The ESO Mods for The Elder Scrolls Online, which contain the most popular addons for a range of reasons. It is entirely a matter of personal preference whether you choose one or the other. Both add-ons include a more detailed mini-map to help you navigate and identify locations. 

With The Elder Scrolls Online, Bethesda took a hesitant approach into the MMO realm in 2014, but with regular upkeep, the game is now better than ever. One of the few advantages is the abundance of community-made add-ons. So, if you’re looking for the best ESO add-ons, we’ve compiled a list of the only ESO Mods for you today.

The Elder Scrolls Online Mods list can be found here. Because ESO Mods is an MMORPG, there are no game-changing, major addons or mods, however, combining a number of modest but significant improvements can result in a better overall experience.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top ESO Mods add-ons, along with the care you can choose from.

ESO Mods For the Elder Scrolls Online

Here are the following ESO Mods for Elders scrolls online in 2022 given below.

1. Quest map

Quest Map is a handy tool for leveling up and completing quests. It adds mission pins to the map for quests that haven’t been completed. The quest name and description are displayed in the tooltips. To show finished, uncompleted, and starting quests, utilize the filters. Quest categories can also be filtered, such as tasks that award skill points. If you’re a completer who has to complete every mission in Elder Scrolls Online, QuestMap is an add-on that will make your life easier. It highlights all available quests on your map, making them easier to manage.

2. Destinations

Destinations, as its name implies, indicate various points of interest on your map, such as Crafting Locations, Solo Dungeons, Group Events, and Group Delves.It also accepts names in French, German, Japanese, Russian, and English.

3. Minimap By Fyrankin And Vaton’s Minimap

It is entirely a matter of personal preference whether you choose one or the other. Both add-ons include a more detailed mini-map to help you navigate and identify locations. The mini-map on Votan’s screen is always visible and shows multiple locations of interest at once. Other map-enhancing mods such as LostTreasure and Destinations are supported by Fyrakin’s mini-map, which offers a plethora of customized choices.

4. Harvest Map

Harvest Map does not make farming more fun — a miracle, not a few lines of code, would suffice – but it does make it more efficient, allowing you to do it faster. Ores, plants, clothes, timber, runestones, boxes, fishing places, hidden stashes, and more can all be found using this addon. Thank you very much!HarvestMap could be an excellent Elder Scrolls Online addon for newcomers. It indicates where you’ll locate resources, such as resource nodes, chests, and fishing areas. You’ll even use the Heatmap function to show how dense the resources are. Garment materials, wood, runestones, flowers/herbs, and much more can be found. 

5. SkyShards and LoreBooks

These two addons show you where Skyshards and books are located. There are two different addons, but they both work in the same way.SkyShards and LoreBooks simply place map pins to indicate where these artifacts are located. The LoreBooks addon adds Shalidor’s Books and Eidetic Memory Scrolls pins to the game. Both addons are simple to set up and utilize.

6. No Thank You

ESO mods, like any other MMORPG, can become pretty stressful after a while. It’s difficult to keep track of all the notifications, UI pop-ups, and chat messages. During this scenario, No, Thank You! is a needed extension that allows you to prevent annoying messages, notifications, and change a variety of UI behaviors.

7. Loot Log

With only a few kilobytes, this is perhaps the smallest add-on on the list. Within the chatbox, the Loot Log displays every item you and your group have looted.It also shows the characteristics of narcotic things in the log, and character names and items are clickable links, allowing you to make transactions with them.

8. LUI- Extended

LUI- Extended is an all-in-one add-on bundle with a variety of features.It keeps track of our buffs and debuffs provides battle information and offer chat notifications for things like obtaining currency, loot tracking, achievements, lore books, collectibles, and experience gain, among other things. It also includes a module called Unit Frames, which lets you move and resize LUIE-generated unit frames on your screen.

9. Binder

Your keybindings are reset when you start a new character in ESO Mods, which can be annoying for folks who have many characters. When you start a replacement character, Binding saves your keybinding assets and replaces them with a single command.

10. AUI- Advanced UI

Another UI customization interface that focuses on combat information is this one. Unit frames for individuals, targets, groups, raids, and bosses are among the modules included in the extension.It also keeps track of buffs and includes combat statistics and scrolling fight text.AUI – Advanced User Interface allows you to personalize the action bars and includes a mini-map module.

11. Fancy Action Bar

AUI – Advanced UI allows you to modify the action bars, but if you don’t require the additional features, Fancy Action Bar is the way to go. This addition adds skill timers to the two-weapon bars. It has an instant swap animation and works with a gamepad, as well as highlighting active talents.

