Einthusan Hindi is an online movie streaming app that takes you to a whole new world of entertainment by giving you videos and Einthusan Telugu movies in many different Indian languages and from many different genres.From the latest releases to classic old movies and more, you can stream them all for free on the application of Einthusan Malayalam.

But, the free streaming time is limited with Einthusan Malayalam, and it also contains a variety of ads which ruin your overall streaming experience. There are far better applications that offer you the same streaming experience but at a lower subscription price.

In this particular article, the readers will be enlightened about every nook and corner of Einthusan TV: what it is, why it is popular, what contents are available there, and its methods of downloading and usage through Einthusan TV APK. This page also contains popular legal and illegal alternatives to this website.

What is Enthusiast TV?

Einthusan Hindi is a very popular online entertainment streaming site for movie buffs and binge-watchers. Einthusan telugu, like many other websites to watch and download free movies online, is an illegal website for getting access to all kinds of entertainment. Hence, this particular website is under the radar of the legal operators. In certain countries, like India, this site is completely banned due to its connection with piracy.

Hindi language movies and Indian regional languages like Einthusan Telugu and more Einthusan Telugu movies have a different fan base in the whole world. However, there are very few sites that provide diverse and quality content in the specifically mentioned genre. For this entertaining content, visitors frequently visit the Einthusan Malayalam site. This particular website is specifically popular for its diverse reservoir of South Asian entertainment.

Where can I find and download Einthusan TV?

Like another free site/app for streaming Einthusan Hindi, Einthusan TV does not require a mandatory login or registration. One can freely access items and contents here. However, that comes with a lot of complications.

App Einthusan

For viewers who want to enjoy the service of Einthusan Hindi on their mobile phones (Android), they can choose the Einthusan TV APK for this purpose. However, it will be heartbreaking to know that there is no app or registered app for Einthusan Hindi available in the Google Play store. There are multiple numbers of online mirror sites that claim to be the mother/original websites for the sites, but they are not.

What are the features of the Etna Website?

Here are some of the best features of the einthusan hindi website that make it versatile and popular, even after being an illegal website.

  1. It is a free streaming site for all.
  2. However, for the ad-free uninterrupted service, one needs to register and login to the official site.
  3. To watch movies online, it is necessary to sign up and log in to the site.
  4. Customers are allowed to download the movies free from this authentic site of Einthusan TV.
  5. All the contents are of higher quality; however, there are different file sizes like 480p, 720p, and 1080p to make it easier for the users to download according to their needs.
  6. Movies from different genres and languages are available here. (Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood).
  7. This site has a unique live streaming feature that users enjoy the most.

20 Einthusan Hindi TV Alternatives To Download And Watch Movies For Free

1. Tamil Movies

Tamil mivies
Tamil movies

Tamil movies are really watched by the users; hence the sites keep on providing the latest and popular einthusan Malayalam language movies; they keep on updating the list frequently so that users find something to download whenever they visit the website.

2. Telugu Movies

Telagu movied
Telugu movies

Telugu movie is another most loved category of movies and if you don’t know the language, you can watch the Hindi dubbed version with amazing quality for free that is available on the website.

3. Punjabi Movies

Punjabi movie
Punjabi movie

Punjabi movies are also loved and watched by the einthusan Malayalam audience. So if you are into watching Punjabi movies, it has a great collection of movies from this language that you can watch or download.

4. Malayalam Movies

Malyalum movies
Malayalam movies

The website also has a einthusan malayalam language audience, hence it even offers a good collection of Malayalam movies so that they can also download their favorite movies for free.

5. Hollywood Dubbed Movies

Hollywood movies
Hollywood movies

English movie lovers can check out the Hollywood section where you will find a lot of movies too with dubbed versions in Hindi; so that you can enjoy the movies even if you don’t understand the language properly.

6. TV Shows

Tv shows

Not only movies, but the website also has a great collection of web shows, TV shows, and documentaries that are a must-watch; available in HD quality.

