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Health benefits of wearable technology

Wearable Wearable technology has found fans in people of different age groups. Wearable devices are known to fascinate professionals who are already well-established in their respective fields, young students who are still in school, older adults looking for options to spend their retired life happily Read More →

Nintendo offends gays

A technological feature of a game has caused a social stir. Gays in the United States are deeply offended by Nintendo’s decision of not allowing gamers to play as gay in a soon to be released life simulator game. Nintendo of America Inc., the American subsidiary of the Japanese company has Read More →

Mozilla launched Firefox 29 with major design overhaul

Mozilla has just launched Firefox 29, its latest version of Firefox, with major changes made to the design and features of the browser. It is perhaps the most important release in Firefox history in a very long time. It’s been two years since Mozilla started working on redesigning its Firefox Read More →

This military robot can jump on to roofs

Boston Dynamics, the Google-owned engineering and robotics-design firm, is known for developing several stunning robots, for instance, the freight-carrying robot BigDog. However, none of those robots can do things that Sand Flea, one of the newest creations of this company, can do. Sand Flea is a military robot that weighs Read More →

Skype to offer free group video calls on Mac, PC and Xbox One

Skype video calling feature that was first introduced in 2010, is now free for Mac, PC and Xbox One users. Earlier, group video calling used to be a premium service and customers using it had to pay for it. The news was first published on Skype’s official blog; readers were informed Read More →

Is NASA ready for Mars walk?

Is NASA finally ready for Mars walk? According to the agency, the question should not be whether it is ready to send its astronauts to Mars, but it should be when it is planning to do so. If the claims of NASA representatives are to be believed, even that “when”, Read More →