Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. You’ve had a hard day at work; you’re exhausted, and you want to unwind by watching some anime. So you launch GoGoAnime, and the first thing you see is an error message.

Okay, this is annoying, but we don’t need to panic just yet. There are several websites on the internet where you can watch anime. Furthermore, my buddy, I am going to present 32 of them here to improve your experience.

What exactly is GoGoAnime?

GoGoAnime is a high-quality anime streaming service that allows you to view anime in high definition. GoGoAnime has been operational for many years, and many of us are familiar with watching anime on it. GoGoAnime is compatible with all HTML 5 browsers. GoGoAnime features a large collection of anime titles spanning from action to racing to romance, comedy, adventure, and drama. Although it is widely available, certain governments prohibit its use. We can navigate to other sites in such instances or when the server is down.

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32 Best GogoAnime Alternatives To Watch Your Favourite Anime

Let’s take a look at best sites like gogoanime where you can watch your favourite anime for free.

#1. Netflix


The giant of movie streaming For a long time, Netflix has dominated the streaming sector. The streaming service concentrates on collecting conventional episodes and movies, but they have just begun to build an anime collection. This is shown by the fact that the streaming service works with Japanese animation companies to make original content.

Among the most popular anime on Netflix are JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Gundam Unicorn, and Death Note. Do you want more anime? Netflix also has My Hero Academia and Your Lie in April.

A monthly membership to Netflix costs less than 10 USD for the Basic plan, less than 16 USD for the Standard plan, and less than 20 USD for the Premium plan. If you already have a Netflix account, now is the time to start watching these 30 fine anime to watch on Netflix.

Websites: https://www.netflix.com/

#2. Funimation 


Funimation is a web-based streaming service and Gogoanime alternative that produces dubbed anime material. In 2016, the corporation signed an agreement with Crunchyroll to enhance its licence. The agreement required Funimation to specialise in dubbed content while Crunchyroll focused on subtitled content.

Funimation has over 600 shows in their catalogue, which is almost half of Crunchyroll’s whole library. The disparity in numbers is understandable given that dubbing is far more labor-intensive and, consequently, more expensive to produce than subtitled content. Dubbed content, on the other hand, is easier to follow than subtitled stuff.

Nonetheless, you may expect to find anime releases from a variety of genres. In its collection, some of the most popular titles include Bayonetta: Bloody Fate, Cowboy Bebop, Fruits Basket, and others.

If you don’t mind the advertising, Funimation makes some of their material available for free viewing. However, if you want the full experience, you’ll need to pay for one of three membership options, which start at USD 5.99 a month.

Websites: https://www.funimation.com/

#3. Adult Swim

Adult Swim

Adult Swim is a web-based media streaming service and an alternative to Gogoanime. The website was created for kids and adults who enjoy witty comedy and technical jargon. Adult Swim began as a nocturnal twist on Cartoon Network’s daytime flair for children, but quickly expanded into a catch-all for all types of creative ventures.

Some of television’s most imaginative and wild comedy series, such as Rick and Morty, Off the Air, Robot Chicken, Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole, and others, are hosted on the website. Just know that most of the site’s content is about violence and sexuality, which makes it inappropriate for young children.

However, the site also hosts a vast collection of anime titles such as Akagame ga Kill, Attack on Titans, Gundam Wing, Naruto, Paranoia Agent, and many others. Of course, you’d have to sign up for a membership before you could view their stuff.

Websites: http://www.adultswim.com/

#4. VIZ


VIZ Media is an American manga and anime distributor and a great premium Gogoanime alternative. The company has been in business for three decades and takes pleasure in being the principal supplier of manga in the United States.

Since then, the company has expanded its business strategy to include anime series and movies in its distribution to the United States. It currently has a wide range of anime titles, from classics like Ranma 1/2 and Sailor Moon to more modern episodes like Castlevania and Boruto.

It’s worth noting that the anime titles on the website are for sale, and most of them are available in Blu-ray, DVD, or digital versions. Having said that, this service appears to be best suited for folks who enjoy collecting DVDs or have certain titles in mind.

The website has unique features, such as the option to save your favourite episodes in your personal library and rate shows.

Websites: https://www.viz.com/

#5. Hulu



If you enjoy watching different sorts of entertainment sometimes, you might want to try Hulu. Hulu, like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, is a subscription-based streaming service. The streaming service offers a huge collection of new and classic movies and TV episodes. However, it also provides anime on demand, making it an excellent Gogoanime option.