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7. Voot


Voot is the subsidiary of the Viacom 18 networks to migrate to an internet streaming platform to extend the usability of content on internet-enabled devices. Voot has a rich content library that will cater to the diverse user base of the streaming service that visits it on a regular basis. Voot has a lucid layout with easy navigation that can be of less hindrance when you are using the platform. The content is segregated by labels that consist of Movies, Shows, Web series, Channels, and News. So you won’t miss the experience of your cable service provider with live TV and serials, that are uploaded regularly.

8. Hotstar

Hotstar is a popular name in the Indian video streaming industry and enjoys a user base that never fails to reward the content with multiple viewing sessions. Hotstar is one of the mature streaming platforms that was among the first to introduce such a service in India. It is owned by one of the biggest TV networks in India and delivers rich content to its users both in the TV and movie genres. The recent acquisition by Disney has increased its popularity on another level with many users subscribing to obtain premium content, worthy of binge-watching.

9. Sonyliv

sony liv
sony liv

Third, on our list of Einthusian alternatives to stream free movies is Sonyliv Entertainment. Much like the library of free content, Sonyliv also houses an impressive list of Indian movies.

10. YouTube


We’re pretty sure this does not come as a surprise to you anymore because YouTube seems to have every content ever created on its website and even has your beloved Hindi and Indian regional movies.

11. Yomovies


Next on our list is Yomovies which is another alternative to stream free movies in 2021. This website has an amazing list of Hindi movies and is even categorized according to genre.

12. Online Movies Gold

online movies
online movies

Online Movies Gold, also known as Movies Gold Pro, is another great Einthusan alternative to stream free movies in 2022.

13. YuppFlix


YuppFlix is another website to watch movies and is known for hosting a large collection of Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada movies. You can opt for the 3-day free trial if you want to watch.

14. Amazon Prime

Amazon prime
Amazon prime

Amazon Prime Video is the best alternative to einthusan Malayalam. It has its developers to be Amazon which as usual gives people a wide array of choices to choose from. To access Amazon Prime, one needs to have an Amazon membership. In addition, Amazon Prime also gives you the advantage of shopping. Tamil and Telugu movies, videos, and TV shows can all be watched on Amazon Prime.

Be it Hollywood or Bollywood, all movies and the latest TV series are found in Amazon Prime Video with very good content and picture quality. For one to use Amazon Prime, they will have to create an account on Amazon then get the prime membership.

15. Hindilinks4u


This is an amazing option for Malayalam. It is a collection of both new and old movies. A large number of movies are uploaded on the site every week. It has a big number of Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada movies. Besides the movies part, biographies can also be searched and documentaries too. There is also an option where an einthusan Malayalam can be searched by keying in the actress’s or actor’s name.

16. MX Player

mx player
MX player

We all have moments in our lives that when we want to get our screen time fix, instead of watching Malayalam movies online, we would rather spend hours binging lots of TV series episodes. MX Player has your back when it comes to that.

17. Bolly2Tolly


Next on our list of the best Malayalam alternatives to stream free movies in 2021 is Bolly2Tolly which is a well-known movie streaming website that carries Tamil titles.

18. Tubi


Tubi is a well-designed online streaming website that has a huge selection of movies, tv shows, and tv series. Tubi made our list of the best Malayalam alternatives because all of its content is free and you have unlimited watch time without having to pay anything.

19. TodayPk

today pk

Next on our list of the best alternatives to stream free movies in 2021 is TodayPK which probably has one of the most extensive collections of free-to-stream Telugu Tamil movies.

20. Filmlinks4u


To conclude, our list of the best alternatives to streaming free movies in 2022 is Filmlinks4u. Much like Bolly2Tolly and Hindilinks4u, this website has a massive collection of Einthusan Hindi and Telugu movies.


No matter the genre of Einthusan Telugu you enjoy watching, there is definitely a website where you can go and get your fix. The websites that we have compiled into one list are all worth checking out.