Top apps for better presentations with your iOS devices

Do you regularly organize your presentations on your iPhone or iPad? Do you work with modern projection systems? Here is a look at some apps that will help you create more compelling presentations. Most of these apps work well with even the most powerful projection systems as offered by companies Read More →

Reducing Your Smartphone Bill in 5 Easy Steps

smartphone_bill The smartphone has revolutionized the way people think about their phones. These days, it's not enough that our mobiles simply allow us to make calls on the go. Now, we expect our phones to give us access to the internet, play games, Read More →

Happy 30th Birthday Macintosh

The Macintosh personal computers were a breakthrough in the field of technology. They were launched by Apple Inc. on 24th January 1984. Since then, the world of computers has transformed literally. After Macintosh or Mac computers were released, George Orwell, a famous novel writer stated that the year 1984 would Read More →

Apple’s leaked memo announces “Big Plan” for 2014: iWatch and iPhone 6

An uber cool iPhone 6 and a chic iWatch could well jump out of the Apple headquarters soon as an internal memo from Apple CEO, Tim Cook, indicates ‘Big Plans’ ahead for Apple in the year 2014.

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KEF M500 Hi-Fi Headphones

The British audio systems manufacturer is stepping up headphone designs and sound experience through its KEF M500. The new hi-fi headphone set is engineered to be durable, light and comfortable without losing audio quality.  Starting from the aluminum alloy material that provides a sturdy frame, the lightweight and Read More →

The Samsung SB971 Monitor

Samsung has added a professional grade unit to its Series 9 monitors, the SB971 model. The South Korean electronics giant designed the Series 9 SB971 monitor to bring a richer viewing experience for photographers, gamers and graphics artists.  Senior vice president of marketing for IT products from Samsung Read More →

Play Videos on Chromecast with AirCast Beta

AirCast Beta is a new program that works with Chromecast.  The app lets tech users stream media content from an Android device to a Chromecast-enabled TV.  It’s a straightforward program, with minimal hoops and no rooting required.  AirCast is the brainchild of app developer Koushik Dutta.  His program Read More →

Relationship-Enhancing Apps for Couples and Singles

The app-crazed generation is turning to smartphone apps to spice up their relationships.  It aims to address the hassles of long distance relationships but they also work just as well with couples who don’t face such a challenge. There are also apps for asking someone out on a date.  Here Read More →

A Review of the Moto X

After being acquired by Google last year, Motorola has finally re-emerged into the scene with a brand new offering called Moto X. This new smartphone is unlike any you’ve ever seen since it comes with varying colors like red, blue, yellow and even green at times. What’s more, Read More →

How to Upload Your Photo Sphere Images to Google’s View Website

Google has fired up a new website dedicated for photo spheres. Looking back in Google’s recent imaging release, the search engine giant launched a camera option called Photo Sphere in Android 4.2 last year in October. Photo Sphere allows photo-enthusiasts to capture images with a 360° view. It’s Read More →