Before you learn and understand Memovies alternatives, you need to know that the service is operating from Vietnam and it isn’t the only free movie streaming service that they have ever made. You have probably heard about 123movieshub, 123Movies, GoStream, and MeMovies. They are offering free services of watching movies, but unfortunately, they are called one of the most popular illegal websites and then shut down.

If you have been getting your entertainment materials from Memovies alternatives, it is time to find the best alternatives for the sources. It is a good thing that the internet is a huge place where you can find tons of items and materials. It shouldn’t be difficult to find some of the most promising and also reliable sources as MeMovies alternatives.

15 Websites Like Memovies To watch free Movies Online In 2021

Following are the different websites of Memovies where you can watch free movies.

1 YTS Movies



Are you looking for sites like MeMovies? If you are familiar with the Torrent service and its mechanism, then this website would be the best pick. The site has been known for its peer-to-peer service with tonnes of collections and content. The Memovies alternatives are all free, and when you combine them with a powerful and friendly user interface, the result is just amazing. You can definitely have fun with this site.

The design and layout are pretty simple and basic. It is so easy to navigate your way around. But it is different from MeMovies or 123Movies in a way that it doesn’t offer streaming content. It only provides download links, so you will have to download the movies you are interested in. One of the things to like about their files is that they are relatively small but they are offered in high-quality files. As a result, you won’t have to worry about making your memory full.

2 IOMovies



This is one of the best Memovies alternatives because you won’t have to register or sign for anything. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about any ads contents either – which is quite common for such a streaming service. They are offering different sections, including the rating, release year, and genre so it should be easy to find the movies you want to watch.

This site offers various servers. When you want to watch Memovies alternatives, choose one server. If it doesn’t play, then you can choose another one. The greatest thing about this site is that you should be able to find your favorite videos easily without having to worry about being interrupted. Moreover, you are free to watch your favorite movies or TV shows. The service is supported in many countries and you should be able to access the site easily

3. PutLocker



If you have been consulting the net for a free movie streaming service, you should be familiar with the name PutLocker. The website itself has been around since 2011 and it is quite popular among internet users. It shouldn’t be difficult to move and navigate your way around the website. It has its own elegant and classy look, thanks to the green and white theme. If you are familiar with 123Movies, then it holds the same look. In case you are a fan of 123Movies, then you wouldn’t have any problem exploring the web around. They have tons of content, mostly in Memovies alternatives . The streaming service is quite superb and the contents are coming in good quality. You will love gaining access to this website.

4. YoMovies


Looking for another free movie streaming website with high-quality content? Then movies can be a great option. The site has a combination of TV shows as well as movies. They are coming with high-quality content, so you can be sure that your entertainment won’t be compromised. If you are a fan of alternatives to memovies from all over the world, this site is the best answer. It has its own collections in English, but you can also watch movies in Bollywood, Telegu, Tamil, South Indian, and Punjabi. Some of the greatest perks about the service include the smooth streaming service without any interruptions. Moreover, you won’t have to sign up or register for anything. Feel free to enjoy the latest movies or TV shows; pick any genre that you want! The combination of easy operation and high-quality content would make this site worth visiting. And with tonnes of great features, you should be able to enjoy your entertainment without having to spend a fortune.

5. YesMovies

yes movies

Different people have different preferences, and so do different kinds of free Alternatives to memovies streaming sites. Whereas some sites are offering streaming services, others may offer downloading services. In case you aren’t into downloading movies and you prefer streaming them, then this website would be the best option. Some of the greatest perks include high-quality content. No blurry Alternatives to memovies or no lag will ensure your enjoyment. Don’t you hate it when you are having continuous lag while watching your favorite shows? And the streaming quality is pretty good. It is impressive without any troublesome issues. Big chances that you would find all of your favorite shows or movies easily. The design and layout are modern and minimalistic, so navigating your way around should be quite easy.

There are several winning features that you will love about this website. You can make use of its facility to the dark mode if you want to. It also comes with a dedicated search bar for easier searching. And it offers various genres, including War, Thriller, Mystery, Animation, Action, Documentary, Adventure, and so much more. Be advised, though, that this website has popup ads, which can appear 5 to 10 times. If it isn’t a problem for you, this website can provide the greatest viewing enjoyment.

