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What mouse does Ninja use 2019 Ninja, a.k.a. Richard T. Blevins, is one of the most well-known Fortnite streamers of all time. With over 11 million subscribers, he’s one of the most popular YouTubers and Twitch streamers. He started out streaming Halo and PUBG for small audiences, and now he’s one of the most popular YouTubers and Twitch streamers. His streams mouse does ninja use have over 100,000 viewers each day at the moment.

For many people, earning money and recognition by playing their favourite game is a dream come true. Although reaching to this level of competitive gaming requires a lot of practice and dedication, we can give you a head start by informing you what equipment he utilizes. What mouse does Ninja use 2019 We’ll look at Ninja’s excellent gaming mouse in this article and learn why he likes it so highly.

Ninja’s Profession

Ninja has been acquired by a number of eSports organizations during the course of his professional career, including Team Liquid, Renegades, and Cloud9. Luminosity Gaming is the most recent team he’s been a part of.

He began playing Halo 3 in 2009 and later moved on to H1Z1. Later, he switched to PUBG, and in August 2017, he won the PUBG Gamescom Invitational Squads classification. Finally, in the same year, he began broadcasting while playing the recently released Fortnite Battle Royale.

From September 2017 to March 2018, his performance in the game and the growing popularity of Fortnite helped him gain over 1.5 million followers.

Interesting fact:

Did you know that in March 2018, Ninja established the Twitch record for the most concurrent viewers on a single stream (outside of tournament events)? Ninja was playing Fortnite alongside Aubrey Drake Graham, better known as Drake, Travis Scott, and Juju Smith-Schuster, attracting 635, 000 concurrent Twitch watchers.

What Mouse Does Ninja Use?

What mouse does Ninja use 2018 Ninja uses his exclusive FinalMouse Air58 gaming mouse, a top-tier, super lightweight, durable mouse that gamers should consider. Unfortunately, the mouse is sold out. if money isn’t an object. The mouse only weighs 58g, designed to feel light in your hand so you can focus and stay as competitive as Ninja.


The compact and light design of this light gaming mouse is the first thing you’ll notice. Because not everyone loves a lightweight gaming mouse, this caused anxiety in the gaming industry.

People, like any other product, have had difficulty adjusting to this one-of-a-kind design. However, after a few minutes of gaming and modifications, several customers have acknowledged that it improved their aim.

Don’t be fooled by its appearance; the photo makes the mice appear little. In reality, it’s in the medium-to-large size range. Although the ambidextrous design is suitable for both left and right-handed users, the side buttons are only available to right-handed users. When clicked, both the left and right mouse buttons provide adequate feedback and do not feel mushy.

The gaming mouse is also designed and feels slick. As a result, the scroll wheels feel smooth as well– perhaps a touch too smooth. To be honest, the scroll may benefit from a more defined notch, but some people may find this to be ideal for them.

Because of its small weight, the mouse’s form is designed to accommodate both palm-grip and fingertip users. This will be a wonderful option if you’re a fingertip user searching for a lighter alternative that delivers.

On top of that, the holes are undoubtedly the most noticeable feature of the mouse. After all, it’s the signature of the Air58. Furthermore, it not only makes the mouse lighter, but it also prevents your hands from sweating– even under extreme pressure.


Cherry Blossom Red and Blue are the colors of the mouse’s upper portion. Despite the fact that the Air58 is made of plastic, the design is soft and comfortable. It has a sturdy feel to it when you contact the side grips. However, because it includes perforations, the user can pick and drag the mouse without exerting any effort.

The gaming mice’s PCB (printed circuit board) is visible on the underside, as it is likewise riddled with holes. The gaming mice’s feet, on the other hand, do not, and because of their reduced weight, they glide quite well.

The mouse’s chord matches the mouse’s color, and it’s one of the best– if not the best– cables on any mouse. It’s braided, yet it’s also light and supple. It may be difficult to fit it inside your bungee because of its size. However, because it is substantially lighter than the remainder of the cord, it provides the impression of being wireless.


The Pixart PMW3360 sensor is used in the Air58 gaming mouse. This means the mouse will not spin out of control as you glide it across your mouse pad, and it will not accelerate.

The difference in reaction between a 500 Hz and a 1000 Hz gaming mouse may appear to be significant, but it isn’t. So, unless you explicitly desired a 100 Hz one in the first place, this shouldn’t be a worry for most people.

