If you like anime movies and TV episodes, you’ve probably heard of AnimeDao. Unfortunately, we recently learned that the official website of AnimeDao was down for some reason. So we try to figure out whether there is an available solution or the best alternatives to AnimeDao, as well as whether it is safe or legal, and why it was shut down.

What Is “AnimeDao”

AnimeDao is an online anime streaming service that attempts to bring viewers together to form a community of like-minded anime fans. They accomplish this by providing quick access to the most recent and free anime videos. It has a really clean layout, loads quickly, and provides a variety of download alternatives. It provides two download options: one is a traditional flash-based download, and the other is a download using the Magiski media downloader.

AnimeDao began as a social bookmarking website that allowed members to store links to their favourite anime images, and it has now grown to over 470,000 members, making it one of the most popular anime websites in the world. With the most recent episodes of each TV series available for free, an AnimeDao membership is a no-brainer!

You can search for and watch your favourite animations with only a few mouse clicks without ever leaving your house. Members can also use the comment section of AnimeDao to discuss their favourite animated episodes or movies, ask questions, provide comments, or simply hang out. Each user has at least ten postings in the comment section, which is quite busy.

Why Is Animedao Shut Down?

Animedao was the most popular free anime streaming service, allowing anyone to view English Subbed and Dubbed anime online for free. However, because the creator does not hold the rights to broadcast this film, it was recently shut down for disseminating copyrighted content. As we have seen in previous years with the closures of AnimeFever, KimCartoon, Ryuanime, Animefreak, and Soul-Anime, this is a frequent problem that practically every illicit or non-official anime website has experienced.

But there’s one thing that’s perplexing: since the closure of Animedao, there hasn’t been an official comment from the developers. There are, however, some clones or maybe Animedao mirrors that have a similar appearance and provide the same services.

Is AnimeDao Legal?

For the majority of the time, security and legitimacy are closely interwoven. However, this is not always the case. The Kissasian is a safe place to see and watch your favourite anime shows and movies, but the way they distribute them to fans is not. That means that, while AnimeDao has purchased some of the anime’s rights, many anime episodes, such as “The Promised Neverland Season 2,” are still being broadcast illegally.

This means that the show’s producer has the legal authority to sue the website in its entirety. It goes without saying that if a website is blocked, it can be a source of anxiety. To assist readers in such a predicament, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten AnimeDao alternatives. So all you have to do now is pick your favourite and start watching anime online in 480p or 720p HD with English subtitles for free.

10 AnimeDao Alternatives to Watch English Subbed Anime Online HD Free

We have complied the list of best AnimeDao alternative sites for watch online anime free, Here Are the best AnimeDao Alternatives Sites 2021:



4Anime, like AnimeDao, is a popular free online streaming anime network. To view the materials, you do not need to register or pay any money. It’s entirely free to view subtitled and dubbed amine in HD. You can watch as much anime as you like or videos in whichever format you choose. The intriguing aspect about 4Anime is that it uses secure servers, ensuring that your personal information is kept confidential. Unlike other anime websites, the server is located in the United States, making it extremely safe. Crunchyroll is an anime streaming service situated in the United States, not Japan. Because to its large collection of anime movies and episodes, Crunchyroll has become a very popular anime website.


AnimeFreak WS

AnimeFreak is the largest anime portal on the internet right now. Millions of people visit the site every day in order for it to keep alive. AnimeFreak’s major purpose is to make it simple to obtain full-length animation movies off the Internet. They gained their start in this way. Other services offered by Anime Freaks, such as manga downloads and mp3 music player playback, contribute to their popularity. The site’s anime-related offerings appear to be unending.

There are anime fans, TV series, full-length movies to download, stories to read, and even flash cartoons to create. There’s also a forum and other activities for people of all ages on the site. If you are a big lover of animated shows, AnimeFreak is the best option for AnimeDao. On the AnimeFreak website, you can also download anime for free.


AnimeSub new site

AnimeSub is a web-based programme that lets you upload and share your favourite anime images. This website also has a vast database of sensual shows and films. Animesub includes a lot of features that make browsing and uploading your favourite anime photos a breeze. Animesub started out as an affiliate marketing scheme, and they’re always adding new features to make their members’ lives easier. For character design and personality analysis, Animesub employs numerology and astrology. This is significant since it contributes to the development of a person’s character, abilities, and strengths.


