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Squid game dub cast is listed in this article; we’ve gone over the current Netflix series darwin’s game dub cast “The Squid Game” in great detail. If you’ve been wondering who the Squid game dub cast is, then read this article.

There is to know about the Squid game dub cast. Darwin’s game dub cast Seong Gi-hun, a divorced father and indebted gambler who lives with his elderly mother, is invited to participate in a series of children’s activities in exchange for a chance to win a huge sum of money.

Accepting the deal, he is transported to an unknown location where he is placed alongside 455 other debt-ridden gamers. Darwin’s game dub cast is forced to wear green tracksuits and is constantly monitored by masked guards in pink jumpsuits, with the games being overseen by the Front Man, who wears a black mask and wears a black outfit as a darwin’s game dub cast.

The squid game dub cast quickly learns that losing a game means death, with each death adding $100 million to the total prize pool of $45.6 billion. To survive the physical and psychological twists of the games, Gi-hun as darwin’s game dub cast forms alliances with other participants, including his childhood buddy Cho Sang-woo and North Korean defector Kang Sae-byeok. Explore more about squid game dub cast.

A Game of Squid and about Squid Game Dub Cast

Squid Game, a South Korean survival drama, is currently popular on Netflix. The squid game dub cast is amazing. This site will give a detailed note on squid game dub cast Hwang Dong-Hyuk wrote and directed the squid game.

Netflix distributes the series, which premiered on the streaming service on September 17, 2021. Seong Gi-hun as a darwin’s game dub cast, the protagonist, is a chauffeur who is in debt and is also divorced. One day, he receives an invitation to compete in a series of children’s games for a significant financial reward. Due to his financial constraints, he accepts the offer and is transported to an unknown place, where he is joined by 455 other players who are experiencing similar financial difficulties.

The participants are constantly monitored by guards in pink uniforms, and the game is controlled by a frontman. When the protagonist discovers that failing in this game means losing their lives and that for each life lost, 100 million won will be added to the grand prize, the narrative picks up speed. The protagonist, along with the other participants, struggles to stay alive in this strange psychological game.

A-List of Squid game dub cast

  1. Greg Chun played Seong Gi-hun role.
  2. Stephen Fu plays Cho Sang-woo.
  3. Paul Nakauchi as Jang Deok-su.
  4. Hideo Kimura role was Oh Il-nam.
  5. Vivian Lu plays his best as Kang Sae-byeok.
  6. Rama Vallury as Abdul Ali.
  7. Tom Choi was the Front Man.
  8. Donald Chang as Hwang Jun-ho.
  9. Yuuki Luna in the role of Ji-Yeong
  10. Stephanie Komure plays Han Mi-nyeo.

English Voice Actors for Squid Games and their details:

Following you may find the details about the squid game dub cast, you require:

1. Seong Gi-hun is played by Greg Chun

Greg Chun, a professional voice-over artist, has provided the voice of Gi-hun, the fan-favorite protagonist of Squid Game. Aside from Squid Game, Chun has been in a number of other films, notably the 2018 film Judgment, in which he played the legendary Takayuki Yagami. Several commentators believe Chun, who is of Korean origin, had a more memorable performance than Takuya Kimura. In the Neon Genesis Evangelion series, Greg Chun also voiced Ryuji Kaji. Chun has also worked with The Lonely Island for a long time. The best darwin’s game dub cast actor.

2. Stephen Fu plays Cho Sang-woo

Stephen Fu did an excellent job dubbing the ethically ambiguous Sang-woo into English. Over 50 animes, including Black Clover and Attack on Titan, have been dubbed into English by the voice-over artist. Several K-dramas, including Love Alarm and the critically acclaimed military drama D.P., has also been dubbed by Fu. Many program watchers appreciated Stephen Fu’s voice-over for correctly portraying the complex character.

3.Jang Deok-su is played by Paul Nakauchi.

Paul Nakauchi is best known for his role as Overwatch’s Hanzo Shimada, but he also plays criminal Deok-su in Squid Game. Apart from being a voice actor, Nakauchi has also appeared in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and ER. In addition to television and film, Nakauchi has voiced characters in computer games such as Diablo III, Call of Duty, and World of Warcraft.

