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To download Spotify songs and playlists, compare and select the best Spotify to MP3 music downloaders available:

Whether you adore music or merely sometimes listen to it, there is a good chance that you are familiar with Spotify. After all, it is without a doubt the biggest audio streaming service in the world, with an endless library of music from a wide range of genres and artists.

At the moment, there are more than 155 million premium subscribers and 345 million monthly active users on the popular network.

It offers people a practical platform to look for and play their preferred music. The software does, however, have certain limitations.

Spotify does enable users to download songs for offline listening, but you may only do this on a player or device that has been given permission. For example, you won’t be able to download Spotify songs to play on your own computer later.

Additionally, burning favourite tracks on CDs for Spotify subscribers is essentially impossible. Because of this, consumers may wonder if they can use an MP3 player or another device to listen to Spotify songs offline.

arises. Unanimously, the response is yes! All you need to do is use a reliable tool to convert Spotify to MP3.

12 Best Spotify to MP3 Music Downloaders Available In 2022

We’ll expose you to the best resources in this post so you can find out how to download Spotify tracks. These are some of the best programmes available today for downloading Spotify songs.

#1. NoteBurner


In addition to MP3 files, Spotify music may be converted into a variety of common audio output formats using the user-friendly platform NoteBurner.

Whatever podcast, radio station, or song that you find on Spotify may be converted with this programme into any format you choose, including MP3, AAC, WAC, AIFF, and FLAC. The converted audio can be enjoyed on any offline device of your choosing.

The conversion speed offered by NoteBurner’s most recent edition is five times faster than that of older versions. While being transformed, the audio maintains its original audio quality. Just pick the playlist or song you want to convert from Spotify, choose the format you want to use, and click “Convert.”


  • Accelerated audio conversion
  • a variety of audio output formats when converting
  • Drag-and-drop
  • CD-burning software

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#2. Sidify


Sidify is an additional programme that uses the same methodology as NoteBurner to enable users to convert their preferred Spotify recordings to MP3. Sidify allows you to convert your favourite track in three easy steps, five times faster than any other conversion software.

The app lets you transcode audio without changing the original ID3 tags or the quality of the sound.

Simply choose the music, podcast, or radio from Spotify that you wish to convert to Sidify. As an alternative, you may drag and drop the book’s title into the programme. After selecting, pick MP3 as the output format and the output quality you want.

Lastly, choose “Convert.” The software is always getting updated so it can keep up with the latest changes to Spotify.


Convert audio files to various formats!

  • A 5-fold increase in conversion speed
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Save the ID3 tags.

#3. TuneFab


Users of Spotify Free and Premium may convert Spotify music to the highest quality using the flexible desktop software TuneFab Spotify Music Converter. It can get around Spotify’s DRM and convert music from Spotify to MP3, M4A, FLAC, or WAV.

As a result, you can always listen to the most recent Spotify songs, albums, and playlists on any device.

You may also alter the sample rate and bitrate with this software to better suit your listening preferences. And since its batch conversion capability allows converting at a 5X quicker pace than other solutions, you don’t need to worry about conversion speed.

In addition to the benefits listed above, the most appealing feature is the built-in Spotify Web Player, which means you don’t have to download the Spotify app and that this tool will work well and reliably for conversions.


  • Without sacrificing quality, you’ll be able to convert Spotify to MP3, M4A, FLAC, or WAV.
  • It supports batch conversion of Spotify albums and playlists.
  • The Spotify playlist auto-detects in place of the standard copy-and-paste technique.
  • able to alter the output quality.
  • quickly supports batch converting.
  • may change or maintain ID3 tags and information.

#4. MuConvert


With MuConvert Spotify Music Converter, you can download all Ogg Vorbis songs, playlists, and albums in high-quality MP3, M4A, FLAC, or WAV audio without sacrificing sound quality.

As a result, with MuConvert Music Converter, you can free your favourite Hip-Hop songs, calming Jazz tunes, energising Rock tunes, and epic classical music from the platform and enjoy them offline across all platforms.

Additionally, using the most advanced acceleration technology, this tool can evaluate many songs simultaneously and automatically find music playlists. MuConvert Music Converter lets you convert multiple files at once and uses acceleration technology to make conversions more efficient and speed up the whole process. This saves you time.


  • Albums and playlists on Spotify can be changed to MP3, M4A, FLAC, or WAV without losing quality.
  • Spotify playlist auto-detection and song analysis in bulk
  • The output quality can be modified.
  • Batch conversion is carried out quickly.
  • alter or preserve ID3 tags and information.

#5. Allavsoft


Spotify may be converted to MP3 with Allavsoft’s video/audio converter in only two easy steps. Simply copy and paste the Spotify music you wish to convert, and then click the download button to automatically get it in MP3 format. The track can also be changed into different types of audio formats, such as AC3, WAV, WMA, and others.

Additionally, Allavsoft excels thanks to its batch download and conversion tool, which lets you download or convert several Spotify tracks at once. Additionally, you may stop and start the converting process whenever you choose. In the end, this programme is perfect for downloading Spotify playlists.


  • Batch download and conversion
  • viewing files
  • Various audio formats are supported.
  • Continuity resumes

#6. Cinch 


Cinch is a practical audio recorder that can capture Spotify audio streams without sacrificing audio quality. After that, the recorded audio may be edited to make a ringtone or be played on other offline devices.

Additionally, Cinch Solutions automatically filters out any running adverts from Spotify streams, so you may listen to recorded music without interruptions. Its main selling point may be that it can instantly convert Spotify music to MP3.

You open Cinch Solutions and use its interface’s enormous, yellow record button to capture the Spotify audio. Since MP3 is the default output, the video you record will be saved in that format by default.


