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Which apps for the Surface Pen should you install on your Microsoft surface pro drawing? It’s not easy to locate decent apps if you’ve never used Windows 10 with active pens before. There are some fascinating features built-in. However, you’ll need an app if you want to take down handwritten notes or draw something. So there you have it: the most intriguing Best drawing app for Surface Pro Reddit.

The Best drawing app for Surface Pro Reddit is a useful tool for doing cool things with your Surface PC. It functions as both a mouse and a keyboard. Your pen will behave as a mouse by default. The Surface Pen, as one of Microsoft’s more recent additions, offers a layer of productivity that isn’t available on a standard desktop or laptop computer.

Surface Pen

The Best vector drawing app for Surface Pro, as well as the updated Surface Slim Pen, are favorites of ours. If you don’t like Microsoft’s official style, whether it’s because you don’t have one of the top Microsoft Surface PCs or simply have your own preferences, there are plenty of alternatives out there.

Is the Surface Pro a decent tool for drawing?

The Best vector drawing app for Surface Pro is well-liked among artists and illustrators, who regard it as a valuable tool for creative professionals. Your drawing experience will, however, be influenced by the app you use.

Which Surface Pro is the best option for you?

There are several Surface products available, and some are superior to others depending on your needs. Check out our overview of the Microsoft Drawing apps for Surface Pro free product line to see which options are best for you.

1. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft one note
Microsoft one note


Microsoft OneNote is, in my opinion, the best note-taking program for Windows, particularly for Surface users. Because of Microsoft’s cloud, all of your notes are synced across all of your devices, and there are nice apps for Android and iOS as well.

You can create an endless number of notes in OneNote and organize them into categories. You can use the Drawing apps for Surface Pro free or a keyboard to jot down notes. You can also record voice notes if you prefer to talk. You may also add images and a lot more.

2. Plumbago



Plumbago, a free alternative to Note-taking apps for Surface Pro, is another option. It’s a standard note-taking program with multiple notebooks and a large number of notes. Plumbago doesn’t have as many features as OneNote, but it’s simple software to learn.

3. Bamboo Paper

Bamboo Paper
Bamboo paper

Wacom’s Bamboo Paper is a Note-taking apps for Surface Pro program that works on Windows, Android, and iOS. Its major characteristics are the same as before: you can keep an unlimited number of notes in many notebooks. You can jot down notes on paper and sketch something. Basic functions are available for free in this instance. You must, however, pay if you want extra tools and backdrops.

4. Inkodo


Inkodo is another note-taking and Best drawing app for Surface Pro 7 with more functionality. You can now save notes in notebooks once more. To write or draw something, you can use a variety of brushes. There’s a ruler, and voice notes are also available. While the fundamental functions of Inkodo are free, you must pay to access the advanced capabilities.

5. Paint 3D

With the Paint 3D Windows pen apps, you can bring your ideas to life and unleash your creativity. Instead of 2D flat graphics, create and construct 3D objects with your pen.

Paint 3D
Paint 3D

Even if you are not a designer or an artist, you can have fun trying out some of the features such as:

  • Sketching a 3D doodle drawing.
  • Use Magic Select to create cut-outs from your favorite pictures.
  • Select lighting options, filters, and realistic textures like soft grass and hardwood for your creation.

6. CollaBoard

CollaBoard is a digital whiteboard Windows pen app that allows users to change the way they work by adding real-time features to any Windows computer.


CollaBoard can be used for a variety of tasks, including:

  1. Meetings through the internet.
    2. Organizing digital workshops and teamwork.
    3. Managing projects with remote collaborators from any Windows 10 device, at any time.
    4. Using design thinking, mind mapping, and business model canvas templates.

7. Fresh Paint

Fresh Paint is a Surface Duo drawing app software that will lead you through the process of exploring Windows 10’s drawing capabilities.

fresh paint
fresh paint

Transform images into gorgeous paintings, create unique artwork, or jump right in with an activity bundle. Fresh Paint’s capabilities allow you to create anything, including:

  1. Pen, watercolor, pencil, oil, or pastel painting or drawing
    2. To paint, you can use your camera or import photos and images.
    3. By pressing the fan button, you may instantly dry your paint on the canvas.
    4. Using the undo button or the eraser tool, you may simply correct mistakes.

8. Index Cards

Double-sided Index Cards can help you stay organized and yet another Surface Duo drawing app Create as many cards as you want that you can mark up with your pen. Each card has a zoom capability that allows you to fit a lot of information on it.

surface pro drawing
Index card

Take your ink notes and stack them like index cards. You can take the upgrade for a 14-day free trial if you want advanced pro features like group folders, card shuffling and improved navigation. A one-time cost of $19.99 is required for the upgrading.

9. Journalist

Journalist allows you to write about your encounters. To keep a digital journal, use a free-form canvas with a variety of paper options, rulers, and two-dimensional forms.

surface pro drawing

Take advantage of some of the robust features such as:

  • Drag and drop files onto journal pages.
  • Copy, cut, and paste elements onto your pages.
  • Export your journal in various formats such as HTML pages, videos, or images.
  • Create horizontal parallax scrolling or vertical pages.
  • Use the Isometric drawing tool to create 3D drawings.
  • Share many different content formats from other apps including .png, .mp4, HTML, and .gif.

10. Xodo


Xodo’s PDF Reader and Best vector drawing app for Surface Pro allows you to edit, view, and annotate PDF files. Fill out forms quickly, highlight important information, and write on any PDF file before saving it as a new one.

Some of the other features of Xodo include:

  • Cropping pages.
  • Bookmarking pages for future use.
  • Reading PDFs in dark environments with night mode feature.
  • Setting the view to thumbnails, single or double-page, or continuous scroll.
  • Searching for text, zooming in at high levels, and rotating pages.

11. Zen: Coloring Book For Grownups

surface pro drawing

Let’s round off this list with a fun Best vector drawing app for Surface Pro. Zen is a coloring book aimed at adults, at least that’s how they describe it. However, I’m sure youngsters will enjoy it as well. It’s essentially a coloring book, except it’s a digital one. You can choose from a variety of patterns and illustrations to color. Many, like the app itself, are free. However, you will have to spend roughly ten dollars for some.

12. Designer by Affinity

Affinity photo
Affinity photo

Affinity Designer is a vector Best drawing app for Surface Pro 7 application that helps you to create seamless designs. They take pleasure in their ability to transform your creative process.