TypeRacer is a multiplayer online browser-based typing video game that was released in March 2008, claiming to be the first multiplayer typing game on the web. TypeRacer is a fun game designed for individuals who want to put their typing abilities to the test against gamers from all over the world.

The player competes in TypeRacer game by racing a little automobile that advances as the player types brief sections ranging from 20 to 100 words in length. Before including racing, any typing errors in words must be corrected. The typist’s passages are taken from well-known songs, movies, and literature, such as Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

TypeRacer allows the user to compete with his pals all around the world to see who the greatest is. If a player achieves more than 100 wpm in a race, they must complete a CAPTCHA. Then, users must get a 20% higher score than the previous CAPTCHA speed in order to reactivate the CAPTCHA test. TypeRacer game is completely free to play, and you may access it at any time from anywhere on the globe.

What is Typeracer?

TypeRacer is a unique multiplayer typing game that pits users against one another in a typing speed competition. The software is intended for both adults and children who want to learn to type in a more dynamic and engaging manner. Millions of people all over the world have played TypeRacer, and studies have shown that it can increase typing speed by up to 50 words per minute.


What is TypeRacer School edition?

TypeRacer School Edition has extra features created exclusively to help students improve their typing skills. Some of these benefits include a private environment for students that is available at any time and from any location with an Internet connection, no commercials, only age-appropriate content is offered, no email account is necessary, and much more.

TypeRacer School Edition also allows teachers to control the racing text that students see. Teachers can utilize pre-written texts produced by other teachers or write their own. Teachers can also restrict students’ access to their own environments.

You may design your own TypeRacer Racetrack as a teacher and encourage your students to participate in the typing challenge. Students can compete against one another, or you can divide them into teams (for assistance, use random group generators and random name pickers) and have each team compete against the other. When they’re finished, you may examine and share their results, talk about their typing errors, and urge them to practice more to establish strong typing habits.

How to play TypeRacer?

There are different modes to play on TypeRacer. These are:

1. Multiplayer mode:

Multiplayer mode is a competitive mode in which you play against random opponents from all around the world. You are given typing prompts and are expected to write them accurately and rapidly. When you make a mistake, you must delete it and retype it correctly. The person who can type the fastest wins. Anyone may play the multiplayer mode without registering.

2. Singleplayer (Practice Mode)

You compete against yourself in single-player mode. This is especially useful if you want to assess your typing speed and accuracy without the pressure of a competition. To begin playing in practice mode, go to the homepage and click the blue ‘Practice Yourself’ icon to begin a new session. Begin entering the words that appear in the text field. The aim is to accurately type the words, including punctuation, spaces, and capitalization.

After completing your typing race, you will be able to get a summary of your scores, including your speed score (WPM) and accuracy score. You may also use Typing Review, a fantastic function that allows you to see a recorded replay of your race. You are also given a graph to see your analytic data, such as the number of errors, speed, and so on.

3. Play with Friends

In the Play with Friends option, you may design your own racetracks and ask your friends to join you. On your racetrack, you may race up to 200 buddies. The following is how it works: To begin, go to the site and click the purple Race Your Friends button. Copy the created URL to share with others, or click the Email this URL option to send it through email. You begin the typing race once your buddies join the race.

What is the price of TypeRace?

TypeRacer has two subscription plans: one that is free and one that costs $12 per year. The latter includes special premium avatars, the ability to upload your own photographs, personalize your profile, the ability to’save your best scores in practice mode for focused practice, export race history for tracking and analysis,’ no commercials, and more.

10 Best TypeRacer Alternatives Games To Play Online

Here are some of the best TypeRacer alternative games to play online with your friends.

#1. FreeTypingGame. Net

FreeTypingGame. Net

FreeTypingGame. Net like TypeRacer is a free interactive typing instructor and game website for typing instruction. This website offers a variety of learning games and classes to help users learn to type quickly. Every day, the site teaches its users new keys and tests all of the keys from the previous classes before teaching new ones.

Furthermore, after teaching each session, this website presents its visitors with a downloadable certificate. It begins by teaching the home row keys and working its way out. Users learn to type quicker with the aid of this typing tutor than with any other typing tutor.


  • A typing tutor that is interactive
  • Various educational games
  • Typing classes
  • After teaching, print a certificate.

#2. The Typing of the Dead: Overkill

The Typing of the Dead: Overkill

Another great alternative to TypeRacer. Modern Dream’s The Typing of the Dead: Overkill is a paid shooting, role-playing, and action-adventure video game. This game takes place in a fictitious universe full of ravenous and frightening zombies. The player’s job is to shoot the zombies by inputting the word that appears on each zombie.

This game offers several tasks, each of which is filled with obstacles. It rewards the player with experience points for successfully completing tasks. The user may simply access additional content by using these experience points. The Typing of the Dead has both single-player and multiplayer modes, allowing the user to play alone or with pals. Furthermore, the game has outstanding graphic elements, interesting action, and superb player controls.

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  • Several missions
  • Points for experience.
  • Single-player mode is supported.
  • Multiplayer mode is supported.
  • Beautiful visual details.
  • The controls are fantastic.

#3. Type Rush.com

Type Rush.com

Type Rush.com is a free online racing and typing video game where the player may demonstrate his typing abilities. In this game, the player may participate in both a boat race and a street race. Your vehicle’s speed during the race is determined by your typing speed. The faster you type, the faster your car will go and cross the finish line.

Before starting the game, you may choose the cars you want to use. Aside from choosing the ideal automobile, the player may also personalise, change wheels, and paint his car. Also, this game gives the player money and points if they finish the race successfully. It’s the best TypeRacer alternative.


