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We embarked on a long path of creating our own and examining current free website coming templates that were still under creation. We’re sorry, but we lost track of how many cups of coffee it took. Regardless, we now have 32 SOLID and RELIABLE solutions. The coming soon free templates in our collection have a responsive design and a user-friendly code structure. You’ll also get a bold message section, a countdown timer, an email opt-in form, social links/icons, and more.

We also offered WordPress options to assist anyone (with no coding experience) create a visually appealing under construction page. A page that says “coming soon” or “under construction page” is on its way.

Under Construction WordPress Themes

The best free under construction website templates 2021 are as following below.

1. Kano

Kano is the way to go if you’re looking for a coming soon template that’s specifically designed for creatives. Actually, this is a full-fledged theme that includes everything you’ll need to build a world-class online presence. For your information, Kano’s design is incredibly clean, minimal, and imaginative, and it can readily conform to your preferences right out of the box. However, you can easily make changes to Kano by dragging and dropping, customizing it to your own preferences.

Kano’s layout is flexible, adapting to portable and desktop platforms fluidly, much like the other options on the list. It also assures lightning-fast loading times, searches engine optimization, cross-browser compatibility, and retina-friendly functioning. If you want a light, bright, and vivid appearance, go no farther than Kano.

2. Divi


Set up an under-construction page first if you ultimately decide to build a page but the hype is too much. Divi contains all of the necessary templates pre-installed and ready to use. You may quickly develop a maintenance page and make a difference while working on your primary web design.
This is also a great option if you’re in the midst of remodeling your current website. Divi is jam-packed with all of the content and materials you’ll need to get started. It also includes an integrated, custom-built page builder, which makes things even easier. That’s it; now go all out and ANNOUNCE the news as soon as possible to increase the level of excitement.

3. Raga

Raga is an impactful tool that can be used for anything creative. Whether you’re a freelancer or an agency, Raga can help you create a smart and eye-catching web presence that will propel your business to new heights. You can also utilize the coming soon layout to build the hype early.

The Raga bundle has everything you need to get started on the internet as soon as possible. You can pick from over 10 different home page samples, as well as a variety of additional useful layouts. Not only that, but Raga includes the WPBakery page builder with no extra charge. That is, you may customize and modify the appearance without touching a single line of code.

Other features include five menus, fast loading speed, a plethora of UI elements, blog pages, and Contact Form 7, amongst many others.

4. Jevelin


Javelin is yet another fantastic solution for a variety of pages and websites. If you’re in the middle of constructing a building site, the deadly Jevelin can help you complete it quickly and easily. In fact, Jevelin is a form of website design that encompasses all aspects of your site. With that in mind, if you want to create a website for your company or project but first want to create an under-construction page, Jevelin makes it a BREEZE. There’s no need to be a web developer because Jevelin includes the WPBakery drag-and-drop page builder. This plugin allows you to totally avoid doing any programming effort.

5. Kellex


Kellex will undoubtedly be of great use to you if you are more technologically inclined. It’s a site design primarily for SaaS and agencies, but you can make it your own by adding your own personal touches. Let’s face it, you don’t always have to follow the standard layouts and rules. You may bypass the bother and quickly create the page you want with the accessible codeless page creation experience. And if that involves CREATING an under-construction site that will reveal your debut date, so be it. Kellex is mobile-friendly, adjusting to both handheld and desktop devices with ease.

6. Holleta

The term Holleta is a clever play on the word hotel. In any case, it’s a fantastic tool for the hospitality industry. Holleta has a large number of front and interior page layouts, as well as a coming soon design. With the coming soon style, you can keep everyone aware that something major is coming, whether you’re creating a new page or revamping an old one.

The coming soon design is attractive and straightforward. It has a backdrop image, text, information about the hotel, and a countdown timer. You may also utilize the built-in pop-up to collect leads to advertising to later.

7. Somo

Coming Soon Page Templates

Somo is a very adaptable and versatile tool that may be used for a variety of creative purposes. Whether you’re a freelancer, an agency, a designer, or a photographer, Somo allows you to create a page that is tailored to your specific needs. Also, if you need a coming soon page, Somo has an exclusive template that makes things happen. Of course, Somo will never, ever ask you for your coding skills. Everything is done using the dragging and dropping method. Impactful, dark design, one-click installation, multiple demos, eCommerce area, fast loading speed, and plenty of practical pages and UI elements are just a few of Somo’s additional features.

