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Hackers Steal 500,000 Credit Card Numbers From Australian Business

An Eastern European criminal has hacked into an Australian business and stolen more than 500,000 credit card numbers from the company's network. Police have said the network was setup by some local company who didn't understand IT Security so it was a "disaster waiting to happen." The syndicate found it's victims by Read More →

iPhone 5 Release Date Set For Late September

According to sources, Apple is expected to announce the latest version of the iPhone in the third of fourth week in September possibly on the 12th. This would probably put the release date of the new iPhone in the first or second week of October. Other sources say that release date Read More →

Thief Breaks Into Steve Jobs’ House Stealing More Than $60,000 Worth

In the high tech city of Palo Alto, California a thief breaks in and steals more than $60,000 worth of computers and valuables of the late Apple Co-founder Steve Job's house, the AP reports. Kariem McFarlin, 35 was charged with burglary and selling stolen valuables after breaking into the Read More →

Best Solid State Drive For The Money: August 2012

There's no doubt that Solid State Drives (SSD) are the next generation of hard drives. More and more laptops and desktops are coming with them preinstalled including Vizio's Light + Thin. After searching the web, here are the Read More →

Facebook Lets You Tell Everyone You’re Having A Baby

As if you haven't seen enough baby bumps showing on Facebook, they have now added the ability to add that you're expecting a baby on your timeline as a life event. You know where this is all leading to, right? They are trying to make up for their down stock Read More →

Five Companies That Create Killer Infographics

Infographics and data visualization charts catch your attention and are actually very interesting for the most part. A lot of companies have used them to go viral with their content. A lot of colleges use them for statistics to hand out to new freshman. There are multiple reasons why someone Read More →