KimCartoon websiteKimCartoon is a one-stop shop for free online streaming cartoons. What is KimCartoon, exactly? Without a doubt, major technological advancements such as the availability of broadband internet, clearer sound quality, and high-definition video have given us the capacity to watch a variety of shows, movies, short video clips, or even full-length feature films and cartoons at our leisure.

Watching TV series and movies on the internet has never been easier or more handy! Not only is KimCartoon a new way to watch cartoons, but it’s also a revolutionary way to watch cartoons in HD! The fact that you can view numerous popular cartoon episodes and movies in high definition resolution makes Kimcartoon so appealing. You may believe that watching cartoons in high definition is impossible, but this is no longer the case.


You may have heard of KimAnime if you enjoy Japanese anime. This is a website where you can watch the most recent episodes of the popular anime series “Kamen Rider.” You can watch this TV series whenever you want, even if you are not at home or travelling. One of the main reasons why people enjoy viewing anime online is the numerous benefits they receive from doing so.

There are two major advantages to visiting the KimAnime website. First and foremost, Crunchyroll is one of the most dependable anime download sites on the internet. You can trust this website to supply high-quality episodes of your favourite anime shows and other movies because it is known as “Anime Central” for anime downloads. The second advantage of using this website is that you will be able to view episodes of your favourite cartoon shows at any time you want.


AnimeFlix - Watch EngSub & Dubbed Anime Free

AnimeFlix is a free online portal that features a large selection of anime films, television programmes, and seasons. It also contains a solid search engine and an archive of nearly all anime genres. You can also save money by joining the membership plan and purchasing the movies you desire from the site. One of Animeflix’s best features is that it is a completely safe website. This ensures that your personal information is protected from prying eyes.



Another good alternative to AnimeDao that contains a lot of useful stuff for users is AnimeFLV. There are numerous websites where you can get free anime videos and downloads, but many of them require you to download and install a number of plugins in order to use them. This means you’ll either have to invest money or customise numerous distinct websites to take advantage of their services. AnimeFLV, on the other hand, does not require any plugins and does not require any downloads to use its features. It also enables you to download and view free anime shows without difficulty.


Animestream AnimeDao Alternative

AnimeStream began as an improved version of an older programme known as Anime Lounge. Anime Lounge was a fantastic Anime store where you could explore an almost infinite number of Anime images, as well as buying/selling information about local shows and movies, subbed anime episodes, posters, art books, movies, TV shows, interviews, and much more. Another good AnimeDao alternative is AnimeStream, which allows you to watch Eng sub anime for free. AnimeStream does not require a paid subscription to view all anime films, however you may be subjected to advertisements while streaming.



There are free and paid streaming sites among the many options available online. Because of the enormous database of cartoon series, movies, and TV shows, it is recommended that you try one of those sites first if you are an aspiring animation enthusiast. The beautiful thing about the anime industry is that, despite having a small membership database, there are numerous sites that allow viewers to watch infinite high-definition videos for free without having to sign up. Animebam is one of those sites with a large collection of videos and movies. This site also has a fantastic assortment of anime downloads that are updated on a regular basis.


AnimeFever TV best AnimeDao Alternatives

We’ve got it here, AnimeFever, with the next greatest AnimeDao replacement. This is a brand new anime website with a traditional design. When you first visit the website, you’ll notice a huge list of all the anime, cartoons, and movies available. You can pick to stream or download your favourite anime episode from the homepage.

It offers a simple and intuitive user interface. The database contains anime, cartoon series, movies, and television shows, among other things. Content summaries are also available on the internet. Give it a shot because its content is likely to keep you entertained.

Is Animedao Safe?

When we say a website is safe, what exactly do we mean? This means that when we access these pages, our phone, computer, or PC will not be infected with viruses or other malware. After that, I’d like to reassure you that Animedao is entirely safe and friendly.


A selection of high-quality anime streaming sites that specialize in English Subbed and Dubbed anime is provided above. All of these sites have anime in various resolutions and are compatible with all web browsers. Now that we’ve covered all of the sites that are similar to AnimeDao, you have a total of ten full-fledged websites to pick from for dubbed and subbed anime.