highest paid twitch streamers

For gamers that enjoy the social aspect of gaming, Twitch is the place to be. On their Twitch streamer salary leak full list Reddit channels, some of the world’s best gamers demonstrate their skills for their fans, several of whom do so virtually full-time. The top highest paid twitch streamers are able to do so because they may earn a living by playing games and commenting on their progress.

It’s probably unexpected that many members of Generation Z prefer to watch others play games rather than play themselves. This clearly demonstrates that the most popular Twitch streamer salary leak full list Reddit are capable of entertaining their viewers. The viewers are more interested in the commentary and discussion than in the game itself.

Top Twitch streamers 2021 has surged in popularity, with more than 3.3 million monthly broadcasters, a 63.5 percent increase over the previous year. Twitch broadcasts are watched for 48 billion minutes every month. Twitch has around 1.1 million viewers at any given time, with approximately 4 million viewers during peak hours.

Influencer Marketing Hub can estimate the media value of any Twitch channel as well as the cost of acquiring sponsorship for that channel. These figures take into account a variety of parameters to determine the level of influence of the chosen Twitch channel. The tools listed below are not official Twitch tools and are not affiliated with or authorized by Top Twitch streamers 2021 in any manner. The Influencer Marketing Hub created this tool to give Twitch broadcasters and brands interested in collaborating with them media value-earning potential guidelines. The highest-paid Twitch Streamers are shown below, followed by our Twitch Money Calculator.

Twitch Streamers’ Income Streamers’ :

The key income sources available to Top Twitch streamers 2021 streamers were described in How to Make Money on Twitch. Any Twitch streamer can generate money by combining any of the following methods: Affiliate Links for Donations of Customized Merchandise Winnings from the Sponsorship Tournament

Although any Twitch streamer salary leak full list technically has access to all of the above sources of income, you’d need a decent audience (or be an extraordinarily skilled gamer) to generate money using these methods. In reality, if you wanted to make money with any of the methods listed above, you’d have to meet the following conditions to be a Twitch Affiliate:

In the recent 30 days, you must have streamed for at least 500 minutes.
In the last 30 days, you’ve used steam at least seven times.
Get three concurrent viewers per stream on average.
Increase your following to 50 people. Twitch will automatically ask you to become an Affiliate if you meet these requirements. You’ll have a couple additional earning opportunities as a result of this:

Bits from Twitch
Subscriptions to Twitch
From their Twitch page, they sell games, in-game stuff, and T-shirts. Twitch has a separate level for its top streamers called Twitch Partners. The Twitch streamer salary leak full list Partnership program, on the other hand, is by invitation only. Twitch Partners can generate money in addition to all of the previously mentioned ways.

How Much Do Twitch Streamers Make? 8 Highest Paid Twitch Streamers

For the top streamers, Twitch is a very profitable source of money. Many of the most popular Twitch streamers are also skilled professional e-sport players, making them great influencers within their gaming/viewing audiences.

The top ten Twitch streamers are thought to make nearly $20 million in total. It’s vital to keep in mind that they aren’t your conventional gaming nerds who spend their days playing video games and never work. They may appear to fit the cliché, but they are actually astute business people who have discovered a method to maximize the potential of their gaming abilities.

1. AuronPlay

highest paid twitch streamers

AuronPlay, Twitch top earners leak who has a net worth of more than ten million dollars, is another Spaniard with a sizable following on Twitch and YouTube. The 32-year-old has made a career out of satirizing and commenting on various current events. During the lockdown period, AuronPlay made a tidy $592,693 profit.

2. Summit1g

highest paid twitch streamers

Summit1g, Twitch top earners leak also known as Jaryd Russell Lazar, has a large Twitch following, which has earned him $543,136 in the last year. Summit is a former competitive veteran who made a name for himself and gained an audience by playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a tremendously popular multiplayer first-person shooter.

3. XQcOW

highest paid twitch streamers

Felix Lengyel Top streamers also known as xQc, is a former Overwatch pro circuit veteran turned streamer. Xqc has made $477,012 in the last year and is recognized for his outspoken and colorful nature. Xqc spends most of his time on Twitch talking to his audience and playing a variety of games.



Nicholas ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff is a 30-year-old American Top streamers and co-owner of the FaZe clan, a well-known gaming and entertainment group. Nick earned $446,046 in the previous year, making him the sixth highest paid twitch streamers on our list.

5. SypherPK


Ali Hassan, better known as SypherPK on Twitch and YouTube, began his journey by showing off his Fortnite skills, which blossomed into a very successful YouTube channel. During the lockdown, Sypher made a Twitch streamer salary list Reddit $429,672, a testament to his multi-platform reach.

6. TimTheTatman


31-year-old Timothy John Betar is a streamer and internet star known for his outrageous antics and versatility, which include playing a variety of video games, amassing hours of content, and attracting an international audience. Tim has earned Twitch streamer salary list Reddit $400,811 throughout the lockdown.

7. Rubius


Ruben Doblas ‘Rubius’ Gundersen is a Spanish-Norwegian YouTuber who grew a following by playing a variety of games and creating a brand. He is currently a 31-year-old highest paid twitch streamers with a large 40 million subscriber base and over 9 billion views on his programming. Over the course of the previous year, he made Twitch streamer salary list search $343,664.

8. TheRealKnossi


Jens Knossalla, better known online as TheRealKnossi, is a content creator from Germany. In terms of highest paid twitch streamers, Knossalla is known for his live poker game commentary, and on television, he is known for engaging in a variety of formats. Knossalla earned Twitch streamer salary list search $337,915 in the previous year. It’s not like he’s a slacker.


Starting out as a Twitch gamer from the ground up is not going to be easy. Viewers have a large selection of individuals to choose from because there is so much stuff and so many broadcasters. Before monetizing their platform to win a few dedicated followers, every streamer should focus on standing out and delighting their audience.

When a highest paid twitch streamers has at least 100 subscribers, the scenario shifts, and you may start earning money through affiliates, donations, commercials, and bits. In order to secure a higher revenue stream, you must prioritize your major source of income.