Are you looking for the best ROM sites? Do you have confusion in choosing the best one? Well, we have discussed the 15 best places to download ROMs for your reference. This article will be helpful for you to find out the best ROM sites easily. best rom download site files are very important while playing the games on emulators.

safe rom sites 2018 plays a major role in maintaining your computer’s memory. Not only does a best rom download site helps your device to be updated with the latest version of Android, but it also provides free extra best rom download site beneficial features to your device, which nowadays are quite expensive.

That’s why downloading the best rom download site from the best and safest rom sites is necessary, because if you by any chance download rom from not so trusted good best places to download ROMs sites then it can be fatal for your device and its memory. So, here are the legit, best rom sites that you can ever find to download rom easily. Through these rom websites, you can even get to play decade-old games, nostalgic isn’t it?.

Gamulator is one of the famous free game rom sites that already have old and newly updated trusted rom sites along with numerous games as well as emulators. You may question whether gamulators are safe. Well, it is safe, and even has a website that is easy to use. The only issue can be the pop-up ads.

Other than gamulator, romsmania is also considered to be one of the top-level rom sites to download free best rom sites games and emulators to emulate old retro consoles. Just like is legit and safe to use. Not only these two but there are many legit, best-trusted rom sites that you can have access to.


18 Best & Safe Place to Download Roms in 2021

We have listed these best places to get the best rom download site according to their popularity and use. Your wait is now over, here are the top leading safe rom sites to Download ROM.

Let’s get started.

1. Emuparadise


If you’re a big-time gamer, then you should at least visit emuparadise once, and you will never regret it. Not only it has a huge collection of retro and emulator games in its emu library, but also includes gaming music, videos related to various techniques of gaming, a top-level guide to them, surely giving you a whole different new pleasure of gaming world.

2. CoolROM

Cool rom
Cool rom

Yet another example among many one of the legit ROMs sites, as coolroom website is truly the best place for ROMs. Here, you can scroll through the piles of the most infamous game and emulator ROMs and emulators of classic vintage video games, random videos, and much more.

3. CDRomance


You are quite lucky enough if you stumble upon this next-level best rom site, because not only CDRomance contains ROMs for android or windows but also PSX, PSP, PS2, GB, DS, etc., for popular games like a pokemon stadium, fire emblem radiant dawn, bravely default, etc. literally all versions of PlayStation. Moreover, this safe rom sites 2018 site lets you dive into the details of each particular ROMs and emulators that you are interested in, and even includes the description of the games, their control, etc.

4. Rom Hustler

Rom Hustler - Best Safe ROM Site

Rom Hustler is one of the best sites for safe rom sites 2018. It has an impressive functionality to offer, simply enter the name of the console or the related keywords and you will be able to find it easily.

5. Retrostic


If you are searching for a retro console that can take you back to your teenage days, Retrostic can be the perfect and safe best place to download ROMs site for you. It has an extensive game list and supports direct downloading without worrying about viruses and. Exe files. You can find all your classic and old games here.

6. Gamulator


Next on the list of best places to download ROMs websites in 2021 is, Gamulator. It is one of the best-suited websites for new generation ROMs and has an extensive list of games that keeps getting updated from time to time. Any game that has been released ever, is possibly available on Gamulator.

7. RomUlation



RomUlation is another safe and convenient ROM site available for use. It uses an effective system to filter content and avoid abuse. You need to create an account and signup to use it and post On successful sign-up, you get 10000 points which can be used to download. For every 100MB, you require 100 points which keeps on reducing with consecutive downloads.

8. RoMnation


If your search for the best and safe rom download sites is still not complete, then you can pick ROMNation. The site comes with a user-friendly design and also allows you to share ROM with your friends.

9. ROM Planet

safe rom sites

Romsplanet is one of the most popular websites where you can download almost any retro video game, emulator, and bios file. All the files are totally safe. The collection of consoles and games is constantly growing. You can browse your favorite rom or emulator – everything is working perfectly. The download process is totally user-friendly. Just visit this website, download, and enjoy your favorite video games.

10. Romspedia

Romspedia takes the number one spot on our list of best websites for download ROM games. It features a crazy amount of games, the ability to download collections in form of ROM packs, new and old emulators, awesome design, and even a blog to read the latest happenings from the arcade industry.

11. OLD Computer


This website is the best safe ROMS site 2021, and it is known for its name as an interactive site for video games. And this site will allow you to play backups. Here on this site, you can play these backups of your games on mobile devices and computers, depending on your comfort.

12. retrosic


Retrostic is a website where you can download all sorts of games for almost all retro consoles. The website has a huge games list and what we like the most is the direct downloads with no .exe files or viruses. All you have to do is navigate to your favorite console, pick the games you like, and have them ready to play on your device. They also offer emulators that can run these games.

13. Vimms Lair

Vimms liar
Vimms liar

You have arrived at Vimm’s Lair, one of the top Rom download sites dedicated to mostly nostalgia, mainly for one of the greatest game consoles and game cartridges ever made.

14. RomsMode


Next on our list of Safe Rom Download Sites is RomsMode. It offers a bottomless ocean of games ROMs including Super Nintendo, Pokemon- Black and Yellow version, Mario Kart 64, Pokemon Diamond, Super Mario All-Start, and much more.

15. WowRoms


WowRoms will give you a wow just as you are landing on their homepage through their gigantic poster where you can find your favorite characters.

The poster will give you excitement remembering the days you were just watching these characters and now that you got to play them by downloading ROMs for free to your PC, free from viruses or any malware.

16. Romsuniverse


Another safe website for downloading ROMs is Romsuniverse and what’s great about the website is their plan homepage design that even adults wouldn’t find so irritating.


sony iso
Sony ISO

An addition to our list of safe trusted rom sites is the Sony ISOs and what I love with their site is their unpretentious homepage where you can pick your desired ISOs and consoles in just a click.

18. The ROM Depot


The trusted rom sites Depot is one of the coolest sites where you can download ROMs that I have found. Their homepage is very out of this world with very minimal words and just buttons. You would be amazed and interested at first glance that you will eventually find yourself registering an account to their site.


trusted rom sites are widely accessible to users all across the world. However, some of the ROM downloaders have encountered viruses and malware from their games.

The websites listed above are the best ROM sites to reminisce childhood games safely. It’s important to read reviews on a site before clicking on links to avoid mishaps.

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