Ebaumsworld.com is one of the top websites for humorous videos online. It has sites that are comparable to Ebaums world, such as flash-based video games, hilarious photos, and funny movies. However, there may be certain items you’re looking for that aren’t on the site. Whether you’re bored at work or looking for a new website to giggle at every day, you’ll fall in love with sites like Ebaumsworld. Our team looked for the greatest eBaumsworld alternatives to play games, look at humorous photographs, and watch amusing movies on your computer or mobile device.

What is Ebaumsworld?

ebaumsworld is a well-known website for amusement that was founded in 2001. Eric Bauman and his father, Neil Bauman, are the creators and owners of the website. It includes a ton of Flash animations, films, and other new and old material that has been gathered from around the Internet. The website started off as a hub for amusement and featured a lot of memes, audio samples, viral videos, pictures, and puns with a sarcastic twist.

Additionally, the website had a feature dubbed “soundboards,” where users could click on buttons to hear statements by well-known figures. The celebrities might also be made to say “unusual” things by arranging the buttons in a particular way. There were chat rooms and an eBaum retail store on the ebaumsworld website. Additionally, the website welcomed user input, which it compiled in a section called “Moron Mail.”

Top 10 Sites Like Ebaumsworld For Funny Video & More

Without wasting any time let’s get into the best sites like Ebaumsworld in 2022.

#1. TheChive.com


TheChive has a large collection of memes, humorous photographs, selfies, and other comedic items that will make you laugh. It also features a large and engaged community where anybody may register. You may also comment, like, and get your account verified. In addition to memes, it offers a shopping area where you can purchase all official merchandise and products. What distinguishes TheChive from other sites like Ebaumsworld? The photographs on this site were chosen by staff members after doing research on worldwide and national websites. So, if you’re looking for engaging, quality material, I’m confident you’ll enjoy TheChive. The mobile app is supported by TheChive.

#2. Cracked.Com


Cracked.com, like Ebaumsworld, is a fantastic website. It is a web-based online platform built exclusively for folks who enjoy viral material and are aware of current trends. The platform was launched in 2005 by Jack O’Brien and is now owned by Scripps. The platform is made from a shattered 1958 magazine. Cracked offers a variety of services, including blogs, movies, forums, a writers’ workshop, five weekly picture modifications, and much more. This website provides essays, online publications, and videos on a variety of themes, including video games and television, as well as technology and history. Cracked.com produces two to four articles (2,000 to 3,000 words each) every day, as well as video material, short formats, and competitions. The most relevant portions are the most popular, and Cracked typically receives 1 million visitors in the first week. Cracked is well-known for its famous lists, such as The 7 Basic Things You Don’t Believe Are All Wrong. Cracked has a mobile app that works on both Android and iOS smartphones.

#3. BuzzFeed.Com


Buzzfeed.com is a New York City-based Internet-based online media platform. It’s highly popular and, like Ebaumsworld, is one of our preferred sites. It is the leading and independent digital platform, delivering news and entertainment to millions of people across the world. BuzzFeed wants to create a strong relationship with its audience and to offer you relevant news and entertainment that is worth sharing. Initially, the network was known for its online hilarious videos, lists, and pop culture articles. The organisation has grown into a global media and technology corporation that covers a wide range of issues such as politics, home improvement, business, and animals. BuzzFeed creates daily content with the help of reporters, collective box members, and designers. If you’re looking for websites like Ebaumsworld, BuzzFeed will make your day.

#4. Diply


Diply is ideal if you’re seeking a site where you can relax and chuckle. The website has a plethora of amusing blogs, articles, and tales. It has the advantage of matching the trend or season; whether it is for Halloween, Valentine’s, Christmas, or any other occasion, it has you covered. This site, like Ebaumsworld, has various authors and writers that specialise in comic blogging. You can also leave a comment using your social network accounts, such as Facebook or Twitter. Finally, everything’s information is free to access and read.

#5. wired.com


Wired is a print and online magazine established in the United States. Wired, like eBaumsworld, has a tonne of films on a variety of themes, including news, science and technology, and human interests. Since its inception in 1993, the website has received over twenty million visitors. Wired incorporates news items into their website to meet the demands of a broader audience. Because the site is accessible internationally, it is also available in the United States, which contributes to its popularity. Wired.com subscriptions are paid in advance. Users must sign up for an account and pay a monthly fee to get updates and use the site’s content on a regular basis.

#6. FunnyOrDie.Com


Will Ferrell, Chris Henchy, and Adam McKay launched FunnyorDie.com, an award-winning comedic video site and film/TV production firm. It is considered one of the greatest places to have fun, similar to Ebaumsworld. The FunnyorDie website is constructed of one-of-a-kind material that has been used by various well-known contributors. For example, Judd Apatow, James Franco, and his own FunnyOrDie crew, for example, developed unique content. The website went live on January 24, 2007. The producer creates television shows, and many of the videos on the site include well-known performers (such as Steve Carell, Nina Dobrev, Charlie Sheen, Patrick Stewart, Ryan Gosling, Daniel Radcliffe, Mila Kunis, Sophia Bush, Sophia Robb, Hilary Duff, Jim Carrey, Selena Gomez, and Ariel Winter). A new type of humour website was created by the son of Mark Kvamme, the venture entrepreneur who sponsored FunnyOrDie.That is what distinguishes FunnyOrDie from Ebaumsworld.

#7. 9gag


9gag is one of the most well-known and popular humorous websites available today. It is now a cross-platform app that can be accessed via mobile devices. Depending on the holiday, 9gag specialises in posting memes, humorous gifs, and seasonal content. It swiftly climbs the ranks thanks to its active community. You may instantaneously share posts, memes, and even leave comments on them. You may pick from a variety of categories on the website. You can also publish your meme if you are logged in with your Facebook or Google account.

#8. Santabanta


SantaBanta is a website that specialises in entertainment-related content, particularly wallpapers. This platform offers a variety of intriguing services that might entice users to use it. Santabanta also has a basic layout that allows anybody to discover every choice on the top part, from which they can swiftly travel from one option to the other.

#9. UberHumor


Last but not least is Uberhumor, which, like eBaumsworld, provides hundreds of humorous movies. Because of its popularity, marketers have swamped the site with numerous advertisements, causing it to continue. The site is free to use because of revenue from personal advertisements that appear on the web page. The tool also includes a unique chart that displays the names of the site’s most frequent visitors in ranking order. The amusing photographs published by UberHumor are another selling element for the service. There are literally millions of various humorous photographs, usually memes and GIF graphics. This and other features are accessible on UberHumor, which is why users frequent it.

#10. Design Swan

swan design

Design Swan is a website dedicated to offering, discovering, sharing, and creating the latest and best design, graphics, inspiration, technology, and more from around the world. You don’t have to worry because this site has a slew of affiliate links. From clever picture manipulation, inspirational artwork, strange designs from around the world, creative product designs, name card designs, and innovative life devices to current building designs.