  • Display your typing abilities.
  • Play street racing as well as boat racing.
  • There are numerous automobiles to choose from.
  • Customize your car.
  • The vehicle should be painted
  • Money and points

#4. Keymash.io


Keymash.io is a free typing and racing video game meant to improve your typing skills. In this game, the player must compete in a race to move his vehicle as quickly as possible. The vehicle’s speed is determined by the player’s typing speed. Therefore, the player must type quickly to win the race. This game allows you to play with your friends, family, and other internet users.

To participate in this game, the user must first register an account. It rewards you with cash and points for successfully finishing the race. In-game products may be purchased by exchanging this currency. To participate in this game, the user must first register an account. You guys need to try this amazing TypeRacer alternative.


  • Compete with your pals.
  • Take part in everyday challenges.
  • Make your profile unique.
  • Display points on leaderboards
  • High scores should be saved.
  • Coins can be exchanged for game items.

#5. Typing Maniac

Typing Maniac

Another TypeRacer alternative to play game. Typing Maniac is a paid puzzle and word video game that allows users to evaluate their typing speed. In this game, the player must type as quickly as possible before the planets touch the earth. This game includes several stages, each of which has a list of words. The player must type these offered words to win the most points in all of these stages.

Furthermore, the game awards and scores the player for entering words. The user may access additional content by using these prizes and points. Typing Maniac only supports single-player mode, so the user must play this game by himself.


  • Several levels
  • Rewards and points
  • Single-player mode is supported.
  • Thrilling gameplay

#6. Prodigy Math Game

Prodigy Math Game

SMART Teacher Inc. created Prodigy Math Game, a free learning, education, and single-player video game. It is a platform from which students may quickly master mathematical problems. To advance in this game, the player must complete challenging arithmetic questions. This game allows the user to master 1400 abilities to improve their arithmetic skills.

This game pays the player for providing the correct response to a question. However, if the player offers an incorrect response to the question, he will be given the opportunity to correct it. Also, there are many levels in this game. The early levels are easy, but as the game goes on, the levels get harder. It is also the finest competitior to TypeRacer.


  • Study math problems.
  • Math issues that are difficult to solve.
  • 1,400 math skills must be learned.
  • Reward for correctly answering the question
  • Several levels

#7. Disney Mickey’s Typing Adventure

Disney Mickey’s Typing Adventure

Disney Individual Software created Mickey’s Typing Adventure, a free educational, casual, typing, and adventure video game. This game is situated in the lovely region of Typelandia, where the player must compete in various typing games. It features a variety of characters from which the player may select his favourite to play the game.

The player’s job is to type the letters that move the character and reach the finish line ahead of his opponents. The player must visit numerous sites in this game, such as ancient magic stores, academies, and libraries. Also, the player must solve a number of hard puzzles to protect his world and his friends.


  • A game with an open universe
  • A third-person viewpoint game
  • There are several riddles.
  • Various modes
  • Upgrades
  • Magical abilities
  • Support for several languages
  • Outstanding visual details.
  • excellent game mechanics
  • excellent setting

#8. Epistory: Typing Chronicles

Epistory: Typing Chronicles

Another best TypeRacer alternative is to enjoy playing games online. Fishing Cactus’s Epistory: Typing Chronicles is a paid action-adventure, typing, and role-playing video game. The game’s plot centres around a writer who asks her muse for help in writing a novel. The game begins with a blank sheet, but as the player gathers inspiration, the gaming environment grows in importance.

The player can explore the game environment in third person because it is an open-world game.In order to proceed, the player must not only explore the game globe but also eliminate the hostile monsters. Also, the game has a great setting, great graphics, and great ways to play.


  • A game with an open universe
  • A third-person viewpoint game
  • There are several riddles.
  • Various  modes Upgrade
  • Magical abilities
  • Support for several languages
  • Outstanding visual details.
  • excellent game mechanics
  • excellent setting

#9. Nitro Type

Nitro Type

Nitro Type is a free racing, driving, puzzle, and typing video game that will help you improve your typing abilities. Before beginning the game, players must choose their preferred car from the available options. To win, the participants must type the text as quickly as possible. When players overcome their opponents, they receive awards and accuracy bonuses.

Players may use these prizes to unlock upgrades and other vehicles. This game has a leaderboard where players’ points are shown. Furthermore, the game has several modes, including single-player, multiplayer, and tournament. Nitro Type provides gamers with excellent mechanics, fluid controls, and addicting action.


  • Various modes of transportation
  • Bonuses for accuracy and rewards.
  • Upgrades can be unlocked.
  • Leaderboard
  • Modes are supported.
  • Excellent mechanics
  • Playing is addictive.

#10. Steno Arcade

Steno Arcade

For All to Play created Steno Arcade, a free puzzle, typing, simulation, and arcade video game. The player takes on the character of a musician in this game, and his objective is to perform a song. To sing a song, the player must use their keyboard to type the lyrics. To advance, the player must complete the line of words in a set amount of time.

This game includes several stages, each with hard gameplay for the player. The game has several songs, and the user must choose one of them to play the game. The player may quickly improve his typing speed with the aid of this game.


  • Various levels of difficulty
  • Multiple tunes speed up typing.
  • Excellent mechanics and addictive gameplay.


What is the typical wpm?

What is the typical typing speed? The typical typing speed is about 40 words per minute (wpm). Aim for a typing pace of 65 to 70 words per minute if you want to be really productive.

What is my typing speed in words per minute?

Words per minute, or WPM, is the most popular technique to quantify typing speed. The “word” has five characters on average. WPM is calculated by dividing the number of words typed in a minute with no errors by five. If you type 100 words per minute, including spaces, your typing speed is 20 WPM.

Is 70 wpm considered fast?

Typing speed is typically approximately 40 words per minute. Instead, strive for 60 to 70 words per minute to attain maximum productivity.