how to add games to discord library

Discord is one of the most well-known (if not the most well-known) game messaging apps. It includes a slew of useful features and options for gamers, and it’s built to operate in the background with any game as smoothly as possible.
What should you do? and how to add games to discord library?

Games in the Discord remove game from game activity will usually recognize newly installed games and display them in the Library section of the Home tab. Some games, though, will simply not be available, which can be very annoying on a bad day, even if it isn’t a huge issue in the grand scheme of things.


Discord is first and foremost a communication tool. It is mostly geared at gamers, but it has been known to be used by other groups. Discord Start activity permission Many crypto (blockchain) firms, for example, utilize this chat software since it has no restriction on the number of members per channel and is incredibly easy to control, complete with bans and reports that operate effortlessly.

Discord Start activity permission, on the other hand, is primarily used by the gaming community. It’s a location where you can collaborate utilizing private servers that include voice and text chat and are meant to run in the background while you play your favorite game. Discord custom game status icon’s popularity has soared in recent years, thanks in large part to popular games like PUBG and Minecraft. Using the Discord app is the simplest way to connect with a complete server.

Game Activity mobile essentially combines the functionality of a bulletin board, a chat lobby, and a VoIP chat into a single interface. It’s available on both mobile and desktop.

How to Add Games to Discord

It is very easy to add games to Discord. In fact, each time you install a game on your computer, it will be added to the library of Game Activity mobile. If you install Discord for the first time, the moment you first launch the program then the games will appear.

Since Discord doesn’t recognize certain games, you might not see the older games (or the newer games) that are installed on your computer in Discord. However, what game is going to be supported and what game will not be supported are not clear.

So, if you don’t see the game in the Library section of Discord, it indicates that the game probably is not supported. You can check it with the following steps and then follow the tutorial.

The tutorial on how to add custom games to Discord.

Step 1: Launch the Discord app and go to the Home tab in the upper left corner of the Discord.

Step 2: Click on the Home tab and choose the Library option from the prompted menu.

Step 3: Then you will see all the installed games. If you don’t find the game that you would like to play, add it manually.

Step 4: Back to the main interface, and then click on the User Settings option at the bottom left corner of the main interface.

Step 5: Click the Game Activity tab in the left pane and click Add it an option. Then search for your game. Once you find it, choose it. Then, it will run automatically.

Discord Game Activity

Discord, on the other hand, does not have a library. It does, however, feature Discord custom game status icon. This function notifies others about the game you’re playing and even keeps track of previous games you’ve played.

When a game is running on the same device as Discord, the game should appear in the ‘Game Activity’ area of Discord. The software can detect any ongoing processes on your device and display the game you’re now playing.

How to connect codm to Discord mobile. follow these steps to check your Discord Game Activity:

  1. Start your game and open Discord.
  2. Click on the Settings cog in the lower left-hand to add games to discord library
  3. Click on ‘Game Activity.’
    how to add games to discord library
  4. The game you’re playing right now should automatically to add games to discord library
  5. Scroll down to see a list of the games you’ve played to add games to discord library

If you want to see what game someone else is playing, click on ‘Friends’ in the upper right-hand corner of Game Activity mobile. Then, view your friends and the game they’re currently playing.

Of course, users can always turn this status off and we’ll show you how to do that below. But, if your game doesn’t show for some reason, you can add your favorite games to Discord.

How to Change Game Activity

Although discord Game Activity mobile doesn’t give us a Library option, it does give us a Game Activity option. Fortunately, we can make that status say anything we want!

If your game Library isn’t showing the games you’re playing, you can easily add it. Here’s how:

  1. Open Discord on your device and open the game you’re playing.
  2. Click on the User Settings icon in the lower right-hand corner.
  3. Scroll down and click on ‘Game Activity.’
    how to add games to discord library
  4. Click the ‘Add it’ hyperlink under Game Activity.
  5. Select your game from the dropdown list.
  6. Click on ‘Add Game’ in the lower right-hand corner of the pop-up window.

This is a really simple process that only takes a few minutes. You can use this to mess with your friends or hide the game you’re really playing too!

How to Turn Off Game Activity

There are many reasons you may want to hide your current activities from another person. Whether you need a break from playing with a certain gamer, or you’re playing a game that you don’t want anyone to know about, you can hide your Game Activity on Discord.

All you need to do is open Discord and follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Setting cog in the lower left-hand corner.
  2. Click on ‘Game Activity.’
  3. Toggle off the option next to ‘Display currently running game as a status message.’

Turning this option off means that others will not see what game you’re playing. Of course, you can also turn off your online status altogether by clicking on your discord Game Activity mobile avatar in the bottom right-hand corner.

How to Link Applications with Discord

Link Applications with Discord

You may add a variety of apps to Discord, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, and gaming apps like Steam, Xbox, and PS4. Follow these simple steps to add games to your Discord library —

  1. Go to the Settings page.
    2. Under the User Settings tab, select connections.
    3. From the list, choose the program with which you want to connect Discord.
    4. Enter the application’s log-in credentials.

The application will be added to your Discord Start activity permission account after a successful login. There is currently no limit to the number of games you may add.

Heard of Discord Nitro yet?

Discord Nitro is an upgraded version of Discord that comes with a subscription charge of $9.99 a month and $99.99 per year. It offers premium services such as global access to custom avatars. It comes with a Discord number tag, animated server bots. Nitro will also enable you to use HD videos and upload bigger files for your community. It also comes with a gifting feature, allowing you to give monthly and yearly subscriptions of Nitro & Nitro Classic to any other Discord user. These subscriptions can also be stored in the Gift Inventory for further use. Have the little ones at home using Discord? Check this ultimate parent’s guide for Discord to keep a watchful eye.


The question is that how to add games to discord library discord has some distinct features, particularly in its premium Nitro edition. This application has a lot to offer as a platform that allows users to interact, share, play, discuss, and add game overlays.

Enjoy adding games to your Discord library!