Hulu claims to have a library of up to 250 anime episodes and movies, which isn’t terrible given you also have access to a plethora of other stuff. It has both old and new anime releases in different resolutions and both subtitled and dubbed versions.

To access any of the site’s content, you’ll need to have a membership. However, you should be pleased to hear that Hulu offers one of the lowest fees (USD 6 per month), making a membership well worth your time.

Websites: https://www.hulu.com/

#6. Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network is a children’s cable television channel. But the huge cable TV company has now added anime to its lineup, making it a great alternative to Gogoanime.

By “content,” we mostly refer to American-produced cartoons such as the Powerpuff Girls, Adventure Time, and Courage the Cowardly Dog. Since the site is an international streaming service, it is only natural that it has a few anime titles for kids to watch.

Due to intellectual property restrictions, they do not have the most comprehensive compilation. Nonetheless, what they have is still useful for anime fans. Attack on Titan, Black Clover, Cowboy Bebop, Dragon Ball Z Super, and FLCL are some of the titles available on the site.

It is important to remember, however, that this on-demand video is only available to customers of cable television networks that carry Cartoon Network. In other words, you must have the channel on cable in order to use the service.

Websites: https://www.cartoonnetworkasia.com/

#7. Anime-Planet


Anime-Planet is more than simply a Gogoanime alternative; it is a fan-supported Gogoanime alternative established by fans for fans. The website offers both anime and manga series, as well as a community area where you may meet other anime fans.

The website is basic yet well-designed and structured; the main page displays the most popular, latest, and seasonal anime. In the meantime, you can look through their content by anime or episode title, rating, studio, tags, year, and other factors.

Naruto, Shelter, Attack on Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Demon Slayer: Kimestsu no Yaba are among the titles available on the website.

Websites: https://www.anime-planet.com/



HIDIVE is a third-party streaming service that works well as an alternative to Gogoanime for anime streaming. The service is a redesigned version of Anime Network Online, and most of its content comes from the old streaming service.

The website includes about 500 episodes and movies, which is about average for a streaming service. Even though most of their shows are dubbed in English, you should be able to find versions with English subtitles and live simulcasts from Japan.

HIDIVE does not have an ad-free support tier, so you must first purchase a membership. However, HIDIVE is one of the most economical streaming solutions on the market, with a monthly cost starting at USD 4.99. This already includes a 14-day free trial and 1080p movies.

The service is incredibly convenient for streaming because of the sheer number of devices it is compatible with. It works with most mobile platforms, devices for streaming media, game consoles, and web browsers.

Websites: https://www.hidive.com/

#9. Animefreak


Animefreak is a licenced alternative to Gogoanime and is also an excellent place to get your anime fix. Like other anime streaming services, the main page features new and recently updated anime series, with the most viewed anime featured in a dedicated section at the top of the page.

The site’s material is divided into five sections: anime movies, original video animation, original net animation, and specials.

Demon Slayer, Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, and Belle are among the titles available on the main page.

Websites: https://animefreak.site/

#10. Animestreams


Another free streaming service and Gogoanime alternative is Animestreams. This website specialises in collecting English-dubbed anime, making it ideal for those who prefer to listen rather than read captions.

The website’s material is divided into two categories: dubbed anime and anime movies. If you don’t want to go via their internal library, you may just go to the listing on the main website.

Some of the titles available on this website are Attack on the Titans, Tribe Nine, Shenmue the Animation, and more. They also include sections solely dedicated to major anime programmes such as Naruto, Dragon Ball, and One Piece.

#11. AniWatcher 


AniWatcher is another anime-focused streaming website that serves as an alternative to premium streaming services such as Gogoanime. The website has a unique design, with the most popular shows displayed instantly on the main page. The website offers access to a massive anime archive, ranging from the most renowned classics to the most recent releases. The content is continuously updated, and you can discover all of the episodes from popular as well as obscure anime shows. If you want to watch anime in high quality without having to pay anything, AniWatcher is a great alternative.

Websites: https://aniwatcher.com/anime-list

#12. Because.moe


Because.moe is another free and legal streaming service and an alternative to Gogoanime. For anime enthusiasts, the website keeps things simple; it doesn’t require a log-in or a membership, and the main page doesn’t have a lot of sections to confuse you. In other words, you may just go to the website and search for the anime title you’re looking for.

