Reading code and contributing to open source has been shown to be one of the most effective strategies of establishing android app source code a great developer career as well as open source apps for android or source code generating better/cleaner code.

In this post, we will look at some of the excellent open source apps for android Projects available on the internet that you free android source code can either contribute to as an Open Source Contributor or learn free app source code from as a regular Android Developer and even borrow their codebase for your own projects.

15 Best Open Source Apps For Android

Checkout best open source apps for android in 2022:

1. OmniNotes

Open Source Apps For Android omni notes

open source apps for android note-taking software with full functionality. Moreover, This codebase will android app source code assist you in apps source code developing your own note-taking free android source code application with cool features such as a To-do list feature on your note app, and Best Android open source apps so on.

2. Amaze File Manager

Open Source Android Apps amaze file managet

Amaze File Manager is a lightweight file manager app for Android that features a android app source code material style. However, This codebase will teach you how to manage data on SD cards, support cloud services, AES Encryption and Decryption open source apps for android for beginners of files for security, and much more.

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3. CoCoin

CoCoin is an all-in-one personal finance and accounting solution with a simple and appealing user interface. In addition, If you’re apps source code constructing a simple free app source code fintech and want to learn how to manage charts, this is the case study for you.

4. Telegram

Telegram - Best open-source Android apps

Telegram is a popular encrypted instant messaging app for Android and iOS. Secondly, This is a free android source code good place to start if you want to learn how an Instant Messaging App is constructed.

5. AntennaPod

Open Source Apps For Android antennapod

AntennaPod is a free and open-source podcast management and player that allows you to listen to millions of free and android app source code premium podcasts. In addition, This project will assist you in understanding various integration approaches, managing open source apps for android GitHub playback settings, and so forth.

6. Open Camera

Open Camera screenshot 2020

Open Camera is a feature-rich, open source apps for android devices. Moreover, This project will teach you how to add an auto-stabilization option to a camera app, how to capture a photo free app source code remotely by creating a noise, and how to use a multi-touch gesture.

7. Sound Recorder

Easy Sound Recorder is an open-source sound recorder programme with a apps source code material design aesthetic. However, This project will teach you how to integrate and manipulate Android voice recordings.

8. Timber Music Player

Timber is a stunningly designed, feature-rich music player for Android. However, If you’ve ever wanted to create your own music player or a android app source code music-related app, this is the project for you. Moreover, The project is fairly large and is free android source code still in its early stages of development. Finally, It may be tough for a newbie to understand everything that is Free open source apps going on, but it should be quite intriguing for any intermediate or expert level Android developer.

9. LeafPic

Photo and video gallery apps are among the most used open source apps on every Android handset. Have you ever wondered how they are made? LeafPic is a great open-source gallery app to try and learn from. Moreover, It is pretty free app source code simple, easy to understand, and ideal for Amazing Open source apps any inexperienced developer.

10. VLC

Open Source Android Apps VLC player

VLC is one of the most widely used media players across all platforms. Secondly, The app is accessible on a far wider range of platforms apps source code than most other media players. It’s also open source and supports a variety of strange formats, such as DVD ISOs, live stream links, and a plethora of audio codecs. Lastly, It should Open source Android apps to contribute cover all of the fundamentals.

11. Pedometer

A simple, open-source lightweight pedometer app that calculates steps using the hardware sensor. Moreover, You can learn free android source code free app source code about Step Tracking using this project, and while the UI isn’t fantastic, you can develop something better or contribute to it.



QKSMS is one of the few open source apps android available. Secondly, It includes all of the apps source code normal capabilities, such as personalization, MMS, privacy features, Wear OS (Android Wear) support, TalkBack support for accessibility, and an AMOLED screen black-out theme. Moreover, Its per-contact theming is also appealing to us. It did go through a period where it did not receive Best open source Android apps GitHub updates, and the creator is still catching up. However, for open source SMS apps, this is about as Amazing Open source apps excellent as it gets.

13. Lawnchair Launcher 2

Lawnchair Launcher 2019 screenshot Final

Lawnchair Launcher 2 is one of the list’s newer open source apps for android. In addition, It’s a launcher using the default Android theme. It’s similar to the Pixel Launcher, but with extra functionality. Moreover, They free app source code include (with an add-on) Google Now integration, icon pack compatibility, changeable icon size, a blur mode, and other customizations. This one is still under beta testing. However, we are confident in recommending it Free source code for Android apps to practically everyone.

14. K-9 Mail

K-9 Mail - Best open-source Android apps

K-9 Mail is an open-source Android email client that supports multiple accounts, search, IMAP push email, multi-folder sync, flagging, filing, signatures, BCC-self, PGP/MIME, and other free app source code features. Moreover, This project will teach you how an email client works and how to set up IMAP, POP3, and Exchange 2003/2007.

15. Super Clean Master

Super Clean Master, like the Clean Master software, is used to clean away some trash data from your Android smartphone. In addition, The Super Clean Master project will assist you in understanding the gathering and detection Amazing Open source apps of trash files, and how to treat them in an aesthetic manner. Lastly, The project is a little hard. Beginners will need Open source Android apps Reddit some time to completely understand the source code.


Firstly, open source apps for android not only provide a terrific opportunity to embrace and learn about technology. They can also satisfy the geek in you who enjoys DIY solutions. Furthermore, Open source protocols empower the community to develop not for financial gain. But for the love of development and the vision of a more technologically advanced future. So, you’re looking to learn something new or just want to get away from the cruel ad network that tracks your internet usage, open source Android apps can assist.