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One of the most iconic qualities of fantasy role-playing video games is the variety of character options to choose from.Skyrim’s character builds Each and every one of them has unique qualities that it is very difficult not to want to experience, at least for a while, with them. A clear best skyrim builds strongest build example of this is The Elder Scrolls, which in each installment presents us with a universe of incredible possibilities. Therefore, HDGamers brings you, this time, the best Skyrim best class.

For those of us who have entered a role-playing adventure, FudgeMuppet Skyrim builds we are familiar with the difficulty of discovering how to level our character to get the most out of their abilities. Because of this, we bring you this guide with which you will know the way to true power in skyrim best builds.

What is Skyrim builds?

As we discussed earlier, FudgeMuppet Skyrim builds when we talk about Skyrim builds we are referring to a small guide on how to improve the character. This goes from the distribution of the points to the priority skills that you will have to enhance. The Illusion assassin builds Skyrim’s purpose is that you can get the most out of each character you choose to play and thus enjoy a true adventure of the role-playing genre. On the other hand, it is important that you know that the Skyrim Builds will depend, primarily, on the classes of the available character.

1. Werewolf

If you are a fan of Van Helsing or Hugh Jackman in general (Wolverine!), werewolves are hard to miss. Skyrim best class gives you the freedom to build one of the most powerful characters of all time, the werewolf. Skyrim character builds It is not easy to handle and needs some time to figure out its raw power. It was introduced in the Daggerfall and became more prominent in Skyrim. It has a mighty claw that deals with excessive damage and is almost unbeatable. When Illusion assassin builds Skyrim you play as a werewolf for an extended period, it increases the passive regeneration abilities, and its melee attacks have the power to defeat giants. Werewolves are incredibly agile and can catch up to any enemy!

2. Dream Strider: Mage Assassin

Stealth assassins are favorites among fans, but Skyrim best class Dream Strider takes it to a whole new level. You can wreak havoc on your enemies without them realizing it. You can become invisible to stay in the shadows and hunt, cast various spells, and do much more. They are most effective against groups of enemies. Skyrim character builds Reddit You can cast large-scale destruction spells in stealth mode and clear out large sections of them in seconds. If Dragonborn Mask is added to the mix, the damage level on opponents increases astronomically.

3. Vampire Build

When you have a werewolf on the list, we can’t ignore its nemesis, the vampire. You can drink enemies’ blood and grow stronger with each victim. The best part is that you get access to unlimited enhancements that can easily drain your opponents’ life force. However, the question remains, what happens during sunlight? It’s a well-known fact that daylight can easily hinder a vampire’s abilities or reduce them to dust when exposed for longer durations. CHECKOUT: 5 Seamless Ways To See Your Logs twitch

4. Illusion Assassin

A small mistake is enough for enemies to identify attackers using stealth. This Illusion assassin builds nullified that by creating images to confuse the opponents.Skyrim character builds Reddit In addition to using illusions, they can also use spells and daggers to cause critical damage. Bows are very useful while waging attacks, but daggers have the edge. You can make swift strikes using blades to increase stealth damage stats. As you are Skyrim strongest build using illusions, you can cause frenzy and make enemies fight each other.Skyrim’s character builds Tamriel Vault During dragon fights, use Marked for Death to stab enemies with daggers in the back. This is one of the most resourceful yet lethal Skyrim builds.

5. Stealth Archer

Fans of Skyrim love this Skyrim character build for its insane damage levels. Stealth archers can activate sneaking grants that are very useful to fend off even large enemies. It is incredibly underrated, and only hardcore players of the game can invoke its true potential. The USP of this build is the stealth damage stacking. As the damage multipliers increase, your critical damage rate becomes deadlier.

Stealth helps you to go unnoticed and prevent fights with stronger enemies. The Skyrim character builds Tamriel Vault stacking part of this build is like a double-edged sword as it takes up time to get it to that benchmark level. The first few hours will be a tad difficult but entirely worth it once mastered.

6. Windshear Stun Master

The Windshear is a rare item found only in the “Hail Sithis!” quest in the Dark Brotherhood edition. There is a faint chance of finding it on the ship’s main deck as well! Unlike other builds, the Windshear is so good, it’s a build-in itself. You can stagger every enemy with hits and stun them with continuous attacks. Some enemies are difficult to attack, and you may miss your hits However,  along with the Windshear, use Chain Lightning staff to stun targets from far away and then Windshear on them. This move can help you knock out nearly any enemy in the game.

7. Spell Sword Build

The Spell Sword is a Paladin build with added benefits. It offers a lot of flexibility with spells and armors for the build. The Spell Sword allows you to customize it for any character belonging to any race. This build is mostly dependent on the one-handed sword skill (enhances damage from one-handed weapons) and accommodates a few amazing spells from the schools of magic.

