BEST rolling tv stand

We spent time compiling a list of the best Rolling TV Stand for flatscreen televisions and monitors. We preferred devices with heavy-duty construction, VESA standard mount compatibility, and lockable wheels for secure use. We particularly loved outdoor-appropriate carts and Rolling TV Stand with cable management features and substantial flexibility for height, angle, and tilt.

The VIVO Mobile Rolling TV Stand was the finest of the versions we examined, thanks to its heavy-duty build quality, solid main mount, and mid-shelving capable of storing big monitors and equipment, great adjustability, and outstanding cable management system. Continue reading to discover the remaining models of Rolling TV Stand on our list.

Top 7 Best Rolling TV Stand

Perlesmith Mobile Rolling TV Mount Cart

The Perlesmith is suitable for most 23″ to 55″ televisions and monitors weighing up to 55 lbs. and is compatible with VESA mounts ranging from 100100 mm to 400400 mm. The removable mid-shelving can carry things weighing up to 22 pounds, and the heavy-duty wheels have locking casters and an integrated cable management system. It’s ideal for smaller screens, though the mid-shelving can still support a good amount of weight, and the thorough instructions make it simple to put together, but the absence of adjustable tilt makes it slightly less versatile than our top pick.

ONKRON Mobile Rolling TV Mount Cart

The Onkron Rolling TV Stand is compatible with all VESA mounts from 200x200mm to 600x400mm and can mount most screens from 32″ to 65″ with a maximum weight of 100 lbs. It has two A/V mid shelves instead of one, both of which are rated at a maximum weight of 10 lbs. It also has more height adjustment choices than normal, integrated wire management, and lockable wheel casters.

Albeit it lacks a tilt adjustment option, the Onkron’s wheelbase is wider and sturdier than others, providing superb balance and making it an excellent choice for top-heavy applications, though it isn’t as cheap as comparable Rolling TV Stand models on the market today.

VIVO Mobile Rolling TV Mount Cart

The Vivo is a heavy-duty Rolling TV Stand that can support most 32″ to 65″ televisions and monitors up to 110 lbs. and is VESA mount compatible from 200x200mm to 600x400mm. The central storage can accommodate up to 30 lbs of equipment, and the high-quality lockable wheel casters keep the cart firmly in place no matter how much weight is placed on them.

The inbuilt cable management system is simple to use and does a better job than others at keeping several cords tangle-free and out of sight. The complete device is heavier than some others, and the accompanying assembly tools could be better, but most people will find it simple to put together. If you’re looking for other ways to improve your TV, check out our guide to the finest TV accessories.

ABCCANOPY Mobile Rolling TV Stand

The ABCCANOPY Rolling TV Stand can support screens weighing up to 100 pounds and is compatible with all VESA mounts ranging from 50x50mm to 600x400mm. It has lockable wheel casters, a tilt that can be adjusted up to 15 degrees, and integrated cable management. It includes two A/V shelves: one extra-large mid-shelf with a maximum weight capacity of 30 lbs and one small baffled top shelf that hangs over the mounted screen.

The extra-large mid-shelf of the ABCCANOPY gives it an advantage over other units when it comes to holding equipment such as projectors, game consoles, or rigs with multiple small components, while the unique top A/V shelf is ideal for web cameras, game console motion detectors, and other smaller, lighter pieces of gear. The unconventional wheelbase design also provides greater balance than average, making it a good alternative for a robust, mobile gaming setup. All you’re lacking is the finest gaming TV.

Mount Factory Rolling TV Stand

The Mount Factory Rolling TV Stand can accommodate screens weighing up to 110 pounds and is compatible with all VESA mounts ranging from 200x200mm to 600x400mm. It has locking wheel casters, a tilt adjustment of up to 15 degrees, a large A/V shelf certified for up to 22 pounds, and an easy removable back-panel integrated cable management system. It’s a strong all-around unit with somewhat smaller wheels than comparable models and a very rudimentary cable management system compared to most, but the numerous adjustment options, slightly larger-than-average A/V shelf, and easy movement make it a fantastic choice for many applications.

TAVR Mobile Rolling TV Mount Cart

The TAVR Rolling TV Stand can support screens ranging from 32″ to 70″ in size and weigh up to 110 lbs. It is compatible with VESA mounts ranging from 100x100mm to 600x400mm. It has lockable wheel braces, mid-storage that can accommodate up to 15 pounds of equipment, an adjustable tilt of up to 15 degrees, and eight different height settings.

The cable management system isn’t as discrete as most others, and the rectangular wheelbase design is less strong than the conventional circular design, but the high weight limit, numerous adjustment options, and extra-large screen limit make it an excellent choice for more robust setups. This cart would be just large enough to hold the largest 65-inch TV.

5Rcom Mobile Rolling TV Mount Cart

The 5Rcom Rolling TV Stand can support screens weighing up to 88 pounds and is compatible with all VESA mounts up to 600x400mm. It boasts locking wheel casters, a compact A/V shelf rated at 11 lbs., and adjustable tilt up to 15 degrees, as well as a good range of height adjustability via its tool-free adjustment knobs. It’s a decent buy if you need to install a huge screen, but its maximum weight is lower than that of some of the other versions. Furthermore, there is no cable management system, which may be a turnoff for some customers.

FAQs about the Rolling TV Stand

What is the best Rolling TV Stand?

Vivo, Onkron, and Perlesmith are three well-known manufacturers of highly rated, feature-rich, but low-cost mount carts, and our list contains a model from each.

Is a Rolling TV Stand required?

If you’re a professional who gives frequent A/V presentations in an office or school setting, having a secure, highly mobile, and adjustable way to mount large monitors and televisions is a must. They’re also great at home if you frequently have company but don’t always want a large television taking up common space or a gaming system that you don’t want children to have full-time access to.

What are the materials used to make Rolling TV Stands?

The majority of carts on the market are made mostly of steel and aluminium bases and primary components, as well as plastic secondary components (shells, sometimes A/V shelves, and wheels). Carts constructed of a combination of metal and well-finished wood components look wonderful and generally perform well, with comparable durability and reliability, but they are significantly more expensive and designed largely for aesthetics.

Are all VESA-compatible Rolling TV Stands available?

While most rolling TV mount carts made today are VESA compatible, it’s always important to make sure that both your monitor and any cart you’re considering purchasing use the same system, while kits are widely available to convert non-VESA monitors to VESA compliance.