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Top apps for better presentations with your iOS devices

Do you regularly organize your presentations on your iPhone or iPad? Do you work with modern projection systems? Here is a look at some apps that will help you create more compelling presentations. Most of these apps work well with even the most powerful projection systems as offered by companies Read More →

Get Your Snapchat Friends Sent and Received Snaps

This is the only working Snapchat hack that can get your friends personal information. It can get your Snapchat friends phone number they used to sign up with as well as any snapchat photos they have sent or received. Check and make sure its legal in your country to use this Read More →

Reducing Your Smartphone Bill in 5 Easy Steps

smartphone_bill The smartphone has revolutionized the way people think about their phones. These days, it's not enough that our mobiles simply allow us to make calls on the go. Now, we expect our phones to give us access to the internet, play games, Read More →

Health benefits of wearable technology

Wearable Wearable technology has found fans in people of different age groups. Wearable devices are known to fascinate professionals who are already well-established in their respective fields, young students who are still in school, older adults looking for options to spend their retired life happily Read More →

Nintendo offends gays

A technological feature of a game has caused a social stir. Gays in the United States are deeply offended by Nintendo’s decision of not allowing gamers to play as gay in a soon to be released life simulator game. Nintendo of America Inc., the American subsidiary of the Japanese company has Read More →

Mozilla launched Firefox 29 with major design overhaul

Mozilla has just launched Firefox 29, its latest version of Firefox, with major changes made to the design and features of the browser. It is perhaps the most important release in Firefox history in a very long time. It’s been two years since Mozilla started working on redesigning its Firefox Read More →