12. Combat Metrics

The addon is a combat parser that aids in the analysis of battles. It displays DPS, heals, the damage is taken, skills that provided the greatest DPS and healing, buffs and debuffs, and so on. This is a must-have mod if you want to improve your rotation and become a great player.

13. Bandit User Interface

Bandits User Interface allows you to customize the game’s default user interface. The plugin comes with a variety of themes and styles. It maintains track of boosts and timings for abilities. When you’re in a group, it’s helpful because it displays group frames and members’ bonuses. A combat reticle with timers is also included.

14. Urich’s Skills Point Founder

The Urich Skill Point Finder displays the skill points you’ve earned as well as those you haven’t. The add-on includes a simple user interface that shows the advancement of skill points earned via dungeons, multiplayer events, story and dungeon quests, and skyshards. The Skill Point Finder by Urich/Vastaryous adds functionality to the addon for the Markarth and Flames of Ambition DLCs.If you want to get as many skill points as possible, this life-saving ESO Mods addon could be handy. It tells you every skill point you probably got and didn’t acquire throughout the game, so you can go back and look for the ones you don’t have. 

15. Action Duration Remainder

To be honest, this is something that all MMOs, not just Elder Scrolls Online, should include.If game developers want us to remember the length of all of our DOTS, talents, buffs, and other items, they must have a high opinion of us. This handy plugin keeps track of the duration of all our slotted skills and alerts us when it’s time to use them again.It’s a fantastic addition to have when learning a new rotation.

16. Raid Notifier

For raiders, RaidNotifier Updated is a must-have ESO Mods addon. It simplifies fights by informing you of incoming damage, current status effects, and boss actions. You may modify the warnings and notifications using the customization option. Cosmetic pets and assistants can be dismissed, and there is a food buff tracker.

17. Dustman

The Dustman mod allows players to better manage their inventory, allowing them to avoid running out of bag space as quickly. When you access a vendor, the addon will automatically sell garbage things.It also allows you to label goods as rubbish, allowing you to dispose of them automatically by selling or destroying them.

18. Dolguban’s Lazy Writ Crafter

This add-on takes care of the writ crafting for you. It generates writs and other objects automatically. Dolgubon’s Lazy Writ Crafter also collects writs rewards, withdraws quest items from the bank, and alerts you to valuable rewards. Provisioning and alchemical writs, however, are not supported. For these two vocations, the Daily Provisioning and Daily Alchemy addons offer automatic writ crafting.

19. Awesome Guild Store

There’s no better way to describe it than by its name. The interface of the guild store has been improved by Awesome Guild Store. It provides useful features like advanced search filters and sliders for adjusting the amount and price of the products you want to sell.

The number of listed items, the location of guild merchants, and all guild traders you’ve visited is all displayed in the Awesome Guild Store. Unfortunately, with so few options, the native game’s guild store UI isn’t very user-friendly. Another wonderful interface addition is Awesome Guild Store, which lets you filter categories and subcategories in a similar way to Advanced Filters and add range sliders for level, price, and quality filters. 

20. Assist Rapid Riding

This small yet useful addon makes getting the speed buff much faster and easier. Normally, you’d have to use the skill menu, but with Assist Rapid Riding, you won’t have to. The Rapid Maneuver skill replaces a slotted skill in the addition. The skill defaults to the slotted skill when it is enabled.

21. AlphaGear2 

AlphaGear2 makes it simple for gamers to manage their abilities and equipment. There are a total of 20 profiles available, each with 16 builds. Gear, accessories, weapon bars, and skill bars are all part of a build. The addon also integrates with AlphaStyle for better Style administration, FCO Itemsaver for inventory management, and ChampionPointsSlots for champion point management.

22. PVP Meter

The PVP Meter displays statistics from PVP battles. The addon is compatible with combat, battlegrounds, and duels in Cyrodiil and Imperial City. The amount of killing blows, alliance points, deaths, team score, kills, assists, medals, percentage of won/lost duels, and the results of the last five duels will all be displayed. PVP Meter allows you to customize your killing blows with animations and noises. Everyone enjoys PvE, but are you really playing Elder Scrolls Online if you aren’t participating in PvP. This indispensable PvP addon provides information about your PvP experience, such as stats such as matches, wins, and losses, as well as modules for various PvP areas such as Duel and Battlegrounds. 

23. Essential Housing Tools

A Tamriel homeowner’s best buddy is Essential Housing Tools. It lets you to effortlessly adjust the position, alignment, and other properties of housing item groups.You can clone the groups and move them to a different house, where you can share them with your pals. You may swiftly travel to any of your homes and establish a hub for your friends and guildmates using the Housing Hub function.