There are four DPI settings on the mouse, ranging from 400 DPI to 800 DPI, 1,600 DPI, and 3,200 DPI. Overall, the mouse employs a high-quality sensor, so there should be no problems.

In comparison to another gaming mouse on the market, the Air58 falls short in this area. The mouse does not have RGB lighting, which I wish it would because it would make it appear much better. There is no need to install any software as a result of this. The Air58 has a simple design that emphasizes performance over flashy lighting and superfluous extras.

What Makes It Different From Other Gaming Mice?

What mouse does Nick Eh 30 use The mice is different Because of their lightweight, the Air58 is capable of competing well with wireless gaming mouse such as the Logitech G Pro Wireless. The Air58 seems more like a wireless gaming mouse than the Logitech G Pro Wireless since it’s so light.

However, the Logitech G Pro Wireless wins in terms of durability and build quality mainly because the Finalmouse has a poor track record in terms of durability and reliability in the past.

When comparing the Air58 to Razer’s DeathAdder Elite ergonomic gaming mouse, both feel amazing in terms of ergonomics. On both gaming mice, the sensors are nearly identical. However, the Air58 is devoid of any software, which isn’t entirely negative because Razer’s proprietary software, Synapse, isn’t particularly user-friendly.

Ninja’s Gaming Mouse Settings

Here are some of Ninja’s mouse settings for the games he’s played:


Mouse Setting Input / Action
Mouse X Sensitivity 8%
Mouse X Sensitivity 7%
Mouse Targeting Sensitivity 27%
Mouse Scope Sensitivity 30%
Mouse DPI 800
Polling Rate 500 Hz
Mouse 4 Building Slot 1 (Wall)
Mouse 5 Building Slot 3 (Stairs)
Mouse Wheel Button AutoRun
Right Click Building Reset

Apex Legends

Mouse Setting Input / Action
Mouse DPI 800
Polling Rate 500 Hz
Mouse Sensitivity 2.5
ADS Mouse Multiplier 0.8
Mouse Acceleration Off
Mouse Invert Off
Mouse 4 Ultimate Ability
Mouse 5 Tactical Ability
Mouse Wheel Button Cycle Weapon
Right Click Aim (Hold)


Mouse Setting Input / Action
Mouse DPI 800
Vertical Sensitivity 1.00
General Sensitivity 36
Targeting Sensitivity 25
Vehicle Sensitivity 38
Iron Sight Sensitivity 30
2x Scope 26
3x Scope Default
4x Scope 25
6x Scope Default
8x Scope 19
15x Scope 16

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Mouse Setting Input / Action
Mouse DPI 800
Polling Rate 1000 Hz
Mouse Sensitivity 6.06
ADS Mouse Sensitivity Relative
ADS (Low Zoom) 1.00
ADS (High Zoom) 1.00
Mouse Acceleration 0.00
Mouse Filtering 0.00
Vertical Sensitivity Multiplier 1.0
ADS Transitioning Timing Gradual
Mouse Smoothing Disabled
Mouse 4 Tactical Equipment
Mouse 5 Lethal Equipment


Mouse Setting Input / Action
Mouse DPI 800
Scoped Sensitivity 0.75
Mouse Sensitivity 0.75
Polling Rate 500 Hz
Mouse 4 Use/Equip Ability 1

Does Buying the Right Mouse Make You a Better Gamer?

High-end mice like what mouse does ninja use are using boast insane DPI figures as well as high-grade sensors to help you accurately hit your target. While the vast majority of players don’t feel any difference, dedicated gamers looking to improve their skills will find that buying the right mouse does help.

Will it be easy to find? Definitely not. With all the options and features you need to consider, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. This is why we decided to come up with a definitive gaming mouse buying guide to make your shopping a lot easier.

Final Thoughts

There you have it: a thorough examination of the mouse does ninja use, as well as his preferred settings for various games. This is a high-quality mouse that performs admirably. It’s a gaming mouse that any gamer should consider because of its incredibly lightweight, fantastic substance, and durable but flexible braided cord. Despite the fact that it has a lot of capabilities that the average gamer might want, it’s essential to read our comprehensive buying guide first to be sure you’re not wasting money on features you won’t use.