fixed asset management software

Tracking the location, number, condition, maintenance, and depreciation status of fixed assets is a difficult undertaking for any company. The fixed asset management software is a specific procedure for managing and maintaining such responsibilities. depreciation software is the process of an organization keeping track of its fixed asset management software and managing them for financial accounting, theft prevention, and preventive maintenance.

A business’s fixed assets include, but are not limited to, computers, tools, fixed asset management software, and office equipment. However, a specific tool or program is employed to manage the same; without an exact technique of keeping track of these assets, a corporation could easily lose control of them.

What is Fixed Asset Management Software?

The fixed asset management software is one of the most crucial components of any company. In contrast to conventional ways of tracking, it is now simple to maintain an organization’s assets using a single tool or tools to manage them. A computerized maintenance management system may be beneficial to operations including technical concerns (CMMS). Scheduling, management, and reporting operations, as well as workflows, resourcing and routing, operating and maintenance instructions, and reporting and auditing, are all covered by this automation software for managing and maintaining.

Asset management for large firms or organizations, on the other hand, is difficult, but it can be done with the help of fixed asset management software, which provides a common platform for managing all fixed assets. It brings together asset data from all stages of the asset lifecycle, including purchase, operations, maintenance, depreciation, renewal, and replacement. These capabilities and procedures aid in the organization’s management task optimization and downtime reduction. It gives the company a greater overall picture and understanding of safety and environmental controls, allowing it to address any concerns or hazards.

1. Sage fixed asset

Sage fixed asset management software combines core accounting tasks with asset management software to create a comprehensive, adaptable, and automated asset management system. This improves productivity by streamlining the process, and automation boosts productivity by more than 50%. Throughout the entire depreciation software lifetime, Sage Intacct fixed asset accounting software stimulates and facilitates correct accounting.

2. UpKeep

Upkeep fixed asset management software extends the life of your assets. By allowing operators to make maintenance requests, Upkeep automates preventive maintenance chores. With the Upkeep asset management solution, assigning work orders to technicians is simple and quick. UpKeep is assisting in the transition of asset management from a manual, time-consuming method to a streamlined, effective communication flow.

3. IBM Maximo

The IBM Maximo fixed asset management software gives you the information you need to keep your assets running well. IBM Maximo is a fully integrated asset management platform that uses powerful analytic tools and IoT data to increase operational uptime and decrease risk. OT and IT organizations have the resources to enhance performance, prolong asset life cycles, and decrease operational downtime and costs by operating physical assets with visibility and control throughout the company.

It streamlines the maintenance of all asset types, regardless of their location; new assets can be set up fast, and enterprise depreciation software may be upgraded automatically, resulting in uninterrupted uptime, lower costs, and lower risk. Improve operations, integrate asset information and history, unify asset management processes, lengthen asset life cycles, and optimize maintenance work procedures are just a few of the important benefits.

4. AssetCloud

AssetCloud is the industry’s most feature-rich asset tracking software, as well as the most comprehensive solution accessible from a single vendor. Toss out the old spreadsheet in favor of AssetCloud. Tracking fixed assets, including where they are, who has them, and how to return them. End-user responsibility for asset management is liberated by checking out and checking in assets, allowing for asset reallocation within the enterprise. Performing scan-intensive transactions has never been easier than it is now, thanks to depreciation software. On iOS and Android, asset tracking becomes considerably more user-friendly.

5. Asset Panda

Asset Panda is a fixed asset management software system that is hosted in the cloud. They provide a robust cloud-based platform with free mobile apps for a simple and safe approach to managing your assets. The apps are straightforward and easy to use, allowing clients to install them at all levels within and outside of the company. Their price is straightforward and straightforward. You only have to pay for the depreciation software you want to track; there are no hidden user fees, location costs, or other usage expenses. Mobile Apps that are free to install and a powerful (SaaS) Platform, scanners, software, or spreadsheets that are inexpensive let you track and manage your assets simultaneously, highly configurable, quick implementation, affordable, and with better.

6. 360Facility

360Facility is an asset and facility management software developed to manage property and asset upkeep by lowering costs and increasing operational efficiency with the help of a fully integrated system that contains all of the relevant real estate and facility information. 360Facility depreciation software helps you assess facility conditions by managing and prioritizing all areas of future repairs.


CHEQROOM asset management software allows you to access and manage your inventory from your phone or the web. By effectively categorizing your assets in your inventory system, you can make the right items available when they’re needed. Allows you to have complete control over your assets by allowing you to see who is using a certain piece of equipment, when it was last used, and when it is due back. Keep track of your antivirus and IT assets and protect them from theft or damage.

8. FAMS AsseTrack

FastTrack FAMS is a web-based asset management software that helps companies manage their fixed assets more efficiently. Each institution must know the value of their fixed assets, as well as their location, custodian, check-out date, projected return date, and current state. It’s also crucial to have software that keeps track of each asset’s movement history and depreciation over time. The ability to scan/discover all fixed assets in your network is the most important feature of our depreciation software. Only when you’ve identified all of your fixed assets can you effectively monitor and manage them. Our fixed asset management software provides a variety of asset scanning methods to ensure that you capture all of them.

9. CMMS Limble

The Enterprise fixed asset management software module of Limble CMMS can be used to track up to 100,000 assets in an easy-to-use and searchable tree structure. It allows you to see how your assets are doing at any one time and how much they are costing you. Limble CMMS offers comprehensive and extensive Maintenance Logs, as well as an unlimited number of custom fields. It aids in the organization of your assets by establishing a clear parent-to-child hierarchy. Their bespoke dashboard gives them real-time, granular reporting with KPIs like MTTR and MTBF. All of your assets can be labeled with a unique QR code that can be used to locate them. There is no need for additional hardware.

10. Infor CloudSuite EAM

Infor CloudSuite EAM is fixed asset management software that can be scaled and altered as businesses adapt and grow. By merging revolutionary workflow, alert management, A.I., mobility, analytics, IoT, and drone technologies, CloudSuite EAM software automates asset monitoring. It aids in the consolidation of all asset data into a single, integrated repository, which aids productivity and profitability. Manufacturing, energy, healthcare, government, and other industries can all benefit from the program. It has a built-in analytics system. CloudSuite EAM and the excellent Mobile application work together seamlessly.

11. Nektar

Nektar offers a platform that may be customized for each client and asset. It allows you to keep track of all of your assets in one spot. Physical tags containing QR codes can be used to tag assets. Work Orders can be generated immediately from data from asset inspections. Data from the Assets Work Order life cycle can be seen from any location. Nektar offers a platform for creating fully customized reports that meet your needs. With customized dashboards and widgets, real-time business intelligence gives real-time reports on what’s occurring in the field.