Zooqle is a wonderful torrent site providing torrent files for movies, TV Episodes, PDFs, full games, and Anime for many years. zooqle torrent is one of the largest torrent sites with more than 3.5M verified torrents and 2200 trackers maintaining it. You can make almost anything from this site. All you want to have is a BitTorrent client like uTorrent on your Computer.

I know that is why you are all in desire with zooqle torrent. Though, due to high internet piracy and copyright laws, many ISPs have blocked access to zooqlw. That is why zooqle is not working for several users. In case you are also one of them, you are in the right place.

What is Zooqle?

zooqlw is one of the most popular and reliable platforms that offer a large collection of Torrent files for free. Here, you can gain access to movies, software, applications, games, themes, web series, books, and much more. It is user-friendly and allows you to search based on your download criteria and storage.

2. Is Zooqle Safe To Use?

One of the key attractions of zooqlw is that it is highly reliable and e safe to use. The files available on the search engine of Zooqle are of top quality. The admin staff of Zooqle test and verify these files first before you can access them. Movies, software, apps, games, etc. are available here.

Zooqle Alternatives

Here in this article, Now we are going to list down some of the most significant Zooqle Alternatives which you can visit when Zooqle is down.

1. The Pirate Bay


The Pirate Bay is the world’s most resilient torrent site and is zooqle safe Alternatives. The site lets you search for, download, and upload torrents, including Movies, TV Shows, Games, Software, and Anime.

2. 1337x


Although 1337x is the best alternative to is zooqle safe to search and download verified torrents like movies, music, games, and software, and many more to other.

3. LimeTorrents

Lime torrent

If you are Seeing a is zooqle safe site remembered for its torrent content and user interface, then LimeTorrents might be the best choice for you. What makes the website more attractive is that it lists all available torrent content right on the homepage.

4. Torrentz


Finland-based Torrent is zooqle safe was founded in the year 2003, and since then, it has been one of the leading meta-search engines in the world. Torrentz is a powerful platform with billions of files available for you. It is constantly expanding its collection by working with around three dozen providers.

All the files on this Torrent giant are not only free but also super-quick to find, thanks to its advanced search engine. Besides being backed by several leading providers, it uses its own independent search engine. As a user, you are encouraged to share the Torrentz that you have created.

5. Kickasstorrents 

kickass torrent
kickass torrent

Another massively popular site for uploading and downloading Torrent files is Kickasstorrents. One of the most prominent is zooqle safe alternative Torrent sites, It offers the option to download meta links, as well as Torrents. That way, you can opt to download the file through a Torrent client or via download managers.

6. Yify Torrents

yify torrent
yify torrent

The next platform that you can consider a reliable is zooqle safe alternative is Yify Torrents. It is undisputedly one of the most popular Torrent portals that netizens use love to use because of the library of millions of files. It is the favorite destination for movie buffs looking for different kinds of films.

However, one drawback of this site is that it is dedicatedly a film Torrent site. So, if you need to find software, games, books, TV shows, etc., this platform is not your place. But if you are looking for movies, Yify Torrents will bring you the newest ones in high quality.

7. TorrentFunk


TorrentFunk is yet another giant in the world of is zooqle safe websites, with a massive library of Torrent files that drive a large number of users to this site every day. You’ll find the latest torrent files and be able to download movies, music, web series, TV shows, and a lot more on this site.

If you’re a movie buff, This place can be your one-stop destination for all the movies of all categories, which you might not find on other sites. Here, you will find it easy to find the popular is zooqle safe files as you look through the different categories. The files are separately listed for you.

8. IsoHunt

iso hunt
iso hunt

Our next recommendation is IsoHunt, a popular Torrent file provider that is considered to be highly reliable. This peer-to-peer Torrent-sharing site is listed as one of the authorized sites that follow this sharing system of BitTorrent. It has an online index of millions of Torrent files in multiple categories.

At IsoHunt, you will be able to find movies, music, books, software, apps, programs, and much more. Anything and everything you could be looking to download is possibly available here. There is an enormous collection to explore so you can find and download as many files as you want.



EZTV is an excellent Zooqle alternative Torrent site if you need a hub of TV Torrents. This BitTorrent site allows peep-to-peer file sharing, which means that you can search and download files besides making contributions to the existing library of the site by adding magnet links and files to it.

Finding content on this website is super-easy, thanks to the user-friendly interface, along with the search tools and convenient download options. You can get access to the best TV content with no limitations. The advanced search boxes and drop-down lists will help you find your favorite TV show in no time at all.

10. IDope


iDope torrent search engine is a huge database of more than 18 million torrents. People prefer using it because its user interface is much like the user interface of Google. You can type in the torrent name, and iDope will show you a list of related torrents.

11. BTDigg

BT Digg

BTDigg is the first torrent search engine with the DHT network. It is a great website that gives the user the search facility with the help of a full-text search. Also, it has torrents in different Asian and European languages, making the website worldwide famous.

Moreover, the interface of BTDigg is easy to navigate and has a fast downloading speed as compared to other websites.

12. Monova


Monova has a great collection of movies and TV Shows. You can efficiently download movies of your choice. However, the Monova website supports some ads, so the process of finding and downloading the desired torrent files is a bit slow.

Monova is famous because of the secure torrents it provides. It has millions of torrents, which are divided into ten main categories, making search easy for the users.

13. Public Domain Torrents

public domin torrent
public domain torrent

If you are fond of old and classical movies, this website is best for you. You can find a huge collection of old movies on this website. Downloading files is easy as it provides a one-click download. You do not need to create an account to download files. Although the Public Domain Torrent website is not user-friendly, however, its rich collection makes up for the issues.

14. Linux Trackers

linux tracker
Linux tracker

Linux Tracker has a simple user interface, but it is only beneficial for advanced Linux users. The website name perfectly depicts its use. Only the people who are using the Linux operating system can use the files downloaded by Linux Tracker. It makes the use of the website quite limited. However, all the files are free to use, and there are no ads on the website.

15. Internet Archive


Internet Achieve is a well-organized torrent search engine. It provides multiple torrent links of different categories. Yet, most of the collection on the Internet Archive is classical.

Moreover, it is legal to download files from this platform. However, some of the files on this website are copyrighted.

16. Magnet DL

Magnet DL

As the name specifies, it is a great database of magnet links. As it consists of magnet links for downloading files, so the downloading speed is much faster than all other torrenting websites. In Magnet DL, you have two options. You can stream the videos live, or you can download the videos through the direct links. Overall, Magnet DL is a perfect website for torrents.

17. Legit Torrents

legit torrent

Legit Torrents provides torrents of various categories including, games, Sofware’s, videos, and eBooks. The website is easy to use and has no ads on it. Although Legit Torrents is a free site to download files, there is a store on the website from which you can purchase movies.

18. Torrents


Torrents are not popular torrenting websites. However, it is quite useful. On the home page of the website, you see a graph of the top downloads, which can help you decide what content is popular these days. You can find almost all categories of torrents on this website. However, before using Torrents make sure you install a VPN on your computer if you are going to make any transaction with the website. In this way, you can secure your identity.


Zooqle may be a dependable source of the greatest Torrent links, but it is subject to being momentarily unavailable, as is the case with many Torrent platforms. Trying to unlock the site using a backdoor can be fruitless and perhaps dangerous in such a case.

Shifting to other Torrent websites is the greatest approach to keep enjoying your access to millions of Torrent files available online. With a wide sea of movies, web series, apps, software, books, music, and much more available for you to download and enjoy, these could be the ideal Zooqle alternatives.