  • Spotify to MP3 conversion in a single click
  • Spotify’s ad blocker
  • From the recorded audio, create a ringtone.
  • Automatic Id3 tag capture

#7. TunesKit


You can quickly convert Spotify music from audio to MP3 with the TunesKit Spotify Converter. It completes the task without sacrificing quality and converts data with outstanding speed. Users may arrange their music library using the programme by album or artist.

Either drag and drop a file into the interface of the converter or importing a Spotify track, which are required for the conversion procedure. After importing the file, all you have to do to convert the Spotify music is choose the output format, change the quality, and press the “Convert” button.


  • speedy conversion
  • No reduction in quality.
  • Sort through your music collection.
  • Before converting, adjust the output quality and other factors.

#8. AudFree


AudFree, a Spotify music converter and downloader with a distinctive aesthetic, has launched. The programme not only has a nice appearance but also contains all the capabilities required to convert Spotify to MP3. Two easy steps may be used to complete the conversion process. Audio may be converted at a breakneck pace without sacrificing quality.

You may modify the quality of your converted Spotify songs using the programme as well. The ID3 tags, bit rate, sample rate, and other parameters are also editable. The programme also gives you the tools you need to organise your music collection by album title and artist name.


  • extremely rapid conversion rate.
  • numerous audio formats without sacrificing quality.
  • Edit and improve the product’s quality.
  • The music collection manager

#9. AllToMP3


Freeware called AllToMP3 does the very minimum tasks necessary to convert Spotify songs to MP3. You can download Spotify music or convert a Spotify file to MP3 in just two simple steps.To finish the conversion, import the tracks you want to use from Spotify and click “Convert.”

The converted file retains its original quality, and the conversion speed is amazing. The programme is also compatible with websites like Sound Cloud and YouTube, in addition to Spotify.


  • Uncluttered UI
  • rapid conversion rate.
  • conversion in batches.
  • a simple conversion in two steps.

#10. SpotiKeep


SpotiKeep was created with Spotify in mind, as seen by the numerous functions it offers. The programme may download Spotify playlists, podcasts, and individual songs. When a Spotify track is downloaded, the programme removes the DRM restrictions from all of the music. This takes care of any legal issues that might have arisen.

In addition, the programme converts movies with lightning speed, guarantees that the audio quality of the converted file equals that of the original clip, and preserves the ID3 tags when downloading a Spotify track for offline usage.


  • Easy to Remove DRM
  • audio conversion in several formats.
  • A pleasant user interface
  • lossless audio quality

#11. Leawo Music Recorder

Leawo Music Recorder

With Leawo, an easy-to-use audio/music recorder, you may record audio or music from sources other than Spotify. The programme can capture the actual audio from a Spotify stream without distorting it. Unless you choose a different output type, the sound you record is saved in MP3 format by default.

The task scheduler provided by the programme allows users to define the beginning and finish times of audio recordings. Leawo also divides or filters music automatically based on a predetermined time limit.


  • Plan the beginning and finish times of the audio recording.
  • Sort or divide songs.
  • edit recordings by hand.
  • Make the downloaded playlists your own.

#12. Audials


Audials is a functionally identical Spotify Music Downloader/Converter that carries out all the tasks you might anticipate from programmes that focus on audio conversion. You can record and convert Spotify audio, podcasts, and playlists to MP3 and other common audio formats.

The app can quickly download Ultra HD content from Spotify. It is 30 times faster than most other audio converters when it comes to changing formats.


  • rapid conversion rate.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • lossless audio quality
  • Convert audio files to various formats!


There is no denying Spotify’s appeal. It has one of the biggest music collections available, making it simple for music lovers to locate both new and old songs they prefer.

Spotify makes it difficult to listen to music offline, which may be an annoying experience for most users. Long-distance drivers desire the opportunity to listen to music in their cars or on other offline devices.

Fortunately, if you have an excellent Spotify to MP3 converter, you can listen to your Spotify music offline on the device of your choice. Each of the aforementioned programmes has a special set of capabilities that make it easy to save Spotify playlists, music, and podcasts in MP3 format for offline listening.

As for our suggestions, NoteBurner and Sidify will do the trick if you’re seeking a quick and simple Spotify to MP3 converter. You might want to use Cinch Solutions, which can record audio from Spotify without changing the quality.


Is it possible to get MP3s from Spotify?

The quickest response to this would be “no.” Even though you may listen to music and even download it to listen to it later when you’re not connected to the internet, Spotify still forbids users from extracting MP3 songs from its programme. Although Spotify offers a paid membership, there is no way to download MP3s from the service.

However, you may use various third-party Spotify to MP3 converters to complete the task.

Does it have to be legal to convert Spotify to MP3?

The answer is that Spotify gets authorization from the musicians or recording studios that have exclusive licences to offer a limitless library of songs. Therefore, downloading this music from Spotify to play on another device or converting Spotify to MP3 is prohibited.

The only legal way to listen to music offline is with a Spotify premium subscription, which may not be useful for many users.

Can you go to jail for downloading illegally?

The repercussions of downloading music offline are severe. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act makes it illegal to distribute content that has a copyright. If proven guilty, the penalty may be a $150,000 fine or a 5-year prison term.

It’s important to remember that sharing illegal content is more likely to get you in trouble than just downloading it.

In a Spotify to MP3 Converter, what characteristics should I be on the lookout for?

You have a variety of solutions at your disposal for MP3 conversion of Spotify audio. The finest converters will also enable you to rip CDs, record Spotify songs, convert or download audio files in bulk, and do other tasks. The utility must have a user-friendly interface, outstanding conversion speed, and high-quality audio output.