ThanksGiving Jokes

Thanksgiving jokes is about reflecting on what we’re thankful for while gathering over a delicious dinner with loved ones and family. Beginning the dinner with a few serious Thanksgiving quotations to read and meditate on, but after that’s done, it’s time to let loose and have fun! Sprinkle a few humorous Thanksgiving jokes into the conversation to cheer everyone up—even the adults will like them! If your family is anything like the Drummonds’, a few crazy jokes and Thanksgiving puns will be a welcome addition to your holiday traditions.

You and your loved ones will be gobblin’ all night with these hundreds of Thanksgiving jokes for kids and adults. Laughter, after all, is the best medicine—and the cherry gravy on top of a memorable occasion! You’ll be on a roll all evening with this collection of Thanksgiving comedy, which includes turkey puns, food-related one-liners, and pilgrim jokes. Every full mouth will laugh at these family-friendly Thanksgiving jokes. And who knows, maybe these will inspire you to create creative Thanksgiving Instagram captions or fall captions that will make your online friends and family chuckle as well. What exactly are you waiting for? Investigate why the turkey crossed the road!

Funny Turkey Jokes

Thanksgiving jokes

1. What key will not unlock a door? It’s a turkey!

2. What does a limping turkey sound like? Wobble, wobble, wobble!

3. On Sunday, what do turkeys do? Enjoy a peck-nic.

4. What happened to the turkey’s desire for dessert? He was completely packed!

5. Why do turkeys despise Thanksgiving dinners? They’re a sight to behold.

6. What is the greatest music to listen to while roasting a turkey? That bite is everything.

7. On the day after Thanksgiving, what do you call a turkey? Lucky!

8. What does a turkey’s phone sound like? Wings, wings, wings!

9. On Thanksgiving, what was the bird thankful for? Vegetarians

10. Is it possible for a turkey to jump higher than a house? Because homes cannot jump!

11. Why do turkeys enjoy wet days so much? They enjoy foul weather.

12. What causes turkeys to gobble? because they were never taught proper table manners.

13. What is a well-known Thanksgiving dance? The Thanksgiving Trot

14. Why do turkeys only appear in R-rated films? Because they use fowl language!

15. When is the rubber turkey served? Pranksgiving!

16. What do you call a turkey on the run? Quick service

17. Why was the turkey a drummer in his band? He already owned drumsticks!

18. What caused the turkey to cross the road? He desired others assume he was a chicken.

19. What was the turkey’s response to the computer? Google, Google, Google.

20. Who doesn’t get hungry on Thanksgiving? Because he’s already stuffed, the bird!

21. What do you call a tiny turkey if you call a huge one a gobbler? A glass.

22. On Thanksgiving Day, what did the turkey say to the turkey hunter? Duck, duck!

23. Why was the turkey detained? The cops were suspicious of foul play.

24. Why shouldn’t you dine close to a turkey? Because he’ll devour it!

25. What kind of glass does a turkey drink from? A glass.

26. What became of the turkey that got into a fight? He got his stuffing knocked out!

Knock-Knock Thanksgiving jokes

Thanksgiving jokes

27. “Knock, knock,” “Who’s there?” “Dewey.” “Who is Dewy?” “How long does Dewey have to wait to eat?”

28. “Knock, knock,” “Who’s there?” “Arthur.” “Who is Arthur?” “Are there any leftovers, Arthur?”

29. “Knock, knock,” “Who’s there?” “Tamara.” “Who is Tamara?” “We’ll eat all the leftovers, Tamara!”

30. “Knock, knock,”Who’s there?” “Norma Lee,” she says. “Who is Norma Lee?” Norma Lee ” I don’t eat like this!”

31. “Knock, knock,” “Who’s there?” “Annie.” “Who is Annie?” “Has anyone seen the turkey?”

32. “Knock, knock,””Who’s there?” “Don.” “Who is Don?” “Don’t eat all of the gravy; I’d like some more.”

33. “Knock, knock,” “Who’s there?” “Olive.” “Who is Olive?” “Olive, the stuffing for the bird!”

Jokes About Thanksgiving Food

Thanksgiving jokes

34. What caused the cranberries to turn red? They were drawn to the turkey stuffing.

35. When you sit on the sweet potatoes by mistake, what side dish do you bring to Thanksgiving dinner? Cauliflower casserole

36. Why should the turkey be served separately from the dessert?Because he’ll gobble it all up!

37. What is the favourite dessert of a turkey? Peach-eating machine!

38. What was the deal with the Thanksgiving soup being so pricey? It contained 24 carrots.

39. What part do green beans play in the Thanksgiving meal? The role of Cass.

40. How did the salt and pepper greet all the visitors? by exclaiming, “Season’s greetings!”

41. What veggies do you want with your Thanksgiving meal? That amazes me!

42. Why did the cop pull you up on your way home last Thanksgiving? You have far surpassed your daily feed limit.

Thanksgiving puns

Thanksgiving jokes


43. My family ordered me to stop making Thanksgiving jokes, but I refused since I couldn’t stop cold turkey.

44. Let’s start basting.

45. I’ve only just met you, and here is gravy, but here’s my stuffing, so cut me if you would.

46. Stop, drop, and roll the dice!

47. Oh my gourd, I’m full.

48. All I have for you are pies.

49. Will I be able to consume leftovers for a week? I cran and will continue to cran.

50. This stuffing has a special place in my heart.

Thanksgiving Jokes for Pilgrims:

Thanksgiving jokes

51. What did the pilgrim put on for dinner? It’s a harvest.

52. What type of music did the Pilgrims enjoy? The Plymouth Stone

53. What do May flowers bring if April rains bring May flowers? Pilgrims!

54. How did pilgrims obtain their tans at the beach? Puri-tan.

55. What do you call a pilgrim’s age? pilgrimage.

56. What ingredients did pilgrims use to prepare cookies? may-flour!

57. Why wasn’t the pilgrim interested in making bread? It’s a bad job.

58. What is the pilgrim cookbook’s lowest unit of measurement? Pil-grams.

59. What expression does a pilgrim make when he is in pain? Pil-grimace.

60. Why do the Pilgrims’ trousers often come undone? Because they wear their caps with buckles!