how to reset instagram explore page

In this article how to reset Instagram explore page is one of the most popular social media apps and it allows users to share photos and videos with their friends, contacts, and followers. You can follow other Instagram users or creators and over the years, Instagram has become a popular advertising platform as well.

It shows each user a feed that is based on the how to reset Instagram explore page that they follow and there is an Explore page as well where a user can see posts related to recent searches, people you follow, and posts that you like. If you want to reset or change your Instagram explore page reset, we have put together a step-by-step guide on how to reset Instagram explore page you can do so.

Why you may or may not need to reset explore feed on Instagram

Resetting your Instagram explore feed isn’t really a good idea since the contents you will see on the explore feed, later on, will be raw because Instagram doesn’t have enough knowledge about what kind of posts you would like. However, that’s different for others who experience inaccuracy of Instagram explore feed algorithm. For example, some people might find they have a lot of workout posts in their Instagram Instagram explore page reset feed. Even though they’re not working out or having any interest in working out. There are lots of people experiencing the same thing. They find a lot of posts that don’t match their activities on Instagram.

How to reset Instagram explore page?

Instagram explore page reset has this feature to make sure they know better about your interest in the type of posts you might like on the platform. Even though you have to do this manually, that’s still better than doing nothing about your explore feed, which eventually, leads to a bad mood while using Instagram explore page to reset. Keep in mind that Instagram’s explore feed is algorithmic. This means everything that shows on it is automatically picked. You really can’t do anything more than just mark posts you don’t like. But doing this really makes the algorithm understand you even better.

  • Open your reset app.
  • Go to the Explore.
  • Find one post you don’t like.
  • Then tap the kebab (three-dots) button at the top of the picture/video.
  • Now, tap Not Interested in This Post. This will mark the post you don’t like.

Will then show you a message that the post has been hidden. They will show fewer posts like that in the future.

hide explore posts in instagram
hide explore posts in Instagram

If you do this diligently enough, you probably can control everything that will show your how to reset explore page on your Instagram feed. You can teach the algorithm to get better at understanding your needs.

Resetting your manually can take time. If you want to know how you can do that better and quicker, you can read the next method.

How to reset Instagram explore page by clearing search history

Clearing search history isn’t a new thing to reset the algorithm from recognizing your previous activities. Amazon has it to delete Amazon order history and prime video history. You can also clear search history on how to reset explore page on Instagram to reset the explore feed algorithm.

Instagram has simple methods to reset you explore feed by clearing the search history. The first way is by deleting it manually from a specific profile and tag. The second one is by deleting all of the search histories completely.

  • To do this, just open the Instagram app.
  • Go to your profile.
  • Tap the hamburger button at the top.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Now, just tap Security.
  • Then tap Search History.

It will then show you a complete list of search history. Now, to reset your Instagram explore feed, tap the X button to clear the search history.

reset instagram
recent searches

You can also clear all of them completely by tapping Clear All. Choose Clear All to confirm. This will reset the explore feed easily.

clear search history
clear search history

This method probably works at some point. You might still find posts on your Instagram explore feed that is not relevant to you. To solve this completely, you can reset your explore page or feed by clearing the cache of the Instagram app.

Is it necessary for me to reset my explore page?

Every time, the Instagram app aims to improve the user’s experience. The program analyses the user’s search history, the images they like, the profiles they view, and other data before displaying a tailored feed on the explore page. This makes it possible for the user to find more images and videos in the genres they enjoy. However, occasionally the explore page starts displaying repeated or irrelevant stuff. That is a good sign that you should reset and clean up your Instagram explore page. The procedures to clear and reset the explore page are listed below.

Steps: Reset the Instagram explore page.

  • Log into your account after launching the Instagram app.
  • Select the symbol for your profile photo in the bottom right corner.
  • Click the menu symbol in the top right corner of the profile page that opens.
  • Choose the ‘Settings’ option from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the security setting.
  • Click the “search history” option now.
  • Click “Clear search history” now.

This will eliminate all of your prior searches. Your Instagram explore page will be reset as a result.


How Should I Handle the Messed-Up Instagram Explore Feed in 2022?

Users may encounter a bug that causes their IG Explore feed to be reset and only display posts about nature if Instagram is unavailable. This broken Instagram explore feed is only a blip. Your Instagram explore page will be normal once Instagram is operating normally once more.

How Do I Reset Instagram Suggestions?

Retraining the IG algorithm is necessary if you want to reset Instagram suggestions. User activity on Instagram is used to suggest content to users. Use the above-mentioned tips to alter Instagram’s content recommendations on your explore page if you don’t like what the app is proposing to you.

Why Aren’t My Instagram Posts Being Seen?

If your followers are not seeing your posts, your Instagram account may have been shadowbanned. You won’t receive a notification from Instagram when your account has been shadowbanned, but you may check if it has by visiting your IG profile.

How Can I Reset My Instagram Reels?

You must be aware of your online conduct if you want to alter the type of content that appears on your Instagram reels page. Like reels that you enjoy and tap on them when you come across a reel that you aren’t interested in. To reset Instagram reels, you must alter how the Instagram algorithm interprets the kinds of reels you want.


Over time, the Instagram explore page fills up with random content that you no longer enjoy. You know an overhaul is necessary, but you’re not sure it can be done. Your explore feed on Instagram is personalised based on your usage of the service. The best method to maintain the Instagram algorithm using the tips we’ve discussed above is to reset your explore page and revamp it with pertinent material. You may now alter your Instagram home feed to reflect your preferred content. Thanks to the new Instagram feed updates, you will have complete choice over which profiles you wish to interact with on your feed.