Roll20 is a platform (a browser) that allows users to play a number of games with people all over the world, including desktop games (like RMG pencil and paper). There are plenty of different games to pick from. You’ve come to the right place if you want to take your RPG to the next level.

Roll20 pro free is a platform that gives players the tools they need to play pen-and-paper role-playing games. Since September 2012, the platform has been on the market for eight years. It’s a virtual desktop with online tools that make you feel like you’re in the game, and you can keep adding more games to the desktop.

The Rocketbrush is a well-known desktop database with unique competitive elements that draws in a large number of people from all around the world. Dynamic lighting, character simulation, integration, and a separate art market are all popular aspects.

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Here are some of the best Roll20 alternatives explained as follows. Let’s take a look at some of the top Roll 20 alternatives.

#1. Fantacy Lands

Roll 20 is a popular alternative to Roll 20 among online RPG players.With powerful database capabilities, it provides a one-of-a-kind and superb game experience.Players can get ready for their games quickly and easily thanks to smart scheduling and functions that can be changed.Users should expect fast and enjoyable desktop performance from it.It is well-known for allowing game owners, players, or any other user to customize the game and its whole set of rules. It’s one of the most effective roll20 pro freealternatives.

#2. Rolisteam

Rolisteam, like Roll20, is a popular virtual database that offers a number of roles for sharing information with other users all around the world.It is one of the greatest Roll20  pro free replacements, with high-quality characteristics.Gamers can enjoy fantastic role-playing features including ergonomic vector maps, efficient client-server architecture, a rich text editor, an accurate character generator, and an extensive spelling list with this virtual desktop software.

#3. Beyond Tabletop

Beyond Tabletop is one of the many Roll20 alternatives that might be regarded as one of the best. Its purpose is to improve and enrich other players’ own experiences.This default scheduling software ensures simple, easy-to-understand, adaptable, and user-friendly functionality and design elements.Its developers ensure that the platform’s functionality is simple in order to convince consumers that it is appropriate for people of all ages. It also has real-time simulation and simple tools that are available in it. It provides a variety of role-playing games and cross-platform communication pleasure for all users.

#4. Power Virtual Tabletop

Power Virtual Tabletop is a good alternative to Roll20 and one of the best options out there.Except for PVTs that create games using fantasy RPGs, Power Virtual Tabletop operates similarly to Roll20, although Roll20 attempts to expand backgammon. It is a programme that allows you to create a robust and simple database of many role-playing games. It offers real-time updates, enhanced dynamics, and a powerful toolkit to users.This preset timetable allows users to save time while building and encourages them to play.

#5. GM Forge

Without GM Forge, the best sites like Roll20 would not exist. It’s yet another desktop option that offers high-quality features and a fantastic RPG experience.This is a self-contained and competitive virtual table where users can play and converse with other players from all around the world. When you acquire a copy of it, you will be able to unlock a number of features.Dynamic lighting, music and video integration, audio or video chat, auto-calculation, complete system builder, spellbook inventory, bespoke character sheets, and more make it one of the best Roll20 alternatives.

#6. Battlegrounds RPG Edition

It can be difficult to find the best Roll20 alternatives. You won’t need to look much farther with the help of Battlegrounds.It is a role-playing game tabletop software that allows you to play a variety of RPGs.With the aid of this software, you can easily play with your friends who are in the same room as you or those who are on the opposite side of the world. As a result, it is one of the best Roll20 alternatives available. Every digital game conversion is also compatible with this programme.

#7. Standard Action

Standard Action is the next virtual tabletop application on our list. This is definitely the right software for you if you’re searching for a tabletop application that’s both simple to use and very customizable. With the help of this online application, you will be able to do a great deal.You can talk to the other people playing, roll the dice, and do many other things. This programme may be one of the best Roll 20 alternatives available because of how easy and quick it is to use.

#8. D20PRO

Next, we’ll have a look at the incredible multiplayer platform that is D20PRO.It’s a simple application that you may install on your computer.It’s also a fantastic Roll20 replacement for Mac.This app elevates role-playing games to new heights.With this fantastic programme, you can quickly play your favourite role-playing game. Many elements of this programme, such as the dice, wonderful gaming maps, and excellent fights, are also available. When it comes to it, the sky is the limit.

#9. Dungeon Design

It is the next fantastic virtual table we’ll teach you all about. If you’re a die-hard Dungeons & Dragons fan, you should be aware of this mapping program. If you want to enjoy the ultimate RPG gaming experience, you don’t need to download any other Roll20 alternatives than this one.This programme is simple to use once you have downloaded it. Following that, you’ll have access to the most customised map you’ve ever seen. You can doodle a little here and there, add images, and do a lot more.

