When you’re physically separated from friends, family, or a loved someone, watching a movie or a show with them becomes impossible. rabbit used to be a fantastic venue for virtual movie nights. However, the site has now been shut down and taken over by Kast. As a result, you’ll need to look for rabbit alternatives 2021 reddit.

The alternatives to rabbit had to be taken over by Kast in 2019 due to financial difficulties. Kast is now attempting to establish itself as the next big thing in the realm of virtual watch parties. Other platforms, on the other hand, can be used to view films or shows “together” with others who are far away.

Find out about the streaming services like rabbit to enjoy watching movies and shows with your favorite people, even when they are not by your side! In this article, we’ve selected and explained 26 Rabbit alternatives to make it easier for you to choose the best rabbit alternatives 2021 reddit (formerly known as sites like rabbit TV) was a fantastic tool for organizing social gatherings and watching movies and videos with friends. It allowed them to be dispersed while still watching the same shows.

Kast purchased alternatives to rabbit in July of last year, including the software stack, intellectual property, and patents. Nothing compelled Rabbit TV to shut down when it ceased working in May. Its investors have simply pulled out.

Originally, it was a web-based group chat app with video streaming capabilities. websites like rabbit alternatives reddit allowed users to share anything that could be played in web browsers like Chrome or Opera. It’s currently closed, but don’t worry; there are plenty of other apps that are comparable to rabbit website.

1. Kosmi

Kosmi is the greatest rabbit website replacement you may use in 2021 to virtually hang out with your buddies for free (without any limit). You don’t need to install anything or even register. You may quickly make a room where you can talk and connect using a webcam. You can also share whatever is going on in your browser tab or screen.


As a Rabbit alternative, Kosmi also allows you to watch synced Youtube and local video streaming services like alternatives to rabbit. You can play NES and SNES Emulator and play with friends or play a game of Quake 3, Texas Holdem Poker, etc. Anyone can join the room instantly with a URL. Even strangers can request to join your room.

2. Netflix Party

Netflix Party is a Google Chrome plugin that is a top-rated rabbit alternatives reddit you and your friends must both install the extension before you can begin sharing. Log in to Netflix after installing the extension and choose a video to share.


Create a Netflix Party using the plugin, then invite your friends. In addition to watching videos, you may talk in real-time. However, this addon only works with Netflix and does not function with local videos or any other platform. This is a website similar to but it is not an app in many ways.

3. StreamParty

Are you looking for a video enthusiast’s hangout? Stop right now at StreamParty, the greatest replacement in 2021. You may start your StreamParty right away using an up-to-date video database with over 100.000 movies and episodes.


Users can select between public and private StreamPartys. Public StreamPartys are free of charge and can host up to 50 enthusiasts. The event is listed on the dashboard, and interested members can join in to share the experience—a great way to meet folks interested in the same genre. You won’t be alone for long as the community already has 50k global members.

4. MyCircle.tv


My circle. tv is another site that can be used as a Rabbit substitute. This is a wonderful site to play synchronized content with your favorite individuals if you’re seeking a co-watching platform. It enables seamless playback of videos from a variety of video streaming sites, including YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion.

Because of the synchronized playback, once you start playing a video on this site, all of the members in your virtual “room” will be able to see it at the same time. You may also use this platform to watch videos together by sharing URLs from different video sites. You’ll be able to communicate with the other members of your viewing party via a chat feature.

5. Twoseven


Missing your Friday-night movie time with your family members? Being far away from family can be a horrible feeling sometimes – but you don’t really have to miss the moments of togetherness, thanks to a platform like Twoseven. It is a co-watching site to enjoy synced video content playback with your family members while interacting with them.

The interaction on this site is unique in its way. That’s because it supports webcam use, and you can share live reactions with the help of this feature. The site aims for the best real-time video watching experiences without latency. It supports top OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube, etc. Undoubtedly, it’s an excellent Rabbit alternative.

