Pay Later for iOS

#10. FlexWallet


The way FlexWallet functions varies a little from the other BNPLs on this list. People who are more attracted to lease-to-own buying models make up its major market. Additionally, FlexWallet does not base an applicant’s spending limit on his or her credit score. After reviewing an applicant’s purchase history and income following application approval, FlexWallet assigns a spending limit equal to or less than $2500. Successful candidates receive a virtual credit card when their applications are accepted, which they may use to make purchases offline or online.

Download FlexWallet for Android

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Here is our selection of the top Quadpay alternatives. Using these services might provide you with a flexible financing plan to divide your payments if you are not willing to invest a significant amount of money up front. You won’t feel like you are being taken advantage of because the majority of them provide cheap or no financing interest. It goes without saying that, in order to avoid fees, you should be a responsible borrower and pay your balance in full when due.