ext on ps4 controller

The ext on ps4 controller is an excellent piece of equipment. The PlayStation has embodied the ancient adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t change it” for many years. Since the first ps4 controller ext, the design has remained largely unchanged, with the exception of the addition of thumbsticks and a touchpad at various times over the gaming eras.

However, there is one mysterious jack of which very few people are aware. All of the other buttons, such as X, Square, Triangle, and O, have explicit descriptions of what they perform; the rest speak for themselves. But what about the ps4 controller ext port? What exactly does that imply?

In case you’re wondering what is the ext port on ps4 controller EXT stands for an extension. Anyway, because it’s so small, you’re unlikely to see it, which is good. Its use will be limited unless you have a specific need, and that need will be rare if you have other options. And believe me, despite having well over a hundred hours on the Ps4, I don’t believe I’ve ever used it. However, there are a few applications for it that we shall discover.

What is the EXT port on a PS4 Controller?

Additional accessories and devices can be connected to the controller’s ps4 controller ext port connector, which is placed between the thumbsticks and below the touchpad. Headphones, keyboards, extra thumb or trigger grips, charging station ports, or even just another spot to plug in a PS4 controller EXT port to USB are just a few examples. Let me give you a few instances of what it can be used for.

For starters, the EXT port allows you to connect other devices to your PS4 controller. Take the controller charging station, for example. Just make sure the ps4 controller ext port is properly aligned and not slammed in, and you should be ready to go! In addition, a mini-keyboard, headset, and microphones can be inserted. Let me explain what these are and what they do in more detail now.

The Charging Station

The extension port on ps4 controller port isn’t utilized very often because many gamers aren’t aware of it, and if they are, they aren’t likely to use it in their day-to-day gameplay. Would you ever consider it if you didn’t have any of these items on?

The PS4 controller charging port type Station is exactly what it sounds like: an Ext charging cable for your controllers so that they can run at full power when they run out of juice. Unlike the USB-C cable that comes with the PS4, the Charging Station allows you to charge several controllers at the same time.

These are excellent if you don’t want cables all over the place and only want a safe spot to keep controllers, such as on a desk. It’s safe, straightforward, and simple to use.

The Keyboard

So, you know how you see small keyboards in electronic stores now and then? You know, the ones that, due to their small size, wouldn’t work on any computer? How about the fact that the buttons were a little bigger than a thumbprint? Many of them, it turns out, are for video gaming controllers.

Many games, for example, offer a chat feature, which is often used for vocal conversation between two or more players. However, a player may not have access to a microphone, or they may be apprehensive about conversing with strangers online.

To that aim, several games have a typing capability that allows players to send messages in-game. However, the in-menu keyboard is frequently slow and inconvenient, necessitating the use of a controller keyboard. As a result, little small toys appear, allowing gamers to type much faster.

If you care about grammar, expect to backspace a lot because the buttons are so little and gamers are usually rushed for time when typing something out. Or, better yet, master the autocorrect function. Still, if you don’t want to use a headset and prefer to type, one of these keyboard gadgets, such as the Sony Chatpad, is a good option.

Headset and headphones

…. So, this one is pretty self-explanatory, but the extension port on ps4 controller port is where you can plug in a headphone or microphone set. Unfortunately, I’ve heard that those are no longer in production, although older ones can be found on eBay, Amazon, and other websites.

Also, any PS4 ext port headset that works with the port can be plugged in, so if you have any hanging around, they should work. However, I don’t believe PS4 ext port headset is compatible with the PS4, but you’re welcome to give it a shot.

Are there any other devices?

It might work with the PlayStation VR feature, but I don’t know for sure, so give it a shot, but be prepared to fail. If you have other accessories, you may be able to attach them to the PS4 controller EXT port to USB port, but I’m sure you’re already aware of how rarely the ps4 controller ext port is used. So if you can’t find any, you’re not missing out on anything.

Comparison of charging times for the DualShock 4 and DualSense controllers

When comparing the charging ports of DualShock 4 controllers to the latest PlayStation 5 controllers, the DualSense controller has an Extension Port with a more user-friendly Pin design that uses pins to retain contact with the circuit rather than a port.

In terms of charging speeds, there isn’t much to choose between them yet. After a few months of use, we’ll be able to cast some light on the situation.

Back Button Attachment for Dualshock 4

The back button attachment for the DualShock 4 controller is another accessory that may be connected to the EXT port. It adds two more buttons to the controller’s back, as well as a small round-shaped LED screen to control your settings. The adjustable 3.5mm jack, as well as the EXT port, can be used to connect this to your controller (both at the same time). It’s quite well held in place once it’s on.

Many of you may have no idea what the back button attachment is. Your DualShock 4 will now have two entirely remappable buttons on the back of the controller. This is something that many of the higher-end controllers on the market have. Microsoft’s Elite Series controllers, in particular.

Final Thoughts

As a result, the EXT port functions similarly to other ports for connecting devices or charging the smartphone. The main goal was to use it as a charging station, however, the bottom connector port allowed a few extra gadgets to connect.

Let’s see what other EXT-compatible gadgets we get in the future. I was hoping Sony will take it down in the future. However, it is currently present in the PS5 controller.