4. Oh Il-nam is played by Hideo Kimura.

Hideo Kimura provided the English dub’s voice for the elderly guy who was concealing a dreadful secret. Kimura is most known for his roles in 47 Ronin, Deadpool 2, and Scarlett Johanson’s 2017 film Ghost in the Shell. Most viewers of Squid Game thought Kimura’s depiction of Oh Il-nam was flawless, keeping the role’s authenticity even in translation.

5. Vivian  Lu as kang Sae-byok

Vivian Lu, who is best known for her work in the video game Genshin Impact, provided the voice for everyone’s favorite North Korean defector. Entertainment is where the voice actor presently works. Lu has provided vocals for Love Alarm and Nowhere, and is a relatively new figure in the business.

6. Rama Vallury as Abdul Ali 

Abdul Ali, a Pakistani refugee, has arguably one of the most tragic endings in the Squid Game. The English voice-over for this role was done by LA actress Rama Vallury. Vallury is a multi-talented member of the Vallery and Butler comedy and music team. Other than Squid Game, Rama Vallury’s most prominent voice-over credits are Baby Shark’s Big Show and Mira: Royal Detective, having been active in the voice-over scene since 2011. His longest acting role was in AOK as Caillou.

As seen by his Instagram, Vallury is a gifted voice artist who, as seen by his Instagram, can imitate a variety of dialects, ranging from the Midwest of the United States to India.

7. Tom Choi in the Lead Role

Tom Choi provided the English voice for the enigmatic masked man known as the Front Man. The Korean-American actor is most known for his part in the television drama Teen Wolf as Ken Yukimura. Choi has also lent his voice to the Mortal Kombat games. Tom Choi is a director, writer, and producer, as well as a voice actor. He wrote and performed in the award-winning short, “Lone Hunter.”

8. Donald Chang in the role of Hwang Jun-ho

Donald Chang’s Squid Game (2021), Scenes from the Underground (2016), and To New Beginnings (2016) are among Donald Chang’s most well-known works (2017). Donald is a New Yorker who became a Southern boy and then returned to New York. He may be seen in ABC’s “For Life,” HBO’s “High Maintenance,” TV Land’s “Younger,” and the feature film “Happy Cleaners,” among other things.

His past theatrical credits include Doctor Chang in John Pollono’s “Rules of Seconds” at Barebones Theatre in Pittsburgh, PA, the lead in Hudson Guild Theater’s “The Pearl Diver,” a supporting part in Walk-Up Arts’ “A Play About Drew Carey,” and Young Ebeneezer Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol.” He presents Asian AF NY, plays characters on Characters Welcome, and improvises with his all-Asian squad, Joy F*ck Club.

9. Stephanie Komure plays Han Mi-nyeo

Competitors are blindfolded and brought to a hidden complex for a series of games in the first episode of “Squid Game.” Following that, a large number of players are murdered for breaking the rules. The remaining members demand to speak with the guards once the challenge is completed, claiming that they all want to be freed. Han Mi-nyeo pushes her way to the head of the line, appealing for her release since she has a newborn at home to look after.

10. Yuuki Luna in the role of Ji yeong

In addition to being a voice actor, Yuuki Luna, who has made many appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, provided the voice of Ji-Yeong. The young actress played Widow in the film Black Widow, which was released in 2021. Luna has appeared on the television show WandaVision.

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Squid Game Dub Cast-Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which role did Greg Chun provide English voiceover?

Greg Chun voiced the role of Seong Gi-hun in English.

2. For what role did Stephen Fu conduct English voiceover acting?

Cho Sang-character Woo was voiced by Stephen Fu in English.

3. Paul Nakauchi provides English voice acting, for which role?

Paul Nakauchi voiced the role of Jang Deok-su in English.

4. Hideo Kimura provides English voice acting, for which role?

Hideo Kimura voiced the role of Oh Il-nam in English.

5. Which English-language character did Vivian Lu do voice acting?

The character Kang Sae-byeok was voiced by Vivian Lu in English.

6. What character did Rama Vallury provide English voice acting?

Rama Vallury voiced the role of Abdul Ali in English.