You have the option to cast various kinds of destruction spells and cause devastating effects. The most popularly used destruction magic spell with the build is flames. It has a defensive option as well, which is obtained by using a magical shield. The build increases your attacks’ precision so that it can cause more damage to your enemies. There is Skyrim strongest build many advantages of using the Spell Sword, such as resistance to frost, casting long-distance spells, and more.

8. Paladin

Paladin is popular among players, as it is relatively easy to build it. You can customize it with any heavy armor because of its flexibility. In addition to heavy armor, it has two-handed and restoration skills that come in handy in crucial situations. Paladin loves steel plate armor, and the best way to get it early is to enlist and kill Uthgerd in a remote location. In the Dawnstar quest, you get a chance to join the team of Mara’s priest, or you can join the Dawnguard side. The skyrim strongest build restoration magic helps your build to cheat death and gain the upper hand over your rivals. You can increase its capabilities by adding a Dawnguard Rune Warhammer and Sun Spells to fight against the undead. Remember to align yourself with a powerful deity to have an awesome gaming experience.

9. Destruction Mages

Destruction spells have gained a lot of prominence in best skyrim character builds for their ability to wipe out enemies in large numbers. It is one of the most preferred magic by pros and beginners as well. Just complete the Winterhold College Quest to gain access to high-damage destruction spells. You can summon various powerful spells such as Blizzards of Fire to torch enemies at will. Although Magicka’s cost may be way too high for some players, a huge buzzkill with the build. However, just make sure to equip yourself with enchantments to get unlimited access to casting these spells. Disintegrate dragons and giants by throwing fireballs or using the lightning storm to finish off things in style.

10. Ebony Warrior Build

One of the most powerful best skyrim characters builds in the game, Ebony warrior is a build forged from just skill and determination. There are no mods, magic, or anything, just sheer fighting experience. One swing at your enemies can drain their life, you can also heal yourself with combat and lastly, unlimited enchantments. If you love fighting in story mode, there is an option to pursue it. First, you have to complete a side quest (Laid to Rest) that makes the warrior eligible to join the vampire group. The next step is to destroy the Dawnguard and get away from vampires. Cure yourself by completing the Rising to Dawn quest and building a house in the Morthal area. After making the house, marry, and adopt a girl. Pretend that your daughter and wife are killed by the dragon priest and then go on a rampage killing all the priests. Finally, defeat the Ebony Warrior to take up his mantle.

11. Daedric Build

Enter the dark world and become an apprentice to dark lords to gain access to their unlimited power. It is one of the most straightforward builds on the list and is a treat for all players. When you join the army, you get access to some of the most powerful weapons on best skyrim character builds and control an army of Atronachs where 3 followers have enchanted armor. Although summoning Daedric powers can cause excessive damage to enemies, it is limited to once per day.

12. The Orc

This is a unique best skyrim character builds build where you get 5 warriors from the legendary orc tribe. This is a fan favorite due to its amazing design and berserker power abilities. You can also ride an armored bear and kill opponents with your spirit force. Plus, you have access to all orc-centered regions across various parts of the land. A Reddit user came up with a refreshing backstory for a build using orcs, Rakasha, the tigress. According to the user, Rakasha is an orc warrior who is destined to become an ordinary orc spouse. However, she loathes men because of their obsession with sword sizes and sets off to make her own fate. Learn more about its abilities, making the build, and gameplay here.

13. Necromancer

Necromancy is one of the toughest magic to learn in Skyrim as there is no dedicated school for it. However, there is a way to do it. The best skyrim character builds an image should have specialized knowledge in conjuration, destruction, and alteration schools of magic. You can make the character more useful by adding Heavy Armor and Two-Handed. You can also add Daedric armor and enchantments to make the characters look badass and destroy foes with your combat and magic skills!

14. Unarmed Khajiit


best skyrim builds

Khajiit is a unique build on the list as it belongs to a different race. The best skyrim character builds have a high-octane passive attack that increases the damage level when it is unarmed. As it is a feline, it has sharp retractable claws that cause critical damage. Their fists give them a lot of advantages over various classes.

15. Bound Warrior

Contrary to myths and rumors, the school of magic can forge mighty weapons for you to fight alongside your companionsBeginners love bound weapons as they are handy during the early parts of the game. Bound bow and arrow can summon Daedric level gear. Unfortunately, this weapon only lasts for 1 minute but can cause damage on a large scale. best Skyrim character builds You can also upgrade them to unlock their true potential and even allow you to summon Dremora lords.


Unique skyrim best builds are one of the USPs of the game. Create your own character and customize it with innumerable armor, weapons, magic, enchantment, gear combinations to make your own build. The 15 avatars up top are the best Skyrim builds you can make today. Customize them further and share your unique Skyrim build right here!