#10. VTable

VTable, formerly known as Game Table, is a virtual table. It’s a fantastic platform for playing the best role-playing games with your closest friends.You can play in the same room as your pals. You can even play with pals from around the world.You can make a game for your group of friends with it.While other players watch, you can doodle, add graphics, and customise your game. You also have nothing to worry about because this virtual table is really simple to use. As a result, it is regarded as one of the most straightforward Roll 20 choices.

#11. Hextml

Hextml is another excellent example of one of the greatest Roll20 replacements.It is a map editor that can be found simply on the internet.If you wish to use its services, you don’t have to download anything.You can access it directly from your browser. That is why it is one of the most user-friendly Roll20 options. But it isn’t the only positive thing we can say about this web-based map editor.With this map editor, you can collaborate with other gamers and even share your map with them in real-time.

#12. Tabletop Astral

The next fantastic Roll20 option on our list is the Astral Tabletop. It’s no surprise that this gaming platform has become one of the most popular Roll 20 alternatives.You can have the most immersive gaming experience possible by using the tools on this platform. This platform also includes a number of visual effects that will enhance the mood of the game you’re playing. The best part is that you can utilise this platform completely free of charge.You can, however, pay a price to become a Pro user. Pro users will have access to a lot of extra features that are sure to blow your mind.

#13. Epictable

Epictable is another fantastic virtual table on our list. As the name implies, this virtual table may be the most epic thing you’ll ever see on the internet. All you have to do to use this virtual table application is download it to your PC.This software could be one of the greatest Roll20 Windows alternatives.After you’ve downloaded it, you’ll be able to take advantage of all of the fantastic features that this virtual table has to offer.Everything you might possibly need for a fun game will be provided, including the map, character sheets, miniatures, and booklets.

#14. Noizio

The Noizio is the best Roll 20 alternative on our list.It’s a desktop application that will take you on the most soothing journey you’ve ever experienced.It is a programme that allows you to build an incredible sound environment. This allows you to concentrate on the task at hand. As a result, this app is one of the most peaceful Roll20 sites you will ever come across.

#15. Mipui

Mipui is a map-making tool that lets people work together to make grid-based maps for tabletop and role-playing games.Despite its restricted functionality, it is regarded as one of the greatest Roll 20 alternatives due to its higher features. Simplicity, adaptable game themes, and customisable toolkits are among these advantages.It also offers a number of real-time collaborations, such as the “fork” feature, which allows users to exchange and mix maps.Open sharing, simplicity, and real-time collaboration are all priorities for this virtual tabletop RPG database.

#16. D&D and Beyond

One of the greatest choices that works as well as or better than the original Roll 20 is it. It’s available on both mobile and desktop browsers.Some of the virtual tools you can use are character sheets, constructors, spell lists, and clever Twitch plugins.It gives users the ability to customise and generate their own material. It is one of the top 20 roll20 sites. You don’t have to pay to use this virtual database, but you can sign up for a subscription if you want to use the platform’s more immersive features.Another aspect that draws in millions of players is the game’s vast online collection of character attributes, as well as its accessibility and control versatility.

#17. MapTool

MapTool is the original and greatest alternative to Roll 20. It is a fantastic online role-playing game that allows users to play with peers from all over the world.Users can connect and play against other gamers at the same time on this fantastic site. Users will be able to play a variety of games that are different, flexible, fun, and give them a sense of accomplishment.Aside from that, it is game system agnostic, which means that it can work with many different game systems without any extra setup.One of the benefits of it is that it is open-source software that is constantly updated and developed, making it one of the best roll20 alternatives.

#18. InfinitasDM

InfinitasDM is a fantastic program that stands out among other digital tabletops. This programme is ready to use as soon as you download it to your computer. You may acquire it as a superb Roll 20 replacement for Windows.It’s even possible that it’s one of the best Roll20 alternatives available.This is because this software has a lot of features that will make playing games interesting.With this software, you’ll be able to play role-playing games in the best way possible, which is something you could never do with a traditional board game.

#19. PlanarAlly

PlanarAlly may be exactly what you’re searching for if you’re seeking an online application that will supply you with battle maps and other perks. You can use virtual battle maps and a number of other features on this website to improve your Dungeons & Dragons game. It’s vital to keep in mind that this web tool is currently in its early stages of development. The programmers will have to work on a few things. This web app can be one of the best Roll20 replacements if you put in the right amount of work.After all, it’s still one of the most popular Roll 20 free alternatives.


It is a fantastic web-based virtual table that allows you to immerse yourself in your favourite RPGs. You can, however, find other excellent choices that offer many of the same benefits as Roll 20. Some may even offer you additional options to enhance your game experience.You will be able to play your favourite role-playing games without any difficulty with these Roll20 alternatives.