A collection of the top blog website templates 2021 that are totally responsive and blogger templates for mobile. Furthermore, they are all editable and compatible with modern web browsers. You can use these fantastic blog website templates for any type of blogging project, including lifestyle, food, personal, fashion, financial, travel, technology, and so on. All of our blogger templates do not give the impression of being free due to how heavy they are crammed with great functionality. The blog designs templates, we have in store for you are clean and trendy, with lots of options for customization. Change the color to match your brand, make changes to the elements, and fill up the blanks with your content. With the correct mix of everything and a strong focus on creating high-quality material, you’ll be well on your way to success.

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following below are the highly recommended top best 30 Blog websites 2021.

1. WebMag

The great web magazine blog website template we meticulously planned and built for your needs is known as WebMag. Launch a new internet project in a niche you’re enthusiastic about as soon as possible.

2. Moose

Moose is a fantastic online diary website design for diving into the blogging world. If you’re looking for something unique, this unique site canvas is the way to go.

3. Droppler

Droppler is a fullscreen photography blog website template suitable for photographers, artists, lifestyle, design, and other creative blogs.

4. Philosophy

Philosophy is a free blog template that works well for lifestyle, fashion, culinary, personal, design, and other similar blogs. This blog page template features a lovely grid structure that will make your site stand out.

5. Fantom

Get your hands on the Fantom blogging website template right now if you want to start something new and exciting.
Start with the blog template you’ve always wanted to start.

6. Sunzine

Sunzine is a free HTML blog website, image gallery website template that is beautiful, modern, and clean. Create an eye-catching online portfolio with Sunzine immediately, whether you’re a photographer or a freelancer.

7. Lifeleck

Lifeleck is a beautiful, clean, and minimal free lifestyle blog website template that puts the focus on your valuable content. If you want to avoid having to start from scratch with your blog design page, use Lifeleck.

8. Daren

You’ll undoubtedly turn heads with Daren, a free gorgeous blog website template. Keep in mind that the tool is versatile enough to be used to create online magazine and newspaper pages as well.

9. Sensive

Sensive is one of the best options on the market now if you’re seeking a free sample blog website template. Web design that is clean, basic, mobile-friendly, and completely responsive!

10. Bounty

It’s as simple as pie to start your own online journal using the Bounty free blogging website design. Increase traffic by spreading the word in a unique way.

11. Fantasy

Fantasy is a free unique blog website template that will astonish and impress everyone, hence the name. With a beautiful blog, you can tell your unique and intriguing tale.

12. Opium

Opium is the free HTML personal blog website template you need if you really want to stand out from the crowd. Your content will be enjoyed by all who read it and skim it.

13. Libro

While there are other blog templates available, Libro is the one free blog website template that will pique your interest. For a stunning webspace, give it your personal touch.

14. Ednews

The Highly Recommended Top Best 30 Blog Websites 2021

With Ednews’ free news website template, you can create the one-of-a-kind, story-filled online magazine you’ve always desired. Begin with something new and exciting.

15. Original

The Highly Recommended Top Best 30 Blog Websites 2021

Original is, without a doubt, a stunning free responsive blogging website template. It’s not only unique and packed with noteworthy features, but it’s also simple and straightforward to use.

16. Article

If you want to establish an online journal but aren’t sure where to begin, the Article free responsive blog template is a great place to start. The product includes everything you’ll need to launch a convincing blog successfully.

17. Bona

 Highly Recommended Top Best 30 Blog Websites 2021

Bona is a simple HTML blog template that can be used for any type of blog, including food, fashion, personal finance, health, hobby, corporate, and so on. For your convenience, it includes a variety of page and post layouts.

18. Katt

 Highly Recommended Top Best 30 Blog Websites 2021

Katt is a creative blog website template that is as imaginative as you can get. Artists, designers, freelancers, musicians, and other bloggers who want to convey their talent in a unique way would appreciate this theme.

19. Readit Blog

The Highly Recommended Top Best 30 Blog Websites 2021

Readit is a stunning creative blog website template with a striking and eye-catching style. It is the one template that will help you make a strong and lasting first impression.

20. Miniblog

The Highly Recommended Top Best 30 Blog Websites 2021

Miniblog, as the name suggests, is a sample blog website template that may be used for a variety of purposes. The straightforward approach to web design accommodates a wide range of ideas and goals.

21. Axole

The Highly Recommended Top Best 30 Blog Websites 2021

Axole is the most effective writer website template available now. You may now indulge in a plethora of incredible features and functions that will help you stand out from the crowd.

22. Wordify

The Highly Recommended Top Best 30 Blog Websites 2021

Wordify is a simple writer website template for bloggers, journalists, authors, editors, and others, hence the name.
The end result will last a long time.

23. Endgame

The Highly Recommended Top Best 30 Blog Websites 2021

Endgame is a modern free games website template that will help you get your gaming project off the ground quickly. This is an excellent tool for blogs and video game review sites.

24. Stuff

The Highly Recommended Top Best 30 Blog Websites 2021

Stuff is a responsive blog website template that pays close attention to the smallest details, as well as your content. It ensures that all text and pictures show online in a neat and plain manner.

25. Stories

The Highly Recommended Top Best 30 Blog Websites 2021

Starting your own online project with Stories, a free food and recipe blog website template becomes a lot easier if you’re a foodie. Hint: combining travel and cuisine would be excellent!

26. Hikers

The Highly Recommended Top Best 30 Blog Websites 2021

Hikers is a free mobile-ready travel blog website template with a tidy and clean style, as the name suggests. Start creating a dedicated reading community by combining it with your great adventures and captivating material.

27. Foodblog

The Highly Recommended Top Best 30 Blog Websites 2021

Foodblog is the free food blog website template you need if you are passionate about cooking and creating unique recipes. Make their mouths water by giving them something to eat.

28. Wordsmith

The Highly Recommended Top Best 30 Blog Websites 2021

Wordsmith free blogging website template can be accurately described in a few terms. It’s an incredibly fantastic tool.

29. Magazine

The Highly Recommended Top Best 30 Blog Websites 2021

Build a news page with our fantastic and free online magazine website template today. No matter the topic of your site, Magazine is here to take care of the web presence. It could be fashion, food, travel, general news or something super niche, we have a tool to help you start your online project swiftly.

30. Sasha

The Highly Recommended Top Best 30 Blog Websites 2021

Sasha is a free responsive blogging website template that is much more than that. You’ll be presented with five distinct home pages right away, as well as two different header options.


Blogs provide you with content to share and discuss on social networking. Another excellent reason to establish a blog is to aid your social media efforts. A blog entry provides you with something to discuss and share. Choose themes that are likely to be shared and post them on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. These all blog websites templates are worthy and useful in their particular manner.

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