rex lapis genshin impact

Rex Lapis, one of the mystery figures in Genshin Impact, is well-known as the God of Contracts. In Teyvat’s narrative, he is a mystery person who has numerous mysteries concealed beneath him that people aren’t aware of. In this essay, we’re going to show you some things about the Rex Lapis in Genshin Impact that you may not have known.

Who is Rex Lapis Genshin Impact?

rex lapis genshin impact

Rex Lapis, commonly known as Morax, is the God of Contracts who reigned over Liyue – The Nation of Geo Element. He was one of the Original Archons of “The Seven” who stayed alive from the beginning of the game. Currently, he appears as Zhongli, a consultant at the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor.

Zhongli is also one of the most strong Geo Characters in Genshin Impact! Rex Lapis is the eldest Archon of “The Seven” who is almost Six thousand years old. He has a lot of mysteries that open progressively in his Archon missions and Teyvat’s narrative quests. He wears a hood that hides most of his face, which paradoxically makes him appear even more mysterious.

Rex Lapis Secrets

rex lapis genshin impact

There are numerous things gamers might not know of, here are some secrets you can look onto:

  • Morax was once enough powerful to defeat several Gods effortlessly. He calls spears from the skies to drill and pin his opponents.
  • Other Teyvet Gods admire Morax a lot, the Geo Archon has an excellent connection with Anemo Archon, Barbatos whose present form is Venti.
  • His actual appearance is of a Dragon yet he changes his shape constantly depending on the situation or to travel in Liyue.
  • He aided the founding of Liyue Qixing which administers Liyue with the Adepti.
  • Morax is the basic principle of Liyue and has a major effect on the image of the nation.
  • Means, Morax has a strong relationship to contracts in Business and traditional values. It is significantly touched by the God of Contracts.
  • He built every landscape in Liyue from beaches to Mountains and Forests with his hands. Particularly, He made Guyun stone with his spears.
  • The additional tale of Rex Lapis will be unlocked in the next chapters of the game.

FAQs about Rex Lapis in Genshin Impact

Q. Who killed Rex Lapis?

Rex Lapis is believed to be assassinated in the Titular Rite, The 11th Fatui Harbinger Tartaglia manipulated the Traveler to send the news of Rex Lapis’ murder to the Adepti to destabilize Liyue. However, later when several of Tevyut’s plots were exposed, it found out that the Geo Archon faked his death and was lived in Liyue in the shape of Zhongli.

Q. Is Zhongli the Rex Lapis?

Yes, Rex Lapis aka Morax faked his death and is surviving in the shape of Zhongli. He departed from his post as Archon to travel around in Liyue as a person after this nation proven that it’s strong enough to be secure and thrive without his protection.

Q. Why did Rex Lapis fake his death?

In one of the chapters, Zhongli, the present form of Rex Lapis, said that he faked his death so that he might stand down from his position as Archon. He saw that this nation could protect itself without his support. So I chose to live as a human and work as a consultant for Wansheng Funeral Parlor.

Q. What character is Rex Lapis?

In the titular Rite, Rex Lapis is believed to have been assassinated. The 11th Fatui Harbinger, Tartaglia, manipulated the Traveler to send the news of his death to the Adepti to destabilize Liyue. However, as several elements of Teyvat’s tale were disclosed, it came out that the Geo Archon faked his death. He is living in the shape of Zhongli in Liyue currently.

Q. Genshin Impact Geo Traveler Diary

The Geo Travel Diary is a daily commitment that repeats numerous times in Liyue. Players complete this assignment in Yiyan Temple (Yujing Terrace) in Liyue Harbor. It’s incredibly easy to fulfill this commission and gain 10 primogems every day and a lot of experience points to level up your adventurer rank.

Follow these procedures to fulfill this daily commission:

  1. Talk to Musheng, an NPC in Liyue Harbor. Give him things that you can collect for Liyue, like plants, ingredients, ores, and dishes.
  2. After providing Musheng valid things, you will gain the mission rewards, including 10 Primogems, 175-250 Adventure EXP, 1,850 – 4,350 Mora, 15-40 Companionship EXP, and Enhancement Ores.
  3. You need to gather these materials and mine ores from the wild in Liyue or make Liyue foods to offer to Musheng, such as bird eggs, carrots, apples, White Iron chunks, Cor Lapis ores, Jueyun Chili Chicken, SquirrelFish, Glaze Lily, etc.
  4. These scenery and artifacts are generated by the Geo Archon, Rex Lapis. Those are things you need to know about Genshin Impact or Geo Archon. He departed from his Archon post recently, yet he still has a major effect on Liyue up to date.