GTA 6 might be the most-anticipated video game of all time, and when it finally comes out, it will probably break a lot of sales records. There has been a long time since GTA 5 came out and the next game in the series, which has created more excitement and expectation among players. The first look at the game is almost here, and in the coming weeks, everything will finally be shown. Here’s what we know about GTA 6 so far while we wait.

There’s no telling if GTA 6 will change the formula again, but people are very excited about it because it’s been in the works for so long. There is a chance that GTA 6 will take place in a place you know, like a current version of Vice City. In any case, Henderson seems to think that. According to Schreier, the map itself could change over time, just like in GTA Online.

Open worlds, fast cars, and action-packed games have always been what GTA is all about. With the release of GTA III in 2001, the series made progress. It was the first game to be shown in 3D instead of the usual 2D top-down view. Then, GTA Online built on the recipe once more, putting an emphasis on group play while keeping all the things that make GTA so enjoyable.

GTA 6 Potential Release Date

The release date for GTA 6 has not been announced. The developer, Take-Two Interactive, said GTA 6 might come out during the 2025 fiscal year, which runs from April 1, 2024, to March 31, 2025. Take-Two’s most recent annual earnings report showed a dramatic increase in expected bookings for its fiscal year 2025. This rise may be due to people looking forward to GTA 6.

Take-Two expects less than $8 billion in net bookings for fiscal year 2025, which is 50% more than its previous high point of $5.3 billion in fiscal year 2023.


The release date of GTA 6 has, of course, already been guessed numerous times. A news release from Take-Two Interactive that included a part called “Strategic Rationale and Stockholder Value Creation” told people about the deal to buy the mobile game company Zynga. The note was inside: “Looking ahead, the combined company is expected to deliver a 14% compound annual growth rate… over the three-year period from Take-Two’s fiscal years 2021 through 2024.”

According to Stephen Totilo of Axios, an analyst from the investment bank Jefferies, “there are only a handful of titles that can…give management the confidence to put out such strong guidance; we believe there is at least one Rockstar IP set to be released by FY24.” As a result, research expert Doug Creutz of Cowen said that this suggests “a likely GTA 6 launch in FY24.” If that’s true, the release date for Grand Theft Auto 6 could be anywhere between now and the end of March 2024.

Jason Schreier, a Bloomberg reporter, confirmed this by writing on Twitter: “Everything Tom Henderson has said about the game matches up with what I’ve heard.” Henderson was a Call of Duty leaker who posted a video on YouTube in July 2021 predicting that GTA 6 would come out in 2024 or 2025.

What was in the GTA 6 leaks?

You might still be able to find the big dump of leaked footage, but unless you’re really interested in breaking down debug video, you’re not losing much. Yes, this is definitely a GTA game in the works, based on what we’ve seen. Everything you see is probably past video and is only used for internal development. It’s not a sneak peek at the finished, polished product. Due to the repetitive nature of game creation, that probably doesn’t exist yet.GTA 6

Two available characters are called Lucia and Jason. They are likely the “Bonnie and Clyde-inspired” crime pair that has been talked about in the past.
Vice City: There is a modern train car in the video that is labeled “Vice City Metro,” which supports the rumors of a return to the made-up state of Florida.
We saw at least one person walking around with a cell phone, which seems to disprove reports that the scene takes place in the 1980s.

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Any other details we can gather from the footage—Lucia robbing a waffle shop, dialogue options for playable characters, a character seen moving and crawling while lying down, and the messaging system called “WhatUp!”—should be taken as soon as possible until Rockstar makes GTA 6 official.

GTA 6 Story

A report from Bloomberg says that Grand Theft Auto 6 will have two bank robbers in a story based on Bonnie and Clyde. The two main characters may be called Lucia and Jason. Lucia could be the first female playable character in GTA 3D.GTA 6

There were no more story details in the report, but it did say that Rockstar is changing how it deals with satire: the company is supposedly trying to write fewer jokes that make fun of marginalized groups.

GTA 6 map

If the calculations in the GTA 6 leak are correct, some fans think that this version of Vice City and the surrounding areas could be twice as big as GTA 5’s Los Santos. However, a former developer has said that the GTA 6 map should be smaller and more densely packed. A story from Bloomberg says that GTA 6 will take place in a made-up version of Miami. A lot of people have thought this meant Vice City and the area around it.GTA 6According to rumors, the game map will change through DLC, adding new places or updating old ones depending on the theme of the DLC. Not only does the story map change, but the new GTA Online mode might be set on an “evolving map” that gets tweaked and changed with each update, like how the Fortnite map changes with each new season.

Will GTA 6 come to PC?

There is a good chance it will happen. Rockstar’s track record with PC versions has been shaky at best, but the fact that both GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 are so popular on PC is a great reason for the company to pay attention to it.

The fact that Rockstar released the Rockstar Games Launcher for PC in 2019 shows that they agree. If the company didn’t intend to put all of its future games there, including GTA 6, it’s hard to think that it would release its own game launcher. However, there will probably be some time between the release of GTA 6 on PC and consoles. After GTA 5 came out on PC, RDR2 came out almost a year later.

What will the GTA 6 settings?

All of it depends on the city and decade that Rockstar chooses. Because GTA 5 went back to Los Angeles, we might go back to Vice City in the future. More and more evidence points to this idea. Leaks from September 2022 show a figure getting out of a train car that says “Vice City Metro.”

In July 2021, there were also rumors that GTA 6 would be coming back to Vice City. These reports said that GTA 6 would take place in a modern-day version of Miami from the first game in the series. It was also said that GTA 6’s map would change or grow over time, possibly through DLC or live updates. According to Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, other sources have also said that Miami will win.

In a 2013 chat with Develop, Leslie Benzies, head of Rockstar North, talked about Rockstar’s three favorite GTA cities:

It’s unclear what GTA 6 will be, but we have some thoughts. It’s been 45 years since we last thought of something we wanted to do. We are going to pick the right ones. Starting with the idea. The first thing that needs to be decided is where, exactly. After that, the tasks become clear; in LA, you do different things than in New York or Miami. Together, the story and map are made. The story is just a general outline of how things go, so you can add the task on top of it.

A few years ago, a scene from Liberty City was posted on the page of a Rockstar developer. It looked like it was made in GTA 5’s engine. That being said, this could have been a technology test or even a scene from some single-player DLC that was never finished. Rockstar has talked about combining all of their towns into one big game in the past. That sounds like a crazy big goal, but Rockstar might have the means to make it happen.

GTA 6 Developer

Rockstar North is working on Grand Theft Auto 6. This is the same company that has made every major GTA game since the series started in 1997. In August, Rockstar started working with, the team of modders that run the biggest GTA 5 fantasy sites. There’s no word on whether the group will work on similar material for GTA 6.

Two important Grand Theft Auto producers, Dan Houser (co-founder and head writer of Rockstar Games) and Leslie Benzies (old president of Rockstar North), left the company after GTA 5. Houser wrote most of the Grand Theft Auto games, from Grand Theft Auto 2 to Grand Theft Auto 5. Since Grand Theft Auto III, Benzies has been the series director.

Mike Unsworth, Rockstar’s VP of Writing, has also left the company. However, since he left in August 2023, it’s possible that his work on GTA 6 was already done.


When did they start working on GTA 6?

A. Jason Schreier of Bloomberg News says that work on Grand Theft Auto 6 began in 2014.

How long did GTA 5 take to make?

A. The creation process for GTA 5 took five years, involved over 1,000 people, and cost a lot of money—265 million dollars.

When will the GTA 6 trailer be released?

A. The first video for GTA 6 will be released in December 2023, according to Rockstar Games.