Tekmetric is an auto repair shop management system that allows you to have complete control over your business. This Login to Tekmetric software’s capabilities enable consumers, service writers, and technicians to track, manage, and enhance their interactions. You can reduce errors, increase efficiency, and increase ARO by using tekmetric login. Owners, service writers, and technicians will find this software to be very user-friendly.

What is Tekmetric?

The Tekmetric Shop Management System empowers shop owners to develop their businesses while also allowing them to accomplish more of what they like. Their comprehensive, cloud-based system improves auto repair businesses by providing an easy-to-use workflow that produces a 21st-century client experience. Shop owners may check on shop metrics and repairs from anywhere, at any time, so they can be there for their customers, staff, and loved ones. Tekmetric simplifies the auto repair process for everyone involved: it puts shop owners in control by providing real-time access to critical data; and it provides service advisors with the tools they need to expedite the repair process and establish customer trust.

How does Tekmetric work?

Tekmetric is auto repair shop management software. Businesses can easily create customer profiles, schedule customer appointments, perform digital vehicle inspections, upload photos, build repair orders with built-in labor guides, manage inventory, track parts, monitor job workflows, set custom labor rates, shop fees, and taxes, send texts and emails to customers, and more. Use PartsTech and Nexpart to order from as many providers as you want.


The main tekmetric login features are:

  1. With tekmetric login integrated labor guidelines, canned jobs, and configurable parts orders, you can assemble ROs in minutes.
    2. Text message warnings and photographs of the work that needs to be done keep your customers informed.
    3. With complete customer transparency, you may increase your ARO and close ratio.

Reporting & Analytics

1. GP percent, GP dollars, ARO, car count, close ratio, and more are all available at a glance.
2. View your shop’s performance in real-time from any device, everywhere there’s an internet connection.
3. Focus on a certain tekmetric login shop, job, customer, or sales cycle by drilling down.

Appointments & Calendars

1. Manage your technicians’ workflow with ease.
2. Service writers can easily manage their hectic schedules and support more clients with interactive calendars.
3. Customer profile pages that are well-designed increase the bond between clients and service writers.

Management of clients

1. Add all of your tekmetric login clients and check out their customer profiles to see their history.
2. Save jobs that have been denied so that you can remind clients the next time they come in.
3. Make a list of tekmetric login client preferences to provide them with an exceptional visitor experience.

Management of Inventory


1. In one spot, you can keep track of your tekmetric login shop’s inventory and preserve OEM parts.
2. Search by brand, part name, or part number, or filter by kind.
Tags allow you to keep track of inventory that is on hand, in use, ordered, and out of stock.
3. Canned Jobs Manage and add custom canned jobs for repair and maintenance services in one place.
4. You can look for premade jobs by title.
5. Make your own pre-made vendor sublets.

DVI (Digital Vehicle Inspections)

  1. Built-in DVI eliminates the need for tekmetric login users to use two different systems for inspections and shop administration.
    2. Make your own inspections, customize car results, and add images.
    3. Clients can be notified of inspection findings via print, email, or text message.

The Markup On Labor and parts

  1. Create numerous components tekmetric login for your shop, choose a default one, and apply them to estimates with ease.
    Increase your profit margins by automatically marking up labor hours.
    2. Use the MOTOR Labor guide to add flat-rate or auto-applied markups to labor prod

Management of Vendors

  1. Vendor information can be organized by contact, integrator, account representative name, store number, address, tax ID, and remarks.
    2. Purchase orders, sublet work, and return orders are all managed.
    3. Search for saved vendors by name, phone number, email address, or tekmetric login website. The markup on Labor and Parts

Employee Management

  1. Create as many employee tekmetric login profiles as you need, from a one-person shop to a large franchise.
    2. Set or alter employee positions, flat rate or salary pay, and access rights.
    3. Employee schedules, employment, and sales are all available in one place.

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Rates for labor and parts can be customized.

  1. All of your labor rates, fees, components markup, and taxes may be configured in one spot.
    2. Change whether or not consumers may see labor rates on estimates.
    3. You can enter as many labor rates as you want.

Alerts and Messaging

  • With a single click, send job status updates to customers by SMS or email estimates/invoices.
  • Receive tekmetric login order status and inventory notifications; find out when you’re running low on parts, or when a part is ready for pickup or in another shop.
  • Make sure your techs and service writers are connected so they don’t miss a beat.
  • The tekmetric login Management is an important aspect of tire management.
  • Addt ekmetric login tire-specific information to your inventory and use a tyre tax matrix or disposal fee that you’ve put up for any project.
  • For a specific day, week, month, or year, keep track of taxable tire sales, non-taxable tyre sales, and tyre tax collected.
  • Tire work, such as tyre rotations, tyre patching, and tyre installation, should be canned jobs.


Orders in Parts

  1. Record invoices, mark parts as delivered, and place returns to keep track of your shopper’s parts orders.
    2. Use PartsTech and Nexpart to order from as many vendors as you need, all in one place.
    3. On a single tekmetric login dashboard, search orders by PO number, part, or vendor; check order status, payment method, order date, RO number, and more.


The tekmetric login pricing is based on the number of facilities you have, not users or individual workstations. Request a demo for pricing information.

Printing on Demand

  1. On-demand printing of inspections and repair orders for technicians.
    2. Control what information, such as your shop’s address, phone number, email, website, and logo, appears on printed estimates, invoices, inspections, and ROs.
    3. Customers can print estimates and invoices on demand.

Methods for 1 to 500 users

Auto repair tekmetric login shops that are self-contained. We’re searching for shops that want to take their business to the next level by using a web-based app to automate their back office and customer communications.

Tekmetric has a user base of over 1000 people.

Auto repair shops, both independent and franchised, wish to move the industry ahead. tekmetric login can scale to suit your demands and help you reach your business objectives, no matter how big or small your company is.