Alternatives to Videovor: Videovor allows you to convert media files such as mp4 and YouTube videos. The Internet allows you to download films and music in a number of codecs, including MP4 and WMA. You may still watch your videos even if you are not connected to the Internet. This free service allows you to download videos from YouTube and other websites. The audio or video file can also be downloaded to your computer or mobile device. Using Videovor, you may download internet videos in a variety of formats, as well as music in high-quality formats. It allows you to download YouTube videos in both audio and video formats for free.

Videovor is a web-based tool that lets you store YouTube videos in both audio and video formats. This tool may also be used to download videos from websites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo. You may also store videos and audio on your PC. Videovor, often known as an online video converter, allows you to convert your video into a wide range of audio and video formats. Videovor supports almost all audio and video formats. It is accessible from everywhere on the planet. This solution is unusual in that it may suggest videos for you to download, saving you time and effort.

Videovor, on the other hand, is a fantastic choice for anyone wishing to download YouTube videos. It has a simple user interface and a creative mechanism. It has been alleged that it is infested with advertisements and malware. This, however, has not been proven and might be the result of competitors seeking to take it down.

Top 30 Sites Like Videovor To Convert Youtube Videos

Here is the list of 30 sites like Videovor to convert and download videos in 2022.

1. FastestTube


FastestTube, as the name implies, is one of the fastest YouTube video downloaders. It was designed to address the need for harder, better, and stronger downloads in every situation.

Because of its best-in-class way of being a cross-platform add-on, FastestTube is typically accessible by almost all major web browsers, including Opera, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, and any other Chromium-based web browser.

2. Fastest YouTube Downloader


The Fastest YouTube Downloader is a 100% free YouTube video downloader and converter. It allows you to download high-quality movies and convert them to a number of formats, such as DVD, MP4, AVI, WMV, and MPEG. The software has a lot of helpful features and a basic, user-friendly interface.

The key benefits of the Fastest YouTube Downloader are that it is completely free to use and that it is a quick, easy, and safe way to download your favourite videos. All you have to do is provide a link to the video and download or convert it to the format of your choice.


Videovor is a world-class online tool that translates videos from major streaming platforms such as YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo, and other video-sharing websites. You may download your favourite videos in any format that is compatible with your device, and there is support for varied quality, so you can download them in any quality you like. Running is simple; simply enter a URL to the movie, paste it into the box, and let the system handle the rest. After it has been generated, you may easily store your download link on your device’s hard disc.

4. MP3 Rocket


The MP3 Rocket is a video-to-MP3 converter that can also create video ringtones. Users may now download music and films from YouTube to their laptops. The application is well-known for its fast conversion capabilities, which allow it to convert any video clip into MP3 format in a matter of minutes.

Users just enter the URL into the platform and select the desired feature, such as downloading or converting the video to an MP3 file. MP3, M4A, AAC, AIFF, and other audio formats are supported by the MP3 player.

5. SaveDeo


SaveDeo is an all-in-one video downloader that allows you to download videos in a number of formats from prominent websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Vevo, Metacafe, and Facebook. It is a simple and straightforward web-based tool that requires no registration or personal information; all you have to do is copy the URL and enter it into SaveDeo’s bar. Before downloading your files, you must select one of five formats.

One of the most useful aspects of this app is the ability to download all of the most popular or viral videos directly to your iPhone. SaveDeo, among other things, includes a user-friendly design, regular updates with new trending videos, no registration required, and the option to download videos from any video streaming site.

6. Offliberty


Offliberty is a free web-based tool that allows you to search for any online content without being connected to the internet. It is intended for people who have restricted access to the internet. It’s also known for being one of the most successful web content extraction programmes for grabbing videos, music, and photographs from many websites.

There are various web portals that contain wonderful content, but the majority of these items are inaccessible offline. Even if you don’t have internet connectivity, you can rapidly browse your items and see them later. The best feature of this tool is that there is no need to register or provide any other personal information in order to download the content.

7. YouTube Center


The YouTube Center is the greatest YouTube video downloader plugin for both Mozilla Firefox and Opera. It has a wide range of features, such as the ability to replay movies, download films, adjust video quality, and much more.

One of the most tempting characteristics of this solution is that it combines all of the capabilities that make it great for downloading YouTube videos while also elevating the video downloading experience.

8. YouTube Video and Audio Downloader


The YouTube Video and Audio Downloader is a YouTube video downloader and extractor for Mozilla Firefox users. The YouTube Video and Audio Downloader is a free, open-source downloader that lets you save any YouTube video.