24. Foundry Tactical Combat

Foundry Tactical Combat is a UI extension that provides you with a plethora of combat statistics. Unit Frames, Active Buff Tracking, Combat Log, Scrolling Combat Text, Damage Statistics, and Advanced Hotbar are some of the features. All of them are individually adjustable, so you can pick and choose which one to utilize.

25. Advanced Filters 

Inventory management in Elder Scrolls Online can be a nuisance because the first filters are far too broad to provide any level of detail. Advanced Filters is a crucial ESO Mods inventory addon that corrects issues by adding new, more detailed subfilters.

26. ItemPreview

The ability to review specific items isn’t available in the base game, but ItemPreview fixes that. This essential TESO mod allows you to preview armor, furniture, and furniture recipes before purchasing them, allowing you to make wiser judgments.

27. Furniture Catalogue 

In Elder Scrolls Online, there are many different types of furniture to choose from, and deciding which one to utilize in your home might be difficult if you’re style-obsessed. Furniture Catalogue provides you with a comprehensive catalog of all of the game’s furniture, which you may sort using various filters.

28. Itemization Browser

There are actually many different item sets in ESO Mods and planning for what you’ll be using is almost impossible. Itemization Browser allows you to browse and filter every single item set within the game and see its level and attributes.

29. Harven’s Trait And Style

This minor ESO Mods quality of life addon adds more information to a weapon’s/tooltip, armor’s such as armor/weapon style and knowledge of its trait, as well as whether it’s known, being studied, or researchable.

30. Harven’s Improved Skills Window

Another vital Harven quality of life enhancement that significantly improves our lives. It allows you to see the next rank and upgrade information for active abilities, as well as the morph information for acquired skills, making it much easier to plan your build for the latter.

31. Bag space Indicator

There are a lot of addons that display you how much space you have left, but none of them are as customizable as Bag Space Indicator. Alliance Points, gold, bag space, Soul Gems, horse feed timer, research, timers, level, and knowledge are all better to view.It also doesn’t hinder your view while you’re playing.

32. FCM Quest Tracker 

There are other ESO Mods quest tracker addons available, but FCM Quest Tracker is arguably the most customizable.You may choose what proportion to highlight, share missions, remove quests, filter quests by zone, view quests on the map, and much more while remaining on the correct side of the UI.

33. True Exploration

True Exploration will be used if you’re feeling very masochistic while playing ESO Mods. It causes the map to begin as an empty sheet of paper, but as you travel across Tamriel, your character will draw everything he or she sees on the map.

34. Azurah- Interface Enhanced

There are a lot of UI addons for ESO, and if you’re using a lot of them, it might get a little complicated. Azurah allows you to unlock the interface windows, allowing you to move them around the screen and scale them to your liking, resulting in a more personalized experience and a less cluttered screen.

35. pChat

pChat is a chat extension for Elder Scrolls Online that gives you a lot of extra options in your chat window. You’ll be able to save your conversation history, replace your account name with a character name, copy texts, block spam, and resize the chatbox. Your chatbox will also be significantly more colorful than the drab text that currently exists.

36. Potion Maker- for alchemy crafting

Potion Maker is a great alchemy add-on that allows you to see every potion you’ll brew with your current materials. The ingredients will be automatically added to the potion table after you click on the desired potion. It also shows you every known and unknown potion using the ingredient you selected.

37. Kill Counter

Kill Counter now includes ESO Mods in the list of games where you can brag about your K/D.This simple PvP addon keeps track of kills, killing blows, deaths, people who have killed you, K/D ratio, siege metrics, and which skills you have the most kills with, among other things.

38. MultiCraft

MultiCraft is the most basic add-on on our list. In the original game, you only have to click once to manufacture something, even if you have the resources to make more.MultiCraft adds a spinner to any or all crafting professions that you can set to a specific number, allowing you to craft as many items as you want with a single click.

39. Master Merchant

Master Merchant is a shopping addon that allows you to view who and what your Guild’s top merchants are selling, helping you to get excellent bargains and save money.It also has a number of trade-related features, such as displaying guild sales and nuisance tax revenue.

40. Votan’s Achievements

This clever ESO Mods accomplishment tracking addon takes an alternative approach. Instead of merely displaying you your progress -or lack thereof-, it displays you the progress of achievements that you just attempt to urge at the time, so you don’t have to seek for it among many others.


So there you have our list of the best ESO Mods addons for both beginners and advanced players. Though the sport suffered initially due to updates, the community’s support with these awesome addons helped the sport rise from the ashes. So, if you think we’ve missed an awesome addon, please let us know in the comments!