vista softwer

The Viewpoint Construction vista softwer offers integrated, flexible software applications for all elements of construction management to construction professionals.

The vista softwer® by Viewpoint is a modern software system that includes Accounting, Job Cost, Payroll, and a Project Management ERP solution with unit-based costing and powerful reporting, all on a single Microsoft.NET/SQL platform for outstanding workflow and productivity. We produce rock-solid construction by focusing on the three primary areas of commercial cost discounts.

General Contractors:

  • Accounting and Payroll
  • Human Resources
  • Integrated Project Management
  • Operations
  • Productivity and Analysis

Heavy/Highway Contractors:

  • Accounting and Payroll vista softwer
  • Human Resources
  • Integrated Project Management
  • Operations
  • Productivity and Analysis

Specialty Subcontractors:

  • Accounting and Payroll
  • Integrated Project Management
  • Operations
  • Productivity and Analysis
  • Service Agreements and vista softwer Work Orders

Accounts Payable

Your vista softwer data now. Up-to-the-minute cost control and reporting.

  • Your data now. Up-to-the-minute cost control and reporting.
  • Full integration with Vista Accounting and Operations modules
  • Accounting with one-step posting
  • Payment worksheets (from which module?) interface to Accounts Payable
  • Multi- and inter-company payables with the same invoice
  • Vendor compliance to warn of subcontract issues
  • Invoice comparison between quoted costs on subcontracts and PO’s

Accounts Receivable

  • Full integration with vista softwer Job Billing and Material Sales modules
  • Multi- and cross-company receivables management and reporting
  • Fully-automated sales tax, write-offs, and discounts offered/taken
  • Automatic invoice generation and recording
  • Fast customer accounts and contracts status availability
  • Immediate update to General Ledger and Cash Management
  • Up-to-the-minute financial analysis of your business

Business Intelligence

Track trends for informed decisions.

  • A graphical view of your vista softwer business performance
  • Helpful data on Job Cost, Project Management, Equipment
  • Management, and Human Resource key performance indicators, frequencies, and durations
  • Ability to configure SQL Server to automatically load information into visual dashboards
  • Full data security allowing users to see only permitted information

Cash Management

Never wonder – Find out your cash position when you want it.

  • Full integration with Payroll and Accounts Payable/Receivable modules
  • On-screen inquiry of cash account for immediate checkbook balance information
  • Ability for directly entered account transfers, interest, and bank charges – corresponding General Ledger entries made vista softwer automatically
  • User-friendly bank reconciliation for clearing checks, deposits, and adjustments
  • Analysis of cash requirements, retainage on hold, and discounts

Management of Documents

vista softwere scalable Material Management and workflow solution helps to minimize the issues associated with paper and other electronic-based content by reducing unnecessary expenditures and overhead through integrated process automation and document archiving. Document Management provides an easy-to-use interface for attaching, indexing, and routing documents around your company. You can also use transaction papers to add to existing data records.

Management of the Equipment

It is now more critical than ever to find better strategies to manage equipment assets. By installing a modern software solution that enables visibility to all profit areas, leading contractors are seeing immediate returns on their investments. In the competitive construction market, managing cost and revenue on equipment is critical to success and can have a significant impact on your bottom line. For single-step data entry, Equipment Management is fully connected with other vista softwere modules.

Management of the Field

Mobile Field Manager is a mobile application suite that allows you to track and record time, equipment, and production hours while on the job. Mobile Field Manager works with vista softwere or almost any other construction accounting system to enable real-time visibility anywhere, at any time.

Billing for Jobs

  1. Invoices that are adaptable to your customers’ needs.
    vista softwere Accounts Receivable, Job Cost, and General Ledger modules are fully integrated.
    2. Owner pay estimates can be started based on cost or percent completed.
    Holding and releasing the retainage is simple.
    3. Crystal Reports gives you the most versatility when it comes to customizing invoices.
    AIA preprinted forms provide billing alternatives.

The price of the job

vista softwere is built around the concept of the job cost. Job Cost includes a broad library of reports and drill-down inquiries to provide Accounting and Operations with fast, accurate information on the progress of jobs in useful formats. The flexible Crystal Reports system can be used to copy and modify these reports and inquiries, or to create new reports.


  1. Payroll flexibility that expands as your company does.Complete integration with the rest of the Vista modules
    2. Easy editing and high level control with batch entry Multi-user functionality for time-card entry on one screen
    3. Online suggestions to help you get rid of your heaps of reference printouts
    4. Capabilities for producing daily Job Cost Reports in a timely manner
    5. ACA and other federal, state, and local regulatory requirements are up to date.


Get a leg up on the competition in the bidding process and when it comes to subcontractor qualification.

  1. vista softwere is fully integrated. Modules for project management and accounting
    2. To aid your estimating staff in handling the bid process, use bid administration.
    3. Manage your SWMBE goals by keeping track of small or minority business bids.
    4. A better understanding of market trends and performance in terms of wins and losses
    5. Keep track of project prospects and bid results.
    Workflows that are simple and easy to use
    6. Pre-qualification is a good idea before employing subcontractors since it gives you peace of mind.

Management of Projects

These days, having a sophisticated project management solution to enable all of the complicated work activities that occur simultaneously is vital for on-time, profitable jobs. vista softwere Project Management is simple to use, mimics real-world construction workflow and processes, and is fully integrated with Vista Accounting, resulting in increased operational efficiencies, streamlined processes, and eliminated double-entry, resulting in more lucrative projects.

Management of Subcontracts

1. You have complete control over your subcontracts. Other Vista modules are integrated.
2. Subcontract deductions, such as insurance and bond, are handled differently.
3. Create work files from which subcontractor pay estimates can be generated.
4. Invoice history is broken down by item, including retainage and payments
5. At the invoicing level, keep track of compliance.