However, the website is geo-restricted, which means that only users in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia may use the service.

Websites: https://because.moe/

#13. Anilinkz


Anilinkz is yet another free streaming service and Gogoanime option for viewing anime online. The website’s material is organised alphabetically, and the whole listing is always visible on the right-hand side of the main page. Aside from the main library, the website contains sections for ongoing, popular, and recently added shows, cartoons, and movies. Each series or movie has its own page with all of the episodes presented.

Furthermore, the site has its own way of viewing films from within a specific place within the website. Even more astounding is the fact that each video stream contains eight video sources. In other words, if the default link does not function, you have additional possibilities.

#14. NarutoGet


NarutoGet is unlike your usual anime streaming website because it is totally dedicated to the wildly popular ninja-kicking series Naruto. The website has all of the episodes of the Naruto series over the years, which amounts to over 500 episodes in total.

Each episode has language options: dubbed or subtitled. The best thing is that each episode has a download link, so you can grab a copy of your favourite episodes. If you like Naruto, you won’t be able to find a better Gogoanime alternative.

Websites: https://www.naruget.tv/

#15. Animebee


Another amazing Gogoanime option that might help you satisfy your anime needs is Animebee. The website’s collection is well-organized, with sections for TV shows, movies, OVAs, ONAs, and specials.

In addition to basic categories, the website arranges its material by genre, with options such as Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Historical, and so on. The website also has unique sections for the most popular anime shows.

Each series has its own internal landing page with full information on the plot, release date, and publisher, among other things. All of this information can help you evaluate whether or not a series is worth your time. Also, all the episodes are on the same landing page, so you can read many or even all of them without leaving the website.

Websites: https://animebee.to/

#16. Animenova


Animenova.org is another Gogoanime alternative and a fantastic internet resource for anything anime. The website features daily anime programme episodes. The website’s anime is available in subtitled or dubbed formats, with high-quality and fast streaming.

The website categorises anime depending on genre, year, status, and rating. The website also has a sophisticated search tool that allows you to look for a certain anime title inside their content catalogue.

The sole disadvantage is that the website looks to have a small content library, with less than 100 titles in total. Nonetheless, the website appears to offer the most popular titles from the last several years, and chances are they have the series you’re looking for.

#17. 4nime


4nime is another licenced anime streaming service and an alternative to Gogoanime. The website offers dubbed and subtitled anime episodes and movies. On the main page, the website offers a very simple yet practical user interface, with little more than a search box and basic categories to look into.

Despite its unassuming design, the website conceals a very large library of anime titles, encompassing both movies and TV episodes. The only issue with the website is that the category tabs do not appear to be working, so you must enter a title to obtain a result. Aside from that, you should be able to stream any anime title you want, whenever you want.

Websites: https://4anime.gg/

#18. Animeheaven 


Animeheaven is a free anime streaming service that delivers subtitled and dubbed anime material, making it one of the top Gogoanime alternatives. The website has a stark black-and-white theme with red overtones, which makes the otherwise nice user experience appear a little daunting.

The website’s material is organised into searchable categories like popular anime, new releases, and top-rated anime. While browsing the library, you may narrow down your search by selecting sub-categories like genre type, anime kind, and language type.

Anime series, like other websites, include sub-pages that provide a description of the series as well as a comprehensive catalogue of episodes. When watching numerous series episodes, you no longer need to leave the landing page.

The website looks to feature a decent volume of anime titles, neither too sparse nor too vast. The website also uses the latest version of a video player, so videos load quickly and have a resolution of at least 720p.

Websites: https://animeheaven.ru/

#19. ShoutFactoryTV


ShoutFactoryTV is an ad-supported streaming service and Gogoanime substitute that features the greatest and most recent anime series. The website has a unique reputation in the video streaming market because it focuses on old movies and TV shows.

Cult classics are films that have committed, passionate fans, spawning a whole subculture from a single genre or series of films. Cult classics include films such as The Princess Bride, Blade Runner, and Fight Club.

ShoutFactoryTV, in addition to great cult movies, has a collection of anime cult masterpieces. Digimon Adventure, Sound! Euphonium, Millenium Actress, and Donten: Laughing Under the Clouds are all games that people really like.

Websites: https://www.shoutfactorytv.com/

#20. AsianCrush


If you enjoy Asian dramas as much as you do anime, the AsianCrush streaming service is a great alternative to Gogoanime. From Chinese martial arts to Korean love romances, the website focuses on Asian TV dramas. They do, however, offer a whole area dedicated to anime titles.