6. ShareTube


YouTube is a popular video streaming site of rabbit alternatives 2021 reddit that often takes for granted, right? But who doesn’t love to watch cute animal videos or learn new recipes from Gordon Ramsay’s channel – and share them with others? YouTube also has incredible documentaries, travel videos, and more. Here’s your chance to co-watch YouTube videos, using ShareTube.

It is a simple service provider that works in a simple manner to let you play videos in sync with others and enjoy a co-watching experience. All you have to do is create a “room” like on most other portals of this kind and share the YouTube URL so everyone can watch synchronized content. It also offers an interactive option for group chat!

7. Watch2gether

Watch2gether is one of the popular rabbit alternatives reddit where you can enjoy a shared experience of watching videos and listening to music with your favorite person. That’s not all; you can even shop together on Amazon with the help of this site! It offers a luxe sync playback option that does not cause delays while streaming films or shows.

Remember that while watching shows on Watch2gether, you need to pick the video option with the highest upload speed. This will ensure that you and your co-watchers enjoy the best experience while enjoying the films and shows together. You can also communicate with others with the help of the chat feature on this site.

8. TogetherTube


One of the most popular rabbit alternatives 2021 reddit TogetherTube is a platform that allows you to host a watch party. With this site, you can sync videos from YouTube, SoundCloud, Video, and DailyMotion with your video-watching partner. So, you can come together to watch the newly released trailer – or just the new video of your favorite YouTuber.

As one of the best TogetherTube will give you the chance to create a private chat room, just like other sites in this genre. Here, you can enjoy communicating with the person with whom you’re enjoying the co-viewing experience. In this chat room, you can add videos to your shared playlist. Members can vote to select the new video.

9. Airtime


Are you wondering how to share a content viewing experience with your friends and family when you’re all physically far from each other? With Rabbit closing down in 2019, people who loved that co-watching site became heartbroken. But there’s no need to worry because Airtime is here to replace the app and give you a video-sharing option.

Airtime allows you to co-watch YouTube videos and listens to music with your friends and family while chatting with them. The site does not just support simultaneous media playback without any interruption. It also allows audio commentary. What’s more, you can add up to 10 users in a single chat room for a complete family experience.

10. Meta stream


For the shared streaming of video content and enjoying a digital watch party, Meta stream is one of the few platforms to pick after  It allows superior-quality live sync playback. The portal has developed its proprietary technology to enhance the quality of live streaming by multiple viewers, which means that there’s almost no latency.

What’s more, you can even enjoy on-screen chat and video queueing, besides managing users. The platform supports all popular streaming sites like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., though it does not support the streaming of downloaded media or chatting through webcams with audio support. Apart from this, it’s great for watch parties.

11. Rave


If you’re looking for apps like rave and rabbit the Rave can be an excellent choice. You can access Rave using your smartphone and experience great results. It allows you to watch Netflix simultaneously with another user and interact with your co-watcher. You can also co-watch content on Vimeo, DailyMotion, Google Drive, and others.

You’ll notice that the synchronized playback quality is really good, and it works without any issues. The site does support the video chat option, but it doesn’t work while the video content is being played. An exciting feature of Rave is that you can co-listen to music and sync smartphones. Altogether, it’s a solid choice for shared content viewing on mobile devices.

12. Invited


Looking for a platform to host a watch party to enjoy the content of Netflix, Crunchyroll, Crave, etc. with your virtual friend? Invited as an excellent medium for that. Any site that can be played on a regular browser can be played on Invited. It offers a high quality of video and audio during your shared video playback for an excellent experience.

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The website used to be a platform that brought friends and family members closer together by allowing them to enjoy wonderful material “together” even if they weren’t physically present. It was a website where you could host virtual movie nights. When the site closed in 2019, though, all of that came to an end.

With demise, Kast arose as a substitute, complete with a strong collection. Apart from Kast, there is a slew of other sites, such as Rabbit, where you can host online viewing parties with individuals from all around the world.