6. CMovies



This is one of the best MeMovies alternatives to try, especially if you are looking for high-quality content without spending a dime. Most of the contents are coming in high quality – and they are completely free. If you are looking for the latest TV shows and movies with high-quality images, this website would be the best pick. Another cool thing about this service is the Requested Videos and TV shows sections. Yes, you can send the requests for the shows you want to watch, in case you haven’t found them on the lists.

Moreover, everything is divided and categorized, so it should be super easy to find the contents. Feel free to browse around the IMDb ratings, the country (you are living), Genres, and so much more. If you are clueless about which movies to watch, you can always go to the Menu and sort them through. This is the site to go to when you want to enjoy the latest movies in high quality without interruption.

7. Fmovies


Fmovies are pretty popular among online alternatives to video streamers. Its popularity is similar to 123Movies, so there is no need to doubt the contents or the service. This is the kind of site that would be liked by streamers as well as downloaders. The website provides embedded videos as well as connections to other websites for links. The website provides high-quality TV shows and also movies and everything can be accessed online. The website may not be so catchy, but you can easily operate it and find your way around the site. This is a handy site if you want to be entertained and not run out of options!

8 Hulu


Hulu is another famous 123Movies substitute that prides itself on being inexpensive. The most crucial point to remember is that the organization does not sacrifice quality for cost savings. You may still access and download Hulu movies and television series in the best possible HD for $5.99 per month. Hulu’s vault contains a wealth of classic films and older television comedies that you won’t find anywhere else. Hulu also has a large library of documentaries in addition to free new Alternatives to memovies online and television shows.

9. Roku


Roku isn’t so much a streaming service as it is a platform. It is available as an app for smart televisions, set-top boxes, phones, and tablets. Roku offers both free and paid services. If you’re searching for a good mix of classics and recent shows, it’s a great 123Movies option. The one major flaw with Roku is the absence of original programming. In addition, some of the films on the site are only accessible for rent or purchase.

10. Tubi TV


Tubi TV is completely free and completely legal for English Alternatives to memovies online free website. Simply download and install the app, which is compatible with smart televisions, smartphones, gaming consoles, and the Roku set-top box, to gain access to movies on this service.

11 Popcornflix


Popcornflix has a large selection of popular Alternatives to memovies as well as some undiscovered gems. When it comes to free new movies online, this site is one of the greatest alternatives to Memovies, but you won’t find TV episodes here. It has a wide range of film genres, making it easy to pick something you’ll enjoy. Popcornflix is a terrific site to catch free movie classics in addition to new releases. Another advantage is how simple it is to explore through different categories on Popcornflix when you are undecided about what to watch online movies sites. Popcornflix is my top choice if you plan on watching movies on your iPhone or Android because it is optimized for both mobile and desktop platforms. it one of the greatest memovies alternatives.

12 SolarMovie


Solar Movie is one of the best free streaming sites out today, but not everyone knows about it. Despite its name, this website offers both movies and television series. Solar Movie’s outstanding search feature and well-organized categories wowed me. It also has a simple website design without a lot of distracting elements to clog up your screen. You may sort content by what’s popular, most viewed, and most highly rated by users. It’s also possible to sort the results by IMDb rating, which is a useful function.

13 Amazon Prime


One of the most popular Memovies to watch Alternatives to memovies sites options to consider is Amazon Prime. The service is well-known for its high-definition streaming and user-friendly, ad-free interface. You can take advantage of free delivery service to increase your access to thousands of free new movies online from a variety of genres. A 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime allows you to try out the service before fully committing to the website for free full movies. Aside from movies, Amazon Prime also has a large library to watch online movie-free sites and television shows, music, and eBooks.

14. Netflix


Netflix is marginally less expensive than Amazon Prime English Alternatives to memovies online free website, with a $9/month Basic streaming option. It is like Amazon Prime, has a large library of movies and TV shows to choose from. Netflix has something for everyone, whether you like comedy, horror, action drama, or oldies. Because of the vastness of the Netflix movie catalog, it might be tough to zero in on individual films.

15 Crackle


If you’ve used Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Hulu before, you’ll find Crackle TV to be a breeze to use.
This is due to the similarity of website layouts as well as the large number of movies available to stream. Of course, Crackle comes with the added benefit of being able to stream all material for free. The site also updates its library on a regular basis to ensure that consumers have access to new information at all times. this is one of the greatest memovies alternatives.


In the end, the decision is yours. Whatever sources or websites you want to choose, be sure that they are safe. If you have other memovies alternatives or sites like memovies options, feel free to do so.