Best Trucking management system, such as QuickBooks, rarely meets the bookkeeping demands of trucking operations. Rather than bending such programs to fit your needs, go with one that is tailored to your sector.

With mileage monitoring, customizable billing, fleet management, dispatching services, and International Fuel Tax Agreement, or IFTA, reporting, Free trucking software for small fleets make it simple to manage operations. Accounting activities such as payroll accounts receivable, and profit and loss reporting are also included in the top all-in-one packages.

Best Trucking Management System Software In 2023

Checkout Top Best Trucking Management System Software In 2023.

1. ProTransport

For over 15 years, ProTransport has been serving the trucking management system and business for over 15 years, providing an all-in-one, adaptable trucking management system that can be customised for any size fleet or freight brokerage firm. Dispatching, accounting, safety, analytics, and maintenance are all included. What’s more, ProTransport solutions can work with a variety of applications and technologies, including GPS, QuickBooks, fuel card providers, IFTA, and others.
Because of its color-coded layout and intuitive dashboard, and Free trucking software for small fleets is simple and easy to use. In a single system, all fleet activities can be quickly evaluated and strategic decisions can be made based on the results.

2. Onfleet

For multinational couriers, merchants, and distributors, as well as on-demand delivery startups, Onfleet is the trusted solution. The trucking management system solution focuses on last-mile distribution and is already utilised in over 90 countries. Truck fleet management makes it simple to route, dispatch, track, and analyse deliveries, communicate with drivers, and provide real-time SMS updates to clients. Furthermore, it provides proof-of-delivery as well as feedback collection options to assist you in improving your deliveries.

3. TruckingOffice

This trucking management system was created by a fleet owner to organise his own company’s invoicing and records. It was designed with all of the nuances of the trucking industry in mind. It did, however, go above and beyond the father-son family business solution for which it was made.

The Truck Logistics software, which is aimed mostly at small trucking enterprises, now helps managers to remain on top of fleet maintenance and spending by facilitating effective dispatching, accounting, and IFTA reporting. Fleet builders and operators can boost revenue per mile, eliminate roadside repairs, and simplify invoicing and financial concerns by maintaining schedule.

4. Trucking Software by Axon

Since 1982, Axon software has been used in the trucking industry.Truckload/LTL carriers, autos, cattle, oilfields, and heavy-load shippers benefit the most from the solution. Trucking software for owner-operators can be combined with mileage, routing, and mapping software, allowing for real-time tracking, fleet and fuel management, vehicle maintenance, and reporting via a simple and user-friendly mobile app.

5. PowerBroker and McLeod LoadMaster

Since 1985, McLeod has provided trucking software firms, third-party logistics, shipper companies, load carriers, and fleets with the LoadMaster dispatch solution and PowerBroker. In the transportation sphere, it now has roughly a thousand active users. McLeod’s products can also be combined with solutions for managing paperwork, imaging documents, automating corporate operations, improving marketing and customer service, and managing and measuring fleet performance.

6. TruckBytes

TruckBytes is less comprehensive than the majority of the other options listed here, but it may be a better fit for smaller businesses. The programme is free, making it easier for those without a lot of money to get started with an industry-specific accounting solution.
The trucking software includes capabilities important to trucking, such as load tracking, payment verification, and trip reports, as well as a comprehensive suite of accounting tasks. For a price, an IFTA service is available as an add-on. W. Joel Baker, the company’s owner, runs a free resource for trucking companies called “Learn To Truck,” a blog full of industry insights and guidance.

7. Software for Quick Logistics

Quick Logistics trucking software (also known as RAMA) is a transportation logistics management software that connects with QuickBooks for accounting. This relatively lightweight, basic, and economical option may be a suitable fit for smaller transportation enterprises.
Users enter logistics data into a simple dashboard, which is then linked to QuickBooks Online to enable bookkeeping. Load entry, shipment status tracking, carrier settlement, invoicing, and carrier insurance tracking are all possible with the Truck Logistics software. To start with, if you’ve been doing most of these things by hand and already use QuickBooks Online for your accounting, this simple system is a great way to learn about logistics management.

8. On-Demand Prophecy

Prophesy OnDemand is a web-based transportation and brokerage system for small to medium-sized trucking and brokerage firms.The web-based system can handle an unlimited number of extra users (you only pay for the users you require).

9. Integration of trucking

Trucking Integration is a Microsoft Dynamics GP-based integrated trucking and transportation software. Freight Billing; Manifests (both In-House and Carrier Manifests); Carrier Assignment Processing; and Management are some of the features.

10. Tailwind

Tailwind is a comprehensive transportation management system that includes all of the functionality required by freight brokerage, carriers, moving and storage, and freight forwarding firms. It helps in the organisation of small-to-medium trucking enterprises and freight brokerages.


A logistics and accounting management solution will be a suitable fit for certain trucking companies, but will be overkill for others when it comes to choosing the proper software for your organization. Smaller fleets may be able to get by with a simple data management system that works with trucking software. Choose from the best-in-class options here to speed up your logistics and accounting once you know which systems will help your business the most.