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The logs are Twitch is the most popular platform for gamers to watch live feeds of their favorite players. logs twitch has grown in popularity after the outbreak of the 2020 pandemic. Especially when many people who have been stranded indoors due to the lockdown have turned to the game for fun. It presently has over 26 million active users on a daily basis (DAUs).

Through twitch chat logs Chat, the platform has also provided gamers with a way to develop engaging communities for their fans and spectators. Viewers can chat with other viewers and the streamer via chat while viewing a live stream. Justlog’s twitch chat shows as a vertical bar next to the stream window, allowing viewers to interact with one another while watching the stream. The Lirik chat log has therefore given a mechanism for users to give live reactions to the stream while also letting the streamer know what they’re thinking.

If you’re a logs twitch broadcaster, though, it’s critical to ensure that your cat isn’t subjected to offensive or abusive comments, swear words, or hate speech. As a result, you must keep track of and manage your Twitch chat logs in order to provide a great chat experience for all of your viewers.

Reasons for Checking your Twitch chat logs

The ongoing engagement with their clients, both directly and indirectly, is one twitch chat logs factor that keeps so many brands afloat. The old adage “the customer is king” can be used here as well. As previously said, comments can be positive, negative, or even offensive. Comments can teach you how to improve your content and channels, but they can also expose you to trolls and bullies. Anyway, without further ado, here are some of the reasons why you should keep an eye on your Twitch conversation logs. 1. Possibilities

Yes, you can locate opportunities in your conversation logs, whether it’s from a large channel to yours (they’re fond of dropping these in the comments) or a type of promotion a firm requires.

Different ways to see Twitch chat logs

Below are the different ways to access your Twitch logs stalk chat logs.

 1. By using the Search Command


When looking for a person you banned from your channel for breaking your rules and who is now accessing it with a new account, I’ll recommend this strategy. All you have to do is type the command /user, replacing “user” with the username of the suspected user. The following is displayed by Twitch after that.

The date on which the Twitch download chat log was created.
So far, the content of the remarks they’ve made.
The messages left on your channel by other users
How many times has this individual been banned from your channel? (if any)
In a chat, the number of times the user has timed out. (if applicable)
Any comments your moderator may have made about that particular individual.

 2. By viewing your VOD


This is the only way to examine comments or Twitch download chat logs in their raw, unedited form at the present (since users can edit their comments after sending them). You can also see the comments that your moderator must have removed using this way.

VOD stands for Video On Demand, and it records everything, even remarks made during a game stream when you use the VOD chat recording option. The Twitch download chat log app recently received this capability. You may easily identify individual users and the chats they sent during previous streams using Twitch’s in-app VOD recording tool.

Keep in mind that Twitch chat logs xqc’s VOD data isn’t available indefinitely; affiliates can watch the videos for a limited time.

3. By using a third-party program

No doubt Twitch offers chat tracking tools, but these tools are not that robust and can’t give us everything we need. Due to this, most channel owners turn to third-party tools such as Chatty to help them track and monitor comments for a long time.

4. By using a Chatbot


The quickest, easiest, and seamless Twitch chat logs xqc way to have extensive power over your Twitch chats are with a Chatbot. Nightbot is one famous name amongst others that you can count on to make your chat section conducive. Another famous chatbot that you can use is a chatbot from streamlabs. These Twitch chat logs xqc chatbots often act as moderators of some kind by giving you means to add special features to your chat and make your viewers have an incredible experience.

 5. By switching to moderator view


As a moderator on Twitch logs 2021, you can check Twitch chat logs with ease. Simply switch to the Moderator’s view, then select any user’s name. To switch to the Mod View, click on the sword icon located at the bottom-right section of your screen.

While in their Twitch logs 2021 chat history, you can see useful information like all their previous chats, the number (if any) of times they have been banned or timed out, you will also see if any mod has left a comment, banned, reported, or time-out the user with this feature.

How do you delete Twitch chat logs?

You can save yourself the stress of going through a series of chats and simply delete everything. Twitch logs 2021 Most channel owners overlook this. Suppose you feel the comment section for a particular stream was filled with inappropriate comments. In that case, you can simply delete all of your Twitch chat logs. You need to enable the moderator option to go about this.

1. Click on the Settings menu at the bottom-left side of your Just log twitch chatbox; a gear icon represents it.

2. Go to the Mod Tools section.

3. Toggle on the Mod Icons switch (or tick the box). Now, all mod icons will appear in the chatbox.

4. Next, type in this command in your chat field /clear.

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