Best Free Restaurant Websites Templates

Do you own a restaurant or are you planning to open one? In that case, you’ll need restaurant websites templates that are both attractive and current. That’s where our restaurant website templates come in. They’ll make your cafeteria, restaurant, pizzeria, or any other food website seem great on the web. These themes are SEO-friendly and operate well on mobile devices.

When it comes to your delicious and scrumptious gourmet delights, you’ll want to make sure the restaurant website templates them as well as possible. You can put your meals front and center with any of the greatest restaurant websites templates designs. No one will be able to resist paying you a visit and scheduling a table before it’s too late. Welcome to the table.

Restaurant websites templates introduce you and give potential clients a sense of your restaurant’s setting, menu, and atmosphere. Your restaurant website does not have to be flashy or expensive, but it does need to be educational, interesting, and relevant to your business. Remember that first impression are everything.

25 Best Free Restaurant Websites Templates In 2022

Following are the Best free Restaurant Websites Templates 2022:

1. Restaurant

You can tell right away that restaurant websites templates free food and restaurant website template. When you offer to check out food and menus, everyone’s mouths water. Invite them to reserve a table right now.

2. Listing

Listing is a free directory website template with a professional appearance. It can be employed in a variety of industries and niches, including travel, hotels, flights, business, restaurants, and more.

3. Luto

Luto, in the shape of a free restaurant website template, is ready to deliver your wonderful and delicious dishes to the online arena. It’s a simple site skin for food businesses with a lot of great features.

4. Steak

Steak is the best free steakhouse website template currently available on the market, as the name suggests. Today is the day to start your dream food-first page!

5. Foodbar

Foodbar is a restaurant websites templates high-grade solution for you if you’re looking for the greatest free food and bar website template. Web design that is clean, minimal, elegant, and delectable.

6. Luigis

Luigi’s is a free Italian restaurant website template with a nice and delightful web design, as the name suggests. Add your appetizing cuisine photos to entice even more customers.

7. Foodfun

Foodfun is a mouthwatering, trendy, and professional free food and beverage website template that will take your breath away. Satisfy a customer’s desire for style and fashion.

8. Eatary

You will undoubtedly captivate everyone’s attention in an instant with a stunning free HTML5 restaurant website template like Eatery. The finished product will undoubtedly be a delectable masterpiece. Free Template with a Twist

9. Buri

If you’re seeking for a free modern HTML5 restaurant website template, Buri is the way to go. The gadget is really pleasant to the eye, and it’s completely set up and ready to use.

10. Burger

Burger is a visually appealing free food website template with a clever design that makes your mouth swim. Do it now if you want to establish an online presence for your fast-food or burger establishment.

11. WordPress Restaurant Themes

Thanks to these restaurant websites templates or WordPress themes, creating a restaurant website has never been easier. Themes that are simple to use and customize, with online table reservations, menus, and much more.

12. Tasteit

Tasteit is a simple, free restaurant website template that is modern and responsive for all types of cuisines. Even if you’re selling catering and food delivery, this handy site canvas can be used for a variety of purposes.

13. Coffee Blend

Coffee Blend is a free coffee website template that may be used for almost any form of coffee-related business, whether it’s new or established. It’s adaptable and quite simple to use.

14. Delicious

Delicious recipe website template will make everyone’s mouth water. This is the tool you need if you’re passionate about sharing recipes and culinary instructions.

15. Pato

Pato is a wonderfully designed restaurant website template that can be used for both personal and commercial purposes. It’s SEO and mobile-friendly, and it’s built using cutting-edge technology to make it quick and future-proof.

16. Caviar

Caviar is a free restaurant and cuisine website template that looks delicious. Your restaurant, catering, or any other food business website will instantly make everyone’s mouth water with its clean and minimal design.

17. Eatwell

Eatwell is a delectable free mobile-ready restaurant website template with a clean and contemporary design. It makes every visitor crave your meal right away and converts them into long-term clients. A fully functional reservation form with date and time choices!

18. Diner

Diner is without a doubt one of the trendiest and most original free restaurant and cafe website templates available. It covers every aspect of your food service operation and adds something new to the mix.

19. The Venue

With its outstanding and remarkable web design, TheVenue, a free responsive restaurant website template, will help you accomplish fantastic success in the online area. You’re welcome, food entrepreneurs.

20. Pulse

Pulse is one of the greatest free Bootstrap restaurant website templates available today for food businesses. They’ll be salivating over the mouthwatering photographs of your delectable cuisine.

21. Resta

Resta is a fantastic free Indian restaurant website template that can be used for a variety of food establishments. It gets your project up and running quickly because to its sleek and extremely adaptable design.

22. AllFood

AllFood is a multi-purpose free online restaurant website template that can help you grow your business. Whether you run a general restaurant or specialize in certain dishes, AllFood is a tool that can help you with both.

23. Meal2

Meal2, a free restaurant HTML website template, makes creating a page for a food business simple. This fantastic site skin allows you to get your project up and running without having to start from scratch.

24. Restauco

Restauco is a restaurant websites templates, clean, and creative restaurant website template built using Bootstrap 5. Take your restaurant to the next level with these tips.

25. Pizza

Pizza is your go-to free pizza website template, with a stunning, delectable, polished, and exceptional web design. A flexible layout that adapts rapidly to all of your ideas.


A restaurant website’s goal is to persuade clients to choose you above rival restaurants. You make it easier for diners to choose you if you offer the above elements. All these restaurant websites templates are genuinely good to establish the food business.