Microsoft Excel is a critical business tool. Some people appreciate Excel’s capabilities, seeing it as a handy tool that allows them to perform tricks effortlessly and manage, report on, and present data tables. Others, on the other hand, find it tedious and are unable to see what Excel can do for them other than keep everything neatly organised in columns and rows.

Microsoft Excel management can provide the Advanced Excel tricks PDF technological advantage you need to get the work done, whether you’re analysing massive amounts of data or battling cool things you can do with Excel timesheet templates.

Is it you the one who is perplexed by it? That’s OK. We have some Excel tips that will make your life a lot easier and more productive. These are Excel tips and tricks for 2010 using this database multi-tool. Along the way, you can even have some fun learning some Excel functions. We’ll save you a Google search by providing a list of 12 brilliant Excel tips and tricks.

12 Microsoft Excel tips and tricks to manage spreadsheets

Excel comes in a variety of flavours, including versions for desktop (Windows, Mac OS X) and mobile (iOS and Android) platforms. The images of Excel tricks shown here are screen captures from the Mac version of Excel. These Excel tricks and formulas have been confirmed to work on a Mac and Windows desktop, but they may also work on mobile versions. This article also goes over keyboard shortcuts for the Windows OS. Replace the Ctrl key with the Command key.

1. One Click to Select All

One Click to Select All

You may be familiar with the Ctrl + A shortcut for excel tricks selecting all, but few are aware that all data may be selected in seconds cool things to do with excel with a single click of the corner button (top left where row 1 meets the A column).

2. Open Excel Files in Bulk

When you have numerous files to handle, rather than opening them one by one, there is a convenient option to open them all with a single click. Click while holding the Shift key to choose the files you want to Excel tips and tricks 2021 open individually, then press Enter on your cool things you can do with excel keyboard to open all files at excel tips and tricks 2010 once.

3. Create a New Shortcut Menu

Create New Shortcut Menu

When you first install Excel, there are usually three shortcuts in the top menu: Save, Undo Typing, and Repeat cool things to Fun Excel tricks do with excel Typing. If you want to use more shortcuts, such as Borders, you can do cool things you can do with excel so as follows:

Save it by going to File > More > Options > Quick Access Toolbar, then Borders from the left column to the right. Two new shortcuts will be added to Microsoft Excel tips and tricks the top menu.

4. Shift Between Different Excel Files

Shift Different Excel Files

When you have multiple spreadsheets open, it can be very inconvenient excel tricks to switch between them because working on the wrong sheet can sometimes wreck the entire project. You can freely switch between files by pressing Ctrl + Tab. This function cool things to do with excel applies to other files as well, such as different Windows tabs in Firefox excel tips and tricks 2010 when opened in Windows 7.

5. Add More Than One New Row or Column at a Time

Add More Than One New Row/Column

You may know how to insert a single new row or column, but it can take time to insert multiples by repeating this process Excel tricks and shortcuts several times. Rather, drag and select X rows or columns (X is two or more), then right-click the highlighted rows or columns and select Insert from the drop down menu. It’s done in excel tips and tricks 2010 a flash.

6. Speedily Delete Blank Cells

Speedy Delete Blank Cells

Huge spreadsheets may acquire a large number excel tricks of blank cells for a variety of reasons. If you need to erase these to keep accuracy, especially when computing the average value, the quickest option is to filter out all blank cells and delete them with a cool things to do with excel single click. Choose the column you want to filter, then go to Data->Filter, undo Select All, and then Advanced Excel tips and tricks 2020 select the last choice, Blanks. All blank cells will be display excel tips and tricks 2010 immediately. Return to Home and select Delete; all of them will be delete.

7. Vague Search with Wild Card

Vague Search with Wild-card

You may be familiar with the shortcut Ctrl + F to initiate a quick search, but there are two excel tricks main wild cards—Question Mark and Asterisk—used in Excel spreadsheets to activate a nonspecific search. This is utilise when cool things to do with excel you are unsure about the desire outcome. A question mark symbolises one character, while an asterisk signifies one or more characters.

8. Transpose Data from a Row to a Column

Transpose Data from Row to Column

You begin organizing your data in rows only to discover that it would function better in columns. There’s no need to retype cool things to do with excel your entries; simply use Paste’s Transpose feature. To transpose an area, first copy it, then transfer the pointer to another blank excel tips and tricks 2010 position. Navigate to Home > Paste > Transpose (the vertical and horizontal arrows icon). Please keep in mind that this function will not work unless Top 30 Advanced Excel tips and tricks you first copy the data!

9. Input Values Starting with 0

Input Value Starts with 0

You’re probably aware that if an input value begins with a zero. Excel will automatically erase the zero. Rather than cool things you can do with excel resetting the Format Cells. This issue excel tips and tricks 2010 can simply fixed by inserting a single quote mark Microsoft Excel tips and tricks before the first zero.

10. Rename a Sheet Using Double Click

Rename Sheet by Double Click

There are other ways to rename sheets, and most users simply right-click cool things you can do with excel and select Rename, which wastes a lot of time. The simplest method is to simply click twice, after which you can rename Microsoft Excel tips and tricks it straight.

11. Transforming the Case of Text

Text Transform

I’ve done my best to avoid convoluted formulation using all of the strategies offered here. However, there are some simple cool things. You can do with excel and easy-to-use formulas to show you, such as UPPER, LOWER, and PROPER, which can modify texts for various purposes. UPPER capitalises all characters, LOWER converts text to all Excel tricks and tips PDF lower case. PROPER capitalises only the initial excel tips and tricks 2010 character of a word.

12. Hide Data Thoroughly

Hide Data Thoroughly

Almost all users understand how to hide data by right-clicking and selecting the Hide function. But this is immediately noticeable cool things you can do with excel. If there is only a little amount of data. The Format Cells method is the finest and simplest approach to completely hide data. Select the area and then navigate to Home->Font->Open Format Cells->Number Tab->Custom->Type ;;; -> If you click OK, all of the values in the area will go Microsoft Excel tips and tricks invisible and will only be visible in the preview box next to the Function button.

Final Words

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