8. Berserk

Coming Soon Page Templates

Berserk is yet another incredibly adaptable and extendable solution for creating a wide range of websites. Berserk also provides a coming soon template if that’s all you need. Berserk is capable of everything, including business pages, portfolios, and web storefronts.
It also includes a collection of fourteen gorgeous headers and 45 custom-made shortcodes. WPBakery page builder and The Grid, as well as Slider Revolution and Yellow Pencil, are all accessible for you to use to your advantage. If you’re ready to make a difference, Berserk can help you do so..Holleta:

Instead of jumping right into building a hotel website, start with a landing page and work your way up. Holleta comes with that right out of the box. Use a coming soon page as a maintenance mode even if you’re in the middle of rebuilding your current website. To summarise, get everyone enthusiastic about the upcoming new design. Holleta has a lot of features that will suit almost anyone in the hospitality industry. Holleta allows you to create anything from a full-fledged website to a countdown timer page.

9. Ottro

Coming Soon Page Templates

With Ottro, you can create an online portfolio that stands out from the crowd. But first, use it’s built-in coming soon template and START the HYPE as soon as possible. You can also return to this page later to make any modifications or improvements to your website — the possibilities are endless. Working with Ottro will also be simple.

It’s a site design that doesn’t necessitate any coding skills. If you want to change anything about the default settings, use the drag and drop function to do so. With this in mind, Ottro is suitable for everyone, whether you are a novice or a seasoned web developer.

10. Facmaster

In any sector or niche, a coming soon page is a nice addition. Even for something like construction and industrial-related work, a coming soon page can be used to make the announcement. Facmaster is an ALL-IN-ONE solution that can help you create a website that will take the internet by storm.

With Facmaster, everything will be simple. After all, it’s a beginner-friendly WordPress theme that doesn’t require any coding or design skills. Facmaster is a great way to get started and make a positive impression.

11. Petals

Petals is a new HTML Bootstrap page template for promoting the approaching launch of new projects including websites, products, services, online courses, and more.
Petals feature a vibrant SVG background that will capture the eye of your visitors and keep them focused on your message.

12. Season

The season is a free HTML template for a coming soon page.
This is accomplished using Bootstrap 3, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and a lot of love. It’s a fantastic bootstrap template with a modern look. It contains a full-width slider with subtle effects and royalty-free photos in the top area.

13. Zoon

Zoon is a coming soon site template that is entirely responsive, basic, clean, and mobile-friendly. A countdown timer, a google map area, and an about the part where you can put information about your team, organization, group, and so on are all included in the template. Zoon is simple to configure and works with almost any current browser.

14. Progress

Progress is a free responsive template for a coming soon page.
It has a jQuery countdown ticker and uses ScrollSpy to start CSS fading animations when the user scrolls down.
For the shifting quotes, Progress employs my favorite carousel plugin, “Owl Carousel.” Progress is a free responsive template for a coming soon page. It has a jQuery countdown ticker and uses ScrollSpy to start CSS fading animations when the user scrolls down. For the shifting quotes, Progress employs my favorite carousel plugin, “Owl Carousel.”

15. Alive

Alive is a Bootstrap 3.2.0-based simple, reactive, upcoming / landing page / HTML5 page. This theme is simple and quick to set up, with services and a contact form included, as well as 400+ Font Impressive icons, unique backgrounds, and more!

16. Starting Soon

When you want to launch a product or a website, this is a great landing page template to use.
It has a nice movie background as well as a countdown meter.
It features social media icons and an easy-to-edit code, so you can quickly turn it into your own under-construction landing page with cool animations.

17. Get Ready

This is an upcoming HTML page with a countdown function and a pop-up main menu that spans the entire page.
The Zoom Image slider adds to the appeal.

18. Opening

The opening is a beautiful product launch template with an attractive style. It has a countdown timer as well as a contact form for receiving website updates. The template is cross-browser compatible and responsive. The template can be used to announce the release of your apps, goods, or services.

19. Tust

Tust is a modern and responsive template that will be available shortly. It can be used for any type of website launch timer. Tust is the ideal design for keeping your visitors up to date on the launch of your new website. A lovely countdown timer informs your visitors of the day your website will go live. Everything is easily customizable, and the code is nicely written and valid.

20. SeedProd 

Get a free html5 website template for a coming soon page to utilize while your website is being built. It’s built using Bootstrap, HTML, and CCS3.


These are some of the greatest free (and premium) under construction templates (and themes) for your website. All of the templates on this list are adaptable, so you can use them for either the maintenance mode page or the website launch page. Most of the templates adhere to the most recent code framework and industry standards, so you won’t have to worry about their performance or installation.

Please browse our website template collections to find a better website template with high code quality requirements.

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