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Welcome to today’s article, which discusses the problem if your friend can’t join your Minecraft server and can’t play with you as a result.

If you need assistance with that, you’ve come to the right spot because today we’ll be breaking down all the different components of this issue to essentially act as a guide so that fans of this game never again have to deal with this pop-up! Until you fully understand the problem and its associated remedies, read the article to the conclusion.

How To Fix A Minecraft Server

The video game Minecraft is a cultural phenomenon in and of itself. It provides some of the most open, flexible, and dynamic gameplay that you can get from a game! It is understandable why there are still millions of Minecraft players and a large number of YouTubers that enjoy playing the game and creating original content.

The ability to play with your friends and family in a shared world that is free and separated from outsiders is another distinctive feature that Minecraft offers. You can do this by inviting friends to play on your server or by joining theirs. This greatly aids in obtaining a hassle-free and, as already indicated, personalised experience.

This, however, comes with its own set of problems because your friend might not be able to connect to your Minecraft server because of network or server problems, leaving you alone in the virtual world. These problems have multiplied over the past few years, necessitating a thorough investigation and solution, which is what we have done in this post.

Solutions for a Friend Who Can’t Connect to a Minecraft Server

For Minecraft players who want to experiment with the capability of inviting their friends and family to their server, the message “Friend Can’t Connect To Minecraft Server” has become a typical issue. The problem I just talked about could be caused by technology or by people, so the solution could be to check the details or change some important settings.

Now that we’ve gone over each one in depth and step by step, you can approach the problem in a methodical and thorough way.
So without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Enter your IP address.

You’ve done the fundamentals correctly, so there must be a technical problem at the root of this. Sending your IP address to a friend is a well-known fix. This will assist in preventing any network problems or hiccups.

It’s also crucial to keep in mind that we’re discussing public IP addresses here, not private ones. It won’t be too difficult for you if you are aware of your IP address. But if you’re completely ignorant, it might cause problems. In this situation, we advise performing a straightforward Google search or browsing the web. Your IP address would be quite simple to obtain.

2. Request and Acceptance

The first problem that could be the cause of the error “Friend Can’t Connect To Minecraft Server” is that you might not have actually invited your friend or the other people you wish to join your server to do so.

Or perhaps you sent it, but it hasn’t been received. Make sure both of these actions are taken and not merely presumed. At first, it can seem absurd, yet there are occasions when that is all it takes to find a solution.

If either you or your friend had planned to join based on an invitation, the same thing happened.If the issue persists, you may also try joining without an invitation.
That is also a well-known answer to the problem.

3. Port Forwarding

If all else fails, we will have to suggest port forwarding as the last resort if the issue still persists. The most complicated option on this list is also the most crucial in the event that all other options fail. There shouldn’t be any problems moving forward because this will establish a straight connection.

Due to the fact that every router uses a different technique, it is not as easy as sending your IP address. We will continue to make an effort to provide you with a basic overview of the port forwarding procedure and how to set it up.

4. Verify if they are on your friend’s list.

Other times, if your friend isn’t truly on your list of friends in the game, the error message can appear. They could be quickly thrown into the mix to solve the problem.Check for it and advise your friend(s) to do the same to avoid this.

Fix the “Friend Can’t Connect to Minecraft Server” issue.

Here are some guidelines for doing the same.

  1. You must first log in as the administrator of your router.
  2. Next, find the settings among the many options you can choose from under “Wireless,” “Advanced,” or “Network.”
  3. You must now configure the port range and number.
  4. Enter the IP when prompted for this.
  5. The router will then prompt you to “Name the port trigger.”
  6. You can give it any name, although “Minecraft” might be easier to remember and refer to in the future if you need to repeat it.
  7. The last step in the process would be to check the box to turn on the traffic routing rule.

Your friend should now be able to connect to your Minecraft server without any problems because the “Friend Can’t Connect To Minecraft Server” error has been resolved by the “Port Forwarding” method.


Lastly, we want to confirm that the “Friend Can’t Connect To Minecraft Server” problem has become more and more annoying when inviting a friend to join your Minecraft server for a more personalised experience.

Without addressing both technological and non-technical difficulties, they won’t go away. For your benefit, numerous of these issues have been thoroughly examined in this article.

After reading this short advice, dealing with the problem is simple, albeit the traffic routing option can be a little challenging for people who aren’t too comfortable with “techy” things.

That concludes today’s discussion. We often write informative articles like this one about Minecraft, other video games, technology, and world events that are related in some way. If you’re looking for the same information, we also prepared an article on how to hide instructions in Minecraft. Please contact us in the comments area if you have any other questions.

FAQs Frequently Question And Answers

What is the cost of maintaining a Minecraft server?

It will cost you $15 per month to host a server for 20 people.

How much RAM will my Minecraft server need?

For the Minecraft server, you require a minimum of 2GB of RAM.

How much does a Java Minecraft server cost?

A Minecraft Java server costs $7.99 per month.