The YouTube Video and Audio Downloader’s best feature is that it allows users to download videos from YouTube in a number of formats, including 3GP, WebM, MP4, and FLV. The YouTube Video and Audio Downloader are unusual in that it provides a pure JavaScript library that assists users in extracting audio files that are embedded in video files.

9. Download Youtube Chrome


Download Youtube Chrome is a free Google Chrome plugin that allows users to download videos to their computers directly. The fact that Download Youtube Chrome works on both Mac OS X and Windows operating systems is a plus.

After the videos have been loaded onto the system, users can begin downloading them. It will display a download video link beneath the YouTube movie, and you will be able to download the film in a couple of minutes by simply pressing the button.

10. FVD Video Downloader


FVD Video Downloader is a plugin for the Opera web browser that allows you to download music and video files from any website. It is an application that allows you to save data directly to your computer and then view the downloaded file later.

The FVD Video Downloader’s best feature is that it can download music and video files from a variety of websites. Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, and a few more are among the top sites on its recommended websites list.

11. Qdownloader


Qdownloader is the final option on our list of the best Videovor alternatives. QDownloader is a programme that may be used to download movies and videos from the internet. You may use this online tool to save and retrieve your favourite videos. This software allows you to freely download high-definition videos and movies. The playlist may also be downloaded.

You may quickly and easily download the software by using an online video downloader. It is not required that you install it, nor are you required to pay any costs. The Online Video Downloader is simple to use.

12.  Airy YouTube Downloader


You may use Airy YouTube Downloader to download YouTube videos from a number of platforms to your Windows or Mac computer. Airy enables you to watch YouTube videos without being connected to the internet. HD and Ultra HD videos are also supported. Furthermore, Airy simplifies the process of downloading and converting YouTube videos to MP3 music.

It’s easy to use. Copy the YouTube URL and choose the download option to save your video. Video files may be saved as MP4, 3GP, or FLV. You may also save them in various resolutions based on your needs. Airy can also provide access to all YouTube playlists and channels. It’s also browser-agnostic, enabling you to use bookmarks.



Users can post videos on by entering URLs into the text field. You can also use the search function to find the video you want to save. It’s easy to use: simply open the music or video file you want to download, type dl before the site’s name, and press enter. Users can also use the platform’s copy-paste feature to paste the URL into the supplied field. It also includes a bookmarklet that allows users to download music or video files while browsing the website.

14. Video Downloader All


The name of a free and cutting-edge downloader available as a Google Chrome web browser plugin is The Video Downloader All. Because of its different features and capabilities, it’s a fantastic add-on for downloading online films for free without any limits or restrictions.

15. Video DownloadHelper


The second best Videovor alternative on our list is Video DownloadHelper. It’s a plugin for Firefox and Google Chrome that allows you to save video and picture assets from websites. This add-on is great for web users who want to download a variety of multimedia and picture files without having to install any software. Because it works in both Firefox and Google Chrome, Video DownloadHelper is ideal for downloading media from the Internet. To obtain the Video DownloadHelper add-on for your favourite web browser, go to the Video DownloadHelper official website.

16. FlashGot


Are you bored of seeking reliable downloaders to watch movies and other media on the Internet? FlashGot is an online download manager that allows you to download any file. The ability of FlashGot to continue a download from the exact point where it was halted by exiting the browser or mistakenly turning off the PC is its finest feature. It is not required to perform these time-consuming tasks on a regular basis.

17. YouTube Video Downloader


The YouTube Video Downloader ranks second on our list of the best Videovor alternatives. It’s a browser add-on and extension that allows you to download YouTube videos. The download button will show beneath a YouTube video page when you open it. When you click the download option, you will be presented with a list of all the possible formats. Simply choose your preferred format, and the download will begin instantly. You can now watch the video offline by downloading the downloaded version to your hard disc.

18. Grab Any Media


In our selection of the finest Videovor alternatives, Grab Any Media comes out on top. It’s a well-known web browser extension that lets you download videos. Users may use this extension to download any file, including video files, from a number of video streaming and sharing websites. Grab Any Media is a free extension for Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, and Google Chrome. Launch Grab Any Media’s official website in your browser to begin downloading videos for free.

It will never let you down when it comes to downloading videos because it supports the vast majority of common media types. Because it is not a YouTube downloader, one of the main disadvantages of Video Downloader All is that it does not allow users to download videos from YouTube. Despite this, Video Downloader All works on practically every website, with the exception of YouTube.

19. Wondershare AllMyTube


Wondershare AllMyTube is a simple online application that allows you to download YouTube videos in style. There is no need for technical knowledge; simply load the YouTube video URL, select the format, and begin downloading. The programme can download hundreds of video URLs in a matter of seconds. You may also convert the downloaded video files to a different video format and watch them on your mobile devices.


