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If you’re a fan of free media-streaming Showbox movies, you’ve probably heard about alternatives. It’s one of the best alternatives to subscription-based apps like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, providing you with an easy and smooth user interface to browse its massive library of TV series and movies.

Aside from that, ShowBox partners with several torrent sites and clients to stream content for viewers. However, apps like Showbox eventually stopped working in 2018, preventing users from accessing its library of content. In this article, we find out what happened to apps like ShowBox and suggest a list of the best Show Box alternatives you can download.

What is Showbox?

In case you enjoy watching free movies at home on occasion, Showbox is undoubtedly among the top and most well-liked streaming services that may satisfy your desire for movies. The majority of streaming devices, including PCs running Windows and Mac software, smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS, and even Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, are powered by the mobile and web platforms for which it was created. We are confident you will concur after you have given it a try.


The widespread use of this service does not, however, imply that it is without drawbacks or that there aren’t Showbox substitutes that are at least as good as or even better than Showbox. Many programs, like Showbox, can meet your needs in terms of functionality and/or interface, with some even outperforming Showbox in terms of total performance.

Is Showbox Legal?

With all these features, you might be asking yourself, What’s the catch, and is Showbox even allowed? You may be confident that, in the majority of nations, the Showbox app is a totally legitimate service. Temporarily generated files on user devices intended for streaming do not violate the copyrights of content owners in any manner. If you choose to “re-stream” the given video content in a restaurant, retail establishment, movie theater, or another location of that nature, you would be in violation of the law. Like all the other movie applications on our list that are similar to Showbox, Showbox is legal in all other situations.

What happened to Showbox?

The most recent updates state that the app isn’t functioning. It is currently fully deactivated. According to many reports, the creators faced legal action from various production firms for providing illicit content on the app. If you’re wondering why Showbox is down or why it’s not working, There’s no word on when it will reopen. That said, it hasn’t functioned since November 2019. Since it lacks an official website, the developers have not commented on it. Their sole statement on Twitter was, “Our servers are down, but we’ll be back soon.” However, the app remains unavailable as of November 2019, even after that tweet.

Showbox Not Working In 2023

The app is still not working. Many people have attempted a number of VPNs but have encountered loading issues. It hasn’t been functioning for quite some time. When the issue first arose in 2018, a lot of customers complained that the app was freezing. However, the app was operational and offering its services to customers. Now, though, a lot of people wonder why it isn’t functioning. One possible explanation is that the majority of its servers, from which it obtains the stream, are down. Another common complaint is that there is a server issue.

Top 17 Best Showbox Alternatives – Best Movies Streaming Sites

Checkout best Showbox alternatives sites to watch online movies for free in 2023.

1. Tea TV

Tea TV is open for all operating systems and is compatible with most devices for streaming use. You might have to look for something that is simple and designed with a convenient interface. The layout of Tea TV gives you more control over your viewing experience and is also very thorough in its overall layout.

2. Movie Box

Movie Box is another main application in the list of apps like showbox. This app comes with oozes features that are very similar to the nature of Showbox. However, one of the major reasons for the app’s drawback is that it supports only English and Russian languages.

showbox alternatives
Movie Box

3. Popcorn Time 

Popcorn Time is as unique and effective as its name itself. It is another fantastic apps like Showbox alternative and is quite effective too. Another plus point is that it provides support for Android, iOS, and Linux OS.

popcorn time

4. Crackle

Another free alternative to apps like Showbox is Crackle. It is one of the popular apps with more than 20M registered users. Crackle allows you to stream movies and shows without any roadblocks.

showbox alternatives

5. Hub Streaming

Hub Streaming is another alternative to showbox alternative that offers multiple choices in streaming. With this app, you can not only stream but also can download the content.

Hub streaming

6. Mobdro

The newest version of the Modbro APK works with a setup that lets you find high-quality streams online. This can be interpreted as a search engine that gives you access to more movies and shows than other programs. The app also provides various helpful sources that let you find different things of note for your use.

showbox alternatives