largest game file size

The largest game file size With each generation of video game consoles, games continue to get bigger and better. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare size Worlds are teeming with detail, and continue to stretch beyond the horizon.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare size Character models are intricately detailed, and in 200 GB games the sheer amount of quests and content for players to work their way through has crept up into the hundreds of hours to complete.

200 GB games So here, we’re looking at the 10 biggest games in the world, ranked by their install size. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare size a quick note here, to save this from being a very repetitive list of Call of Duty titles, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare size we’ve bundled most of those together and focused on the latest (and largest) entry, except for.

1 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

  • Game Size: At least 100 GB*
  • Release Date: 3rd November 2016
  • Developer: Infinity Ward

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare size games that take up the most space Move over WWII and head straight into space.

The highest GB game in mobile Infinite Warfare is an experimental tryst for the franchise, and where else to experiment than straight into space. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare size games that take up the most space Cool laser cannons, cooler spaceships, et al –games that take up the most space Infinity Ward wanted to delve into the unknown and so they did.

The highest GB game in mobile is a remarkably gratifying campaign, lots of side missions, and some excellently crafted graphics later, you will be left rattled. The highest GB game in mobile Infinite Warfare is ‘warfare’ with fast-paced action and difficult combat scenarios (even in Normal difficulty!) largest video games There is nothing you can hate about this game. Largest VR game file size Just make sure to have an open mind while learning low gravity combat movements. Largest VR game file size Master them or else you are in for a tough ride. That’s where the brains at IW got it wrong. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is not everyone’s cup of extraterrestrial tea. Highest storage game PC and largest video games It is just too refined. At the end of the day, how many gamers would settle in to practice their combat skills in space before taking on a mission? Not many and that is the reality of it. Highest storage game PC Play Infinite Warfare if you are willing to put in a few extra hours of gamer’s detention

2 Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption
Red Dead Redemption

A Highest storage game PC  you can keep on playing just for the sake of it. Upwards 2,000 people worked on Red Dead Redemption 2. It’s a miracle that RDR2 does not have the largest game file size. largest video games Take GTA V (Around 80 GB in case you’re wondering why it’s not in this list!), roll back to the cowboy-outlaw era, and make it multiple times more intuitive – RDR2 is one of the best video games ever made, and not only that it’s one of the graphically demanding as well.

3 Hitman 2


  • Game Size: 111 GB*
  • Release Date: 13th November 2018
  • Developer:

The best reboot in the history of gaming? From movie to game to movie, if you haven’t played as Agent 47, you don’t deserve to play any shooting game at all. Why are games so big largest video games Hitman 2, the latest iteration from IO Interactive, lives up to expectations as the best (and the largest game) in the series? Why are games so big this is what happens when you start giving in to some negative reviews. Subtle adjustments to the 3rd person view (which was never the best), a massively open-world of possibilities, excellently rendered graphics, and better object interaction – Hitman 2 hits the sweet spot again since 2016 rejig.

4 Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Call of Duty

1TB game name Black Ops opened whole new gameplay for the CoD franchise, and it cashed in quite successfully. world’s largest game Black Ops III is (arguably) the icing on the cake, the best and the biggest game ever made in the Black Ops side-franchise.1TB game name Black Ops III continues to the steady improvement in innovative gameplay additions. Player power-ups are the central pillar of the game and are properly entertaining. world’s largest game Add some proper tactics, and you get a co-op/multiplayer mode that’s fast-paced, action-packed, and unabashedly rewarding.

5 Gears of War

Gears of war
Gears of war

Gears of War unlocked a whole new world of shooting games back in 2006. 1TB game name world’s largest game 10 years and 2 upgrades later, Gears of War 4 takes up the mantle. And this game is all about taking the mantle, the world’s largest game from the old school to the new cool. Yes, you get new guns, enemies, abilities, among other things. GoW 4 is a remodel. It is beautiful in every frame.1TB game name Enemies are uglier and smarter. Multi-player co-op has more fun than before, partly thanks to the updated new Unreal Engine running underneath and partly because your PC is can handle a lot more than what it could have 10 years ago.

6 Final Fantasy XV

largest game file size
Final Fantasy. XV

The best that a westernized JRPG can be. The problem with living up to expectations if you’re a 14-game old RPG series is that you never can do it. world’s largest game Final Fantasy XV tries really hard with a lot of content, some of the best RPG graphics yet and it mostly does quite well. There is no doubt FF XV delivers in graphics and small attentions to detail. 1TB game name world’s largest game The world is large and gorgeous. We recommend the Windows edition 4K pack to play all 4-character episodes. 1TB game name True as an RPG, the script is utterly wholesome and densely packed with a lot of minutiae. Real-time combat shows off some brilliant animations. Plus, the side missions are handsomely rewarding.

7 Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

largest game file size
Flight simulator
  • Game Size: 150 GB*
  • Release Date: 18 August 2020
  • Developer: Microsoft Corp., Asobo Studio, etc.

More a technological marvel than a video game First things first, Microsoft Flight Simulator is not just a video game. 1TB game name world’s largest game It is, but then again, FS 2020 simulates the whole planet by drawing essential data from Bing Maps. How can that be just a video game? Perhaps the best way to describe FS 2020 is to suddenly get a pilot’s license, a couple of planes, and free fuel to fly across the world. How many details you get to see depends on your graphics card and your PC.

8 Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

largest game file size
Destiny 2

As far as the largest game file sizes are concerned, we are most certainly at the business end. 200 GB games Destiny 2 started at only around 80 GB. But it has doubled up with multiple DLCs since its release. 200 GB games world’s largest game Surprisingly, few complaints about the 165 and counting gigs it takes up in their drives. 200 GB games Destiny 2 rewards its loyal gamers with a continuous stream of expansions, updates, upgrades, additions, and whatnot.

9 Quantum Break

largest game file size
Quantum Break

Quantum Break will hit you hard and you will lose a track of time, it’s that good. world’s largest game Remedy, 200 GB games the same gaming house that delivered the legendary Max Payne series, delivers a big hurrah with QB, at least for the first hours. 200 GB games Here is a gameplay scenario for you. Take a shot at your target. 200 GB games Now, pause time and flank the target. With the clock’s still paused, take another shot. And play.