Videovor is a free YouTube to MP3 converter and downloader that allows you to convert and download MP3 files from YouTube. It is the most rapidly developing converter, and it is both quick and simple to use. Simply enter the URL into the search box, choose an audio format, and press the convert button. In less than a second, your file is ready to save and share.

The site also includes a long list of top download videos, which will save you a lot of time and effort in looking for and acquiring URLs. is more than just a YouTube to MP3 converter; it also supports almost every major video hosting network, including Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Instagram.

21. Video Cyborg


Video Cyborg is a free web-based programme that allows you to download videos from websites such as YouTube and Dailymotion. It is absolutely free to use, and no registration is required. You must copy the link and paste it into the website’s search field. Your videos may be downloaded in less than a second.

The site began with very minimal features, but it currently has millions of users worldwide who may use it to download HD movies. The most exciting aspect of this application is its ability to download videos from any social networking site, including Facebook, Instagram, and others.


Videovor is a digital video recorder that records MP3s of his favourite YouTube videos and SoundCloud tracks. It’s an excellent package that covers everything you require, such as volume normalisation, unwanted silence removal, integrated search and title tags, and so on. To download any YouTube or SoundCloud query, the user must enter it into the advanced search field. Following that, based on the question, it displays a list of items from which the user can choose one or more of the alternatives offered on the page.

23. Download Flash and Video


Download Flash and Video is a multi-purpose video downloader that can download videos from YouTube and other video streaming and sharing services.

This plugin may also be used to download videos from social media platforms such as Facebook. You may download as many videos as you like with a single click of the downloading button.

24. Bulk YouTube Video Downloader


The Mass YouTube Video Downloader is a unique Mozilla Firefox plugin that allows you to download YouTube videos in bulk. The best feature of this extension is the ability to download a huge number of YouTube videos at once.

There are several YouTube downloading add-ons available online that allow users to download one video at a time. It does, however, allow customers to download as many movies as they like at the same time.

25. Download YouTube Videos as MP4


Download YouTube Videos as MP4 is a unique Mozilla Firefox plugin that enables users to download their favourite YouTube videos in MP4 format. This extension gives you direct access to download YouTube videos in FLV and MP4 format directly to your web browser.

The best part about this extension is that it has a simple and user-friendly interface that allows users to download videos directly from YouTube. Downloading YouTube Videos as MP4 is unusual in that it integrates with YouTube’s UI and provides a download option just below the YouTube player.

26. Easy Youtube Video Downloader Express


Easy Youtube Video Downloader Express is one of the best YouTube downloading extensions for Mozilla Firefox, allowing users to utilise their browser’s downloader to download all types of YouTube videos.

It is one of the few YouTube downloaders that allows users to store videos in their preferred format. Easy Youtube Video Downloader Express offers its consumers a clean, fast, and easy interface via which they may download their favourite YouTube videos in only a few clicks.

27. Y2mate

Videovor is the most popular web-based tool for YouTube lovers who wish to download and play their favourite videos and audio in our list of the best Videovor alternatives. It is accessible from any device and from anywhere on the planet. Videos from Facebook and other social media platforms may also be converted to high-quality Mp3 and Mp4 files. All video formats, including Mp4, 3GP, FLV, Mp4, and Mp4 in HD, are supported. Hundreds of films may be available for immediate viewing on your preferred platforms. You may find your favourite videos by typing a name or copying a link. Y2mate also has limitless downloads, no registration, a high-speed converter, and compatibility with all formats.

28. H2converter

Videovor, one of the best Videovor alternatives, is a web-based YouTube converter that allows you to download and convert YouTube videos to audio (mp3) or video (mp4) without any restrictions. Converted videos and music may be played on tablets, smartphones, desktop computers, and desktop PCs. It improves the appearance of all of your favourite videos. is absolutely free to use and does not require any kind of registration.

29. Video Downloader GetThemAll


Browser-based extensions for downloading movies and other multimedia files from the Internet are becoming increasingly popular in our list of the best Videovor alternatives. Furthermore, you do not need to install any additional software on your computer to use these extensions. GetThemAll, for example, is a video downloader that allows you to save multimedia files and movies directly from your browser. It’s an excellent choice for proxy websites, where many internet downloaders and accelerators fail due to compatibility difficulties.

30. Flash Video Downloader


In our selection of the best Videovor alternatives, Flash Video Downloader comes out on top. The Flash Video Downloader is a well-known Chrome plugin that lets you download various types of videos from the internet. It enables users to rapidly and easily download multimedia assets such as audio, flash, and other forms of files. It is simple to use Flash Video Downloader to download files from the Internet. This course does not have any requirements. You will not be able to download any copyright-protected media assets using the Flash Video Downloader.