Anime is included as one of the primary categories, and you may have the anime titles displayed in either alphabetical or popularity order. You may also look for material depending on its kind or country of origin. Alternatively, you may sort the material by popularity or release date.

You do not need to sign up to watch anime movies and series on the site, but you can do so to keep track of the latest releases and your content consumption.

Websites: https://www.asiancrush.com/

#21. Animeowl


Animeowl is an open-source web-based streaming platform similar to Gogoanime. The website does an excellent job of classifying its content, which includes anything from online novels to genres and content categories (TV series, movies, ONA, OVA, and specials).

The website has a large collection of both old and new titles, with new titles being added on a regular basis. According to our calculation, the website includes 278 anime titles, each containing 16 titles, for a total of roughly 4,000 titles. The website runs all content on the most recent servers, and the bulk of the content is available with multi-language subtitles.

Websites: https://animeowl.net/

#22. CartoonCrazy


While we connect anime with a certain sort of Japanese animation, technically every type of Japanese cartoon is called anime. With this in mind, the new CartoonCrazy website appears aptly named, despite the fact that its collection is completely comprised of anime and not cartoons from other nations.

The website features a basic design, with a white backdrop, a search bar, and a list of the most popular anime titles on the home page. The website looks like it has a lot of titles, but there’s no easy way to find what you’re looking for.

For example, the categories that are generally featured in the main tab, such as movies or TV series, or dubbed or subtitled categories, are not present. The website’s sole flaw is that it randomly assigns titles to a section named “anime list.” The way stuff is dumped into the list makes doing an organised search difficult. Having said that, the search box is the best method to traverse the site.

Websites: https://ww1.cartooncrazy.uno/

#23. Masteranime


Another licenced anime streaming service that you can access for free is Masteranime. The website has approximately 2500 separate episodes and movies from a broad range of genres and timeframes.

Because the website is aimed at a worldwide audience, the majority of its information is in English. Of course, there should be a decent scattering of English-subbed content as well.

One of the finest aspects of this platform is its simple and easy-to-use user interface. While other websites try to entice you with colourful banners and advertisements on the main page, this one merely offers a search box.

If a title is not accessible on the internet, you can use affiliate anime streaming links to watch it. These links go to websites such as Kissanime, Kissasian, and Kisscartoon.

Websites: https://masteranime.tv/masterani.me

#24. Soul-Anime


Soul-Anime is yet another obscure anime streaming service. But in terms of coverage, it can easily keep up with sites that are more popular, which makes it a great alternative to Gogoanime.

Soul-Anime gives you access to thousands of previous and contemporary anime titles. The website’s anime library is organised alphabetically in a section named “anime list.” The alphabetical listing indicates whether titles are completed or ongoing, which we find really useful. The website also offers categories for anime movies, finished anime, and random anime.

Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, and Fairy Tail are some of the most popular series. On the main page of the website, there is a section for these very popular shows.

Websites: https://soul-anime.ru/

#25. 9anime


9anime is another fully licenced anime streaming service, as well as one of the most recent Gogoanime alternatives. The user interface is clean and professional, with a drop-down menu of main categories and a search bar in the middle.

The website organises and filters material in a clean manner, using filters such as genre, kind, country, status, season, year, language, and so on. You can also sort information alphabetically by clicking on any letter in the alphabet bar below the search results.

Furthermore, the website maintains separate tabs for the most recent changes and new releases. They also include categories for current, forthcoming, and miscellaneous anime titles.

In terms of material volume on the site, we found over 1,000 items in their primary collection. That’s an excellent accomplishment for a new website with minimal exposure.

Websites: https://9anime.vc/

#26. KissAnime


KissAnime is one of the most popular and complete anime streaming sites on the internet. You can watch thousands of titles for free.

The website’s library is rather well-stocked, with over 760 titles in total. This includes both movie and series titles, implying that there are thousands of titles available. While the material for these numbers is rather ordinary, they should keep anime enthusiasts entertained for a long time.

The majority of the website’s material is available in high-resolution streaming. But the most astonishing feature is that it also permits content download. The website’s user interface is well-designed, making it simple to search for specific information or browse through it by category. Also, the website uses the best video players, which makes it faster for your movies to load and lets you watch them in high definition.

