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The Google Play Store may not always have an Android best apk site that you wish to install. This might happen for a variety of reasons: it could be geo-blocked, contain adult content, or have been removed by the creator. Even if an app isn’t available through the conventional channels, there are still options for getting it onto your device. You’ll need a copy of apk mirror in order to sideload it.

The best apk games for andriod are available for download on a number of websites. Some are better than others, so keep reading to find out which sites are the safest for downloading APKs. The Google Play Store has a lot of free apps, but not all of them. You may want to obtain those apps for free if you have a jailbroken Android device or use an emulator like MEmu or Bluestacks. In this instance,

We’re going to talk about what an apkpure file is and the best, safe APK sites. From these sites, it’s easy to download APK files to install any android app you want for free.

The Importance of Choosing a Safe APK Site

An APK file (short for Android Package Kit) is the primary way andriod app sites are distributed and installed. When you download an app from Google Play, you’re downloading and running an APK file in the background, but you have no access to the APK itself.

Because the APK files install apps on your system, they can pose a serious security threat. A person will malicious intentions could modify the APK before you install it, then use it as a digital Trojan horse to install and run malware.

5 Best Safe APK Download Sites for Android Apps

APK stands for Android Package Kit and is used for the distribution of Google Android applications. They’re saved in a . ZIP file format and are usually downloadable directly into the Android device.

There are plenty of options out there for andriod app sites but not all of them are safe and trustworthy. A little bit of research, which we’ve done for you, has nabbed us 5 different safe APK sites we suggest for APK downloading.

1. APKMirror

APKMirror is not only a safe APK site but is also one of the most popular. This site has practically every app’s APK you’d look for and is constantly adding new releases. Every best apk sites 2021 is completely free and safe for download.

The selection is rather large on APKMirror and as a consequence, the categorization is kind of a mess. We’d suggest you use the search function to find a specific app instead of sifting through the endless categories to find what you’re looking for.


You could also check out the list of the most popular APKs to get started. The apk4fun site has millions of views and downloads daily, is easy to use and navigate, and ensures that you have the most up-to-date apkpure available.

2. APK4Fun

APK4Fun is just as robust and easy to use as apkmirror but happens to be much more organized. This makes it easier to find your choice of APK in a faster, hassle-free way. The categories are labeled in a simpler manner such as Action, Puzzle, Racing, Social, etc. They also have a top downloads category similar to APKMirror’s popular downloads.


APK4Fun allows you to enjoy the best of its services, locating your most desired and safest apk download files. There isn’t a required subscription or registration, meaning you can enjoy the entire site obligation-free. The site and its contents are also safe from malware so anything you download will not come with an intrusive little stowaway.

3. APKPure

Another safe APK site with an abundance of various apk app install files is APKPure. The homepage has a wide range of options from which to discover your desired apps. Updates are provided every day as noted in the everyday update on the site.


Region-locked apps are no longer an issue with APK Pure. Americans who enjoy Japanese RPGs on their Android devices will have no problem acquiring them here. The download and installation processes are incredibly smooth. Even more so than the Google Play Store.

APK Pure allows you to pre-register for future app installation. This means any new app you’ve got your eye on can be instantly downloaded to your device once it’s released. You can also enable APK Pure notifications so that you’re always apprised of available updates.

4. Android-APK

To locate those hard to get, no longer in development apps, Android APK is the place to go. The site will help you discover older andriod app sites that are both safe and functional. This is on top of also providing plenty of trending and newly released apps.

best apk site

The database of safe apk download is quite impressive, with some of their most popular downloads being VidMate, YouTube video downloader, Pokemon TV, and more.

The apk download process is quick and painless and, as previously stated, it’s a completely safe APK site. Be sure to check out their amazing collection of APKs, especially if you can’t find the one you’re searching for on any other site.

5. BlackMart Alpha

BlackMart Alpha doesn’t require Google account access nor any kind of site registration to access its vast library of best apk sites 2021 it’s a great, safe alternative to the Google Play Store for any Android operating device.

best apk site

BlackMart Alpha’s interface is very similar to that of the Google Play Store. The biggest difference is that everything you see is free. The black market offers several features and applications for download on a very simple to use platform. Every application available comes without limitations so download and install all that you desire without complication.


Some of these andriod app sites may require you to install the app on a computer, while others work immediately on your smartphone. I’m sure you’ve found out which solution is best for you among so many possibilities. Apart from that, you should be aware that not all APK files are safe, therefore utilize an anti-virus solution to safeguard your machine against malware.

Whether you think I overlooked an excellent APK download site, please leave a remark with its name in the comments area below, and I’ll see if it’s worth adding to the list. I hope you found this advice to be helpful. You may follow us on a variety of social media networks.