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When we walk into our favorite store, the production scheduling software isn’t usually on our radar, but by the time we try on a pair of jeans, a lot has happened behind the scenes. A manufacturer rushed to stay up with a production schedule to ensure the ingredients were acquired, processed, and sent in a timely manner before the denim hit the shelves—and that’s assuming everything went successfully.

Manufacturers frequently face delays in receiving orders or acquiring materials at the appropriate time, making it difficult to maintain shelves stocked. In fact, 60% of supply chain managers believe the process might be made more efficient and effective, and half believe technology will assist them in achieving that aim. In this post, we’ll look at production scheduling software in 2022, including how it’s changing, the importance of technology in the supply chain, and how to use it to master production scheduling.

What Is Production Scheduling Software and How Does It Work?

Production scheduling software aids in the planning of production on your shop floor by determining the materials and capacity required to accomplish a manufacturing order. In order to complete and maximize production, firms can use production scheduling software to produce a highly detailed master production schedule that accounts for resource, manpower, and inventory needs.

Customer orders are converted into manufacturing orders with the help of production scheduling software. It’ll check the bill of materials, purchase orders, and current stock to make sure you have the right products reserved or the right purchase order generated to finish the transaction.

Best Production Scheduling Software

1. Visual Planning

Visual Planning is a resource production scheduling software program that aims to boost your company’s productivity. To plan jobs, projects, and tasks, the scheduling tool captures your data in real-time.

2. MaxScheduler

MaxScheduler is a web-based production scheduling software tool that imports jobs from spreadsheets, accounting software, and MRP/ERP systems. You can assign jobs to available personnel or equipment using the software.


SAP S/4 HANA is a manufacturing-focused production scheduling software that includes artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA), embedded analytics, and more. Asset management, supply chain management, and financial management are some of its important elements.

4. Netsuite

Netsuite production scheduling software that works with companies of all sizes and in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, retail, and e-commerce. Financial planning, supply chain management, and order management are just a few of its main aspects.

5. Predict Clientele Demand

The forecasting module enables you to decipher and forecast customer demand based on historical demand, open opportunities, and manually or automatically imported sales estimations. After evaluating weekly or monthly evaluations, the program generates projections using moving average, linear regression, or seasonal average computations.

6. Statii

Statii is a cloud-based software application that manages all business tasks for small and medium-sized manufacturers. Invoicing, inventory management, time management, and production tracking are just a few of the functions.

7. Streamline — Best Overall

Streamline is the top production scheduling software Platform for small, medium, and large businesses throughout the world. Streamline, based in New York, has over 150 partners and over 300 enterprise customers in the United States, Canada, and 28 other countries. Manufacturers, retailers, and distributors can increase profit margins by 1-5 percentage points with this AI-powered software platform.

8. frePPLe

frePPLe is an open-source supply chain production scheduling software that allows for cloud-based inventory and production planning. frePPLe allows you to better plan and schedule your supply chain process.

Avercast is a demand planning program that helps you improve your supply chain performance. Avercast has over 200 forecasting algorithms that may work at any level of the organization and is always up to date with the latest ERP.
Smartsheet is a software and management tool that helps you speed up your business so you can make smarter decisions faster. Configure, adjust, and improve work processes; automate repetitive operations, and share data with stakeholders.

Grand Finale

To summarise, choosing the appropriate software is akin to looking for a needle in a haystack. Some of the features discussed in this article may or may not be appropriate for you. As a result, it’s critical to take your wishlist and locate a solution that works with your current workflow. Are you still undecided about which vendor will best suit your needs? Using our detailed comparison guide, you can compare the features on your wishlist to those offered by other vendors.