Today we will provide information on websites like PCPartPicker.com. Below in this post, we will reveal all of the available PCPartPicker Alternatives. It specializes in the construction of two types of PCs: desktop PCs and gaming PCs. It gives advice and useful tools for all sorts of PCs in the desktop PC range, such as for home use, business use, multimedia editing use, and general-purpose use.

So, if you’re looking for alternatives to PCPart Picker, you should just read the entire post. This post will list the top ten PCPartPicker alternatives. So, for a better outcome, continue reading the entire post.

What Is PCPartPicker?

Similar to Pangoly and Logical Increments, PCPartPicker is a comparison shopping website that Phillip Carmichael created in 2011 and updated in 2015. However, because it is not a direct provider, it is not as restrictive as something like Newegg’s PC Builder tool.

PCPartPicker offers a database of all the various components, including motherboards, graphics cards, CPUs, and memory, and it can tell you which parts are compatible. In order to help you make an educated choice, it also displays the costs and reviews of the parts. You may also estimate the overall cost of the construction, add unique notes, and make a components list.

You may browse what other people have produced for inspiration and share or save your own construction. To be sure you’re receiving the best bargain, you may seek for a specific part, compare costs from a variety of stores (like Amazon, Best Buy, and Newegg), and monitor those prices over time. Additionally, the website can monitor compatibility with various components, which reduces the number of returns (and reimbursements) you’ll have to deal with.


Sites Like PCPartPicker 2023

This PC building website mainly supports its customers in building their PCs and provides them with suggestions for producing a perfect PC by providing them with several shopping instructions. PCPartPicker is a one-stop shop where you can look at a web-based PC Building Guidance System for all possible use cases within your budget. This is a great place to get advice from the world’s best PC experts.

This platform’s user interface is separated into four major components: beginning with a system build choice; seeing the building guide; examining all finished builds; and browsing by individual parts. Just go to the place where it says to and start making your PC the way you want it.

If you are simply interested in gaming PCs, there is a dedicated gaming PC section that will provide you with detailed information regarding gaming PC development. It is simply the best platform for those who are unsure of how to choose the right PC.

So, if you are seeking PCPartPicker alternatives, simply read the entire post because below in this article, you will find all of the available PCPartPicker alternatives that fall within the Sites Like PCPartPicker list. Continue reading to learn more about the top 10 PCPartPicker Alternatives for 2022.

Top 10 Sites Like PCPartPicker 2022

If you are seeking any popular PC Part Picker Alternatives in 2022, simply read the post below. Below, we will go through all of the viable options that fall within the top 10 PCPartPicker.com Alternatives list.

#1. CyberPowerPC


CyberPowerPC is a website that specialises in custom gaming PCs, custom gaming laptops, tiny form factor PCs, 4K gaming systems, desktop workstations, and even Syber gaming consoles. This web-based platform will make it easy for you to construct the gaming PC you desire.

#2. BuildaPC


Like SuggestALaptop, BuildaPC is a tool on Reddit that lets people get advice from experts on how to build their PCs for a specific purpose.

#3. SuggestALaptop


SuggestALaptop is a forum hosted by Reddit, one of the most popular question and answer sites on the Internet. SuggestALaptop is a subreddit dedicated to laptop customers looking for advice from technical and professional people who are well-versed in the hardware specifications of major PC and laptop manufacturers.

#4. Xidax PC Builder

Xidax PC Builder

Xidax PC Builder is an easy-to-use PC construction programme accessible on the Internet that allows users to create the PC they desire. This website’s main services are making PCs and letting people buy custom-made PCs through its online store.

#5. PC Specialist PC Builder


PC Specialist PC Builder is a free PC builder that you can find on the Internet. It specialises in making high-quality, custom PCs for general use, gaming, and even desktops.

#6. Logical Increments

Logical Increments

Logical Increments is a website designed just for gamers. This is different from gaming websites, which have information about new games, game news, game trailers, and so on.

#7. PCC Zone PC Builder

PCC Zone PC Builder

PCC Zone PC Builder is an easy-to-use PC building tool that allows users to construct unique PCs for free. If you want to buy a new PC but aren’t sure what would be best for you or what components it should have, PCC Zone PC Builder is a platform that allows you to stay within your budget while still getting your perfect PC. The design will require the use of spectacles at all times.

#8. PC Gamer

PC Gamer


Gamers on a PC PC Build is a PC Gamer web-based service for building gaming PCs. Making PCs for gaming is a complicated process, but it could be made easier if people had all the information they needed.

#9. Novatech PC Configurator


The Novatech PC Configurator is a web-based platform for customising computers for home and business usage, as well as gaming and private use. This online business assists PC purchasers in building their new computers.

#10. Best Buy Gaming PC Build

Best Buy Gaming PC Build

Best Buy Gaming PC Builder is a Best Buy Gaming PC Builder service that allows customers to easily build a bespoke gaming PC with the features and specs that they desire.


Finally, we covered all of the potential top 10 PCPartPicker Alternatives for 2022. PCPartPicker alternatives include SuggestALaptop, CyberPowerPC, Xidax PC Builder, PC Specialist PC Builder, BuildaPC, Logical Increments, Best Buy Gaming PC Builder, PCC Zone PC Builder, Novatech PC Configurator, and PC Gamer PC Build.

We hope our tutorial on Sites Like PCPartPicker, where we presented all the similar possibilities for PC builders, has answered your question. If you have any further questions, please leave them in the comments area below.

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Does PCPartPicker construct it for you?

Make Your Own Computer. Compare and distribute them. PCPartPicker assists do-it-yourself computer builders with computer part selection, compatibility, and cost. Using PCPartPicker, you can make a list of virtual parts, and we’ll tell you if they’ll work together and give you up-to-date prices from dozens of major online stores.

How can I distribute my PCPartPicker list?

Create a shareable link at the top of the PC Builder page if you want a second opinion on your choices. If you send it to a tech-savvy buddy, they’ll be sent to your selected components list. The parts page may also be exported to Reddit or the PCPartPicker forums.

Is PCPartPicker usually accurate?

Is the PCPartPicker compatibility checker reliable? In summary, it is generally dependable and accurate for most hardware setups. They did an excellent job, and it is the greatest hardware compatibility tester available.