If you’re looking for streaming websites with features comparable to KissAnime, then this list of the finest KissAnime alternatives to watch anime for free is for you.

Websites: https://kissanime.com.ru/

#27. AnimeDao


AnimeDao is another excellent choice for anime enthusiasts looking for diversity in their anime streaming entertainment. The website is easy to use and has a clean layout. It also has the latest video players to make sure that your movies load quickly and in good quality.

When you don’t know what to watch, the website presents the most popular anime as well as random recommendations. To assist you with focusing your search, its core library includes search criteria such as genre, letter, status, year, and rating.

One disadvantage of this streaming service is that it has advertisements. Because the website is free, adverts are the only way for the creators to keep it running. If you can cope with the advertisements, you should be OK.

Websites: https://animedao.to/

#28. AnimeShow


AnimeShow is a lesser-known but equally fascinating alternative to Gogoanime. The platform has a simple look and an easy-to-use interface, so both kids and adults can use it.

The website has a comprehensive list of anime titles organised alphabetically.You can also look for anime by genre and popularity. AnimeShow, like other websites, provides subtitled and dubbed alternatives for each episode or movie. While the bulk of the subs and dubs are in English, some are available in other languages.

Furthermore, new titles and episodes are added on a regular basis, ensuring that you never miss out on your favourite continuing titles. On the left side of the main page, there is a place where you can find out about new titles.

Websites: https://www2.animeshow.tv/

#29. JustDubs


Another Gogoanime option is JustDubs.org, which focuses on dubbed anime series and movies. The website is easy to use and gives you access to hundreds of English-dubbed movies and TV shows for the easiest streaming experience.

As far as we can tell, it offers a large collection of anime content that is organised alphabetically or by category. It also has special sites for anime news and reviews, as well as a forum where you may meet other anime enthusiasts. If you’re seeking an English-based and social anime streaming service, JustDubs may be a good option.

#30. FireAnime


FireAnime is an anime streaming app for mobile devices. As a third-party streaming service, this app does not have its own archive of anime titles. Instead, it connects to several internet links and sends the feed back to the website for you to watch.

The app’s user interface is sleek and straightforward, making it easy to discover new films as well as current additions to existing titles. The software is updated on a regular basis thanks to a committed anime community.

Aside from access to hundreds of anime episodes, the app includes several other handy functions. You can make playlists, see what you’ve watched recently, and use an external video player like MX Player or VLC to watch anime.

FireAnime is compatible with Android TV and Amazon Fire TVs and tablets. It should be noted that it requires Android 5.0 or above to work correctly.

#31. Animeland


Animeland TV is a great place to watch anime online. The website contains episodes from the most popular anime series. Episodes of Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, and other popular shows will be available here. For simple navigation, the website has a search option and a highlighted anime area. Visitors to a website can also talk to each other and recommend their favourite anime through a chat widget.

Websites: https://animeland.fr/

#32. RetroCrush


RetroCrush is a free anime streaming service that focuses on classic anime. Will Chao and Mary Gibson, the website’s curators, have chosen a curated assortment of vintage series and movies. The couple searches the internet for the finest anime from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. On the other hand, they also have a small selection of recent anime that fits in nicely with the nostalgic theme.

The website’s library is an excellent age test. If you know the majority of the titles, you undoubtedly grew up during the retro period. If you don’t, you’re probably a member of the Gen Y or Z generation. Some of the site’s classic material includes Devil Lady (1983), Galaxy Express 999 (1979), Golgo 13 (1983), Space Cobra Adventure (1982), and Urusei Yatsura (1983). (1984).

One of the finest aspects about RetroCrush is that you can plainly sense the painstaking consideration that went into finishing the collection. The collection on the website is quite tiny, with only 100 titles and 40 features, including dubbed and subtitled content. Of course, we appreciate the emphasis on quality over quantity.

The website’s finest feature, though, is that it is easily accessible from anywhere on the globe, with no membership or registration necessary.

Websites: https://www.retrocrush.tv/


Gogoanime may have vanished forever, but you can guarantee that a slew of other anime streaming websites will spring up to take its place. You should have a few options, whether you are a huge fan of anime or just want to watch a few episodes to pass the time.

We have included subscription-based services in addition to free streaming sites. These are only suggestions if you want to take your anime-watching to the next level. In any case, we are convinced that our list will be quite useful in your hunt for the top websites to stream your favourite anime films. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to download your favourite episodes as a bonus.