If you work for a firm that uses Paycor HCM software for workforce management, employee scheduling, benefits, payroll, and talent management, this Login tutorial will show you how to get to the Paycor sign-in page.

So let us begin…

What exactly is Paycor?


PayCor makes HR software for business leaders who want to improve the way they handle work and people by using modern human capital management (HCM) solutions.

It aids in a variety of critical HR operations, including hiring, time tracking, payroll, and learning and development. Appropriate for businesses and industries, it may be tailored to help a variety of industries, including food service and healthcare. Users may also handle recruiting, development, and talent acquisition, among other functions. See Starbucks Teamworks Login Guide Steps 2022 -Techbloghub.

Paycor Registration: A Step-by-Step Guide

When you get access to any of Paycor’s apps, your company’s administrator creates a record for keeping all personal, contact, and other similar information. You’ll get an email asking you to sign up so that your employer can easily access all of your information and change it as needed.


  • A valid email address is required to get the verification code.
  • A smartphone or a web browser is required. When the display resolution is set to 1024 x 768 in the browsers and operating systems listed at requirements, all online services may be viewed correctly.

To register safely at, follow the steps below:

1. Open your browser and navigate to, then click the “Sign In” button in the upper right corner.

2. Click the “Register Here” link at the bottom of the login form.

3. Enter your Paycor Access Code, first and last name, and email address. (Your secret access code may be found in the registration instructions.)

Paycor register

4. Press the Next button.

5. When the security verification screen appears, enter your social security number and birth date. Now select the Continue option.

6. Once the “Create a Username and Password” page is displayed, enter your username, password, and email address. Now select the option to proceed.

7. The “verify your email address” page now appears. You must enter the verification code that was provided to your email address when you created your login here. Click the Continue button.

8. Choose a security question and answer it. Save the file.

You have now finished your registration.

Paycor Login: Employee Login Procedures

Employees can access the sign-in page by following the employee login methods outlined below.

1. Navigate to the website ( or

2. Enter your email address and password.

3. Select the Sign In option.

Paycor signin

Sign in to PayCor using SSO.

If you have forgotten your password, any employee can access their account using the SSO (Single Sign-On) option. To log in to Paycor using SSO, follow the instructions below.

1. First, go to to visit the login page.

2. Choose the “Sign in using SSO” option.

3. Enter your email address or username and click the “Sign In” button.

Sign in using SSO

How to Recover Your Username or Password

Have you forgotten your Paycor employee account’s login or password? No worries, simply follow the instructions below to create a new username or password-

1. To begin, go to the employee login page at

2. If you have forgotten your username, click the “Forgot your Username?” link. To retrieve your password, go to the Forgot your Password? page.

3. To receive your new username or password, fill out the required information on the subsequent screens.

Paycor Advantages

  • Employees may simply see their pay information, which includes wages, year-to-date totals, and deductions. Pay information for the last three years is easily accessible.
  • See all benefits information: Employees may simply get benefits information from their phones.
  • Request a leave of absence Employees are not required to check in on a computer to seek time off. They can also easily determine how many days remain.
  • Using a mobile phone, administrators can assist with punching in or punching out. When working from many locations, they can also choose a location or any department to punch in.
  • Maintain Accurate Data: When employees update their data, the employer receives the essential information precisely, making the job much easier.
  • Data Security: All data is saved at the Paycor data centre rather than on any device. Every application request, as well as every transaction, is routed through the secure servers. As a result, data flow between the data centre and the device stays encrypted.
  • Personal Security: The programme does not collect or utilise any personal information. The login and password are likewise kept secure.

Furthermore, after a certain amount of inactivity, you will be automatically logged out. For security reasons, you can’t get into your account if you try to sign in too many times and fail.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Obtain Pay Stubs from Paycor

Employees must check in to their Paycor Employee account to obtain pay stub information.

Why are you unable to register on Paycor?

Users may fail to meet mandated system criteria, preventing them from enrolling in Paycor. You can seek assistance from your human resources department or an administrator.

What exactly is the Paycor Access Code?

The access code is the secret code required during the account registration process. It is delivered to you by email, along with registration instructions.

To summarise…

So far, we’ve covered Paycor Login, Sign up, Password Reset, and Username Reset for workers. You may simply gain access